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While we tend to wear sunglasses all year long (especially with that 4:30 p.m., right-in-your-retina winter sunset), part of us still associate this accessory with the summer or, rather, summer relaxation. Even now, we can vividly picture ourselves sliding on a pair of shades while louging on a beach. And Garrett Leight wants to take that feeling to a whole new level.

The eyewear brand is currently selling a 30-piece, limited-edition Olinda collection, which promises spiritual healing properties for those who wear them. This is all thanks to the crystal details included in the sunglass frames, with each stone holding a different type of power. The light pink pair, Lomita, features rose quartz, meant to calm the mind. A darker, Black Shell pair is accented with onyx, which is said to stop negative thought patterns. Lastly, a tiger eye stone sits in the warm yellow-brown pair, and is supposed to help with clarity and creativity.

Elena Doukas, the head designer at Garrett Leight, explained the inspiration behind the collection, which stemmed from a visit to the South West specifically, Taos, New Mexico.

"Taos in known for ornate jewelry," she said via press release. "My family would get the most beautiful gemstone gifts when we would drive down there from Colorado. The tourist stops along the path from Arizona to New Mexico always have amazing finds. They sell gemstones at every store as well as petrified wood pieces. Ive always been enamored by the power of these stones and there is something about this particular place that feels incredibly peaceful and serene.

The sunglasses are being sold on for $595. They'll no doubt make the perfect holiday gift for that busy someone in your life, or, at the very least, be a calming essential as you visit family during the holiday season.

To Buy: $595,

To Buy: $595,

To Buy: $595,

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These Sunglasses Have "Spiritual Healing" Properties Thanks to a Tiny Detail on Their Frames - Yahoo Lifestyle

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