Uplift Your Spirit With The Spiritual Performance Of Yishay Zimrah In His Divine Number ‘THE ONLY WAY’ – Daily Music Roll

Eminent gospel singerYishay Zimrahexpresses his sacred thoughts and feeling through his melodically opulent and lyrically rich balladTHE ONLY WAY.

Being a fan of both gospel and hip hop I consider myself blessed to find the inspirational compositions of brave and talented musician Yishay Zimrahshining brightly in the glorious essence of the mesmerizing spirituality ushering in the everlasting Kingdom through his thematic truth. I felt compelled by his newest addition to the collectionTHE ONLY WAY, which is a reflection of our times in the midst of biblical prophecies being fulfilled. Basking in the divine blend of soulful gospel and dynamic hip hop tunes, the track reaches the epitome of absolute acoustic pleasure. The eloquent words praising the Lord Jesus Christ bathed my mind with an uplifting stream of brilliant resonance.

Hailing from Las Vegas, the former marine and excellent musical performer emphasizes the integrity, truth, and message along with creating great music. I was awed to discovering the influences of legends like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and The Temptations in his captivating soundscape offering great tranquillity to my spirit.Yishay Zimrahunfurls his therapeutic melodies in his finest creationTHE ONLY WAYproviding solace to the one suffering through pain and hardship. Under his production house Zimrah, his blissful performance in his other songs DRY BONES, Destiny, JEZEBEL, and Blood Screaming From The Ground jolted me to the core. Follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on his future projects.

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Uplift Your Spirit With The Spiritual Performance Of Yishay Zimrah In His Divine Number 'THE ONLY WAY' - Daily Music Roll

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