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The DC universe just keeps getting bigger, and the newest addition to the comic world is HBOs Watchmen, a series based on the 1986 graphic novel where the superheroes are the outlaws (dont worry, Ill explain what that even means in a bit).

Youve probs already heard about it because its being dubbed as the new Game of Thrones, which means our hopes are high for the beginning and our expectations for the series ending are at an all-time low.

The Watchmen graphic novel is about superheroes. (Yes, thats in quotes for a reason.) These superheroes arent born with crazy superhuman abilities but instead are really, really good at one specific thingso they might have, say, extremely high intelligence or insane detective skills.

The comic takes place in a world where these everyday people would dress in superhero costumes and act as vigilantesuntil the practice was outlawed in 1977 after a riot involving said vigilante superheroes. A lot of the former superheroes went to work for the government, using their powers for good, but some ignored the law (aka a man named Rorschach) and continued their work in a more anarchic way.

The show is being described as more of a continuation, not an adaptation. It picks up a little over 30 years after the novel ended.

Queen Regina King stars as the main character, a police officer in Tulsa who goes by the name Sister Night and is super protective over her husband and child. Also, she has a BADASS costume that is part Catwoman, part Xena Warrior Princess. Serious Halloween inspo.

Dr. Manhattan *might* be making a return. If youre not familiar, hes a blue guy and the only one in the series with actual superpowers. His godlike capabilities include teleportation, total clairvoyance, and telekinesis. At the end of the graphic novel, he leaves Earth to go to Mars, BUT hes in the HBO previews, so fingers crossed.

Youll definitely see Adrian Veidt (also known as Ozymandias)a retired superhero with superintelligence who is known for faking an alien invasion with a giant squid. (Ya, this show gets weird.)

Of course, Rorschach (who was killed by Dr. Manhattan at the end of the series) will returnbut not exactly. His name, mask, and overall evil mission will be carried on by a group of white supremacists.

You can catch the series on HBO or HBO Now every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. But if you cant be held to a strict TV-watching schedule, it can also be streamed with an HBO Go account! TG for streaming services.


Here's How to Watch Watchmen, HBOs Next Game of Thrones - Cosmopolitan

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