Trump’s new ‘spiritual adviser’ thinks saying no to him is like saying no to God – The indy100

Despite spending his campaign shamelessly pandering to the religious right, Donald Trump isn't exactly known for his spiritual inclinations.

But fear not, his latest White House appointee is ready to change all that. Sort of.

Former megachurch leader Paula White is now officially Trump's "spiritual advisor" taking on the role of special adviser to the Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

Her particular brand of Christianity is pretty convenient to the president, as apparently she claims that God rewards people with... loads of money.

She also reckons she has the right to declare the White House "holy ground" because she was standing in it, and that saying no to Trump is basically the same thing as saying no to God.

Obviously, everyone is free to believe whatever they wantto believe, butthe internet mostly believes she's a rather hilarious choice.

It's pretty interesting that Trump has chosen the run-up to the 2020 election as the moment to re-assert his supposed faith, but we don't want to be cynical, maybe he truly believes that it was God - and not his father - that made him rich.

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Trump's new 'spiritual adviser' thinks saying no to him is like saying no to God - The indy100

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