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We have all had founded and unfounded fears when we were growing up. On the other hand, more often than not we have been in denial of accepting the limits of our bodies and our minds. According to Grady Booch, the art and science of computing have come a long way into the lives of human beings. There are millions of devices that carry hundreds of pages of data streams.

However, having been a systems engineer Booch points out at a possibility of building a system that can converse with humans in natural language. He further argues that there are systems that can also set goals or better still execute the plans set against those goals.

Booch has been there, done it and experienced it. Every sort of technology will somewhat create apprehension. Take for example when telephones were introduced; there was this feeling that they would destroy all civil conversation. The written words became invasive lest people lost their ability to remember.

However, there is still the artificial intelligence that we ought to think about given that many people will tend to trust it more than a human being. Many are the times that we have forgotten that these systems require substantial training. But how many people will run away from this citing fear that training of systems will threaten humanity?

Booch advises that worrying about the rise of superintelligence is dangerous. What we fail to understand is that the rise of computing brings on the hand increases society issues, which we must attend to. Remember the AIs we build are neither for controlling weather nor directing tides. Hence there is no competition with human economies.

Nonetheless, it is important to experience computing because it will help us advance in our human experiences. Otherwise, it will not be long before AI takes dominion over a human beings brilliant minds.

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Don't Fear Superintelligent AICCT News - CCT News

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