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Over 20,000 people a month (20,870 to be exact) search Google for a spiritual awakening, and with the world currently in lockdown, we wager this number is about to skyrocket.

To achieve spiritual awakening, there are several things people generally try: declutter your home and mind, examine your beliefs, have an existential crisis, take a bubble bath, the list is endless!

But we all know the best thing you can go to expand your mind is to pack up your suitcase and Eat, Pray, Love your way around the world.

This led our friends over at to research the most photogenic and inspiring spiritual destinations in the world.

To achieve this, pulled 50 of the most popular spiritual destinations worldwide and analysed the number of Instagram hashtags for each destination.

Your clients will be chomping at the bit to book their next holiday once the travel ban is lifted, and chances are theyre going to want to do some soul searching given the current circumstances.

Turkeys largest city, Istanbul came out on top as the most photogenic spiritual destination in the world with 92,468,514 tags. This comes as no surprise as a major religious centre for both Greek Orthodox and the Islamic faith, Istanbul is home to some of the worlds most important cultural heritage.

Next up was Ibiza, which to many is not just a party haven, but also a place of healing. This Spanish island came second on the list with 16,262,531 tags.

Finishing off the top three most photogenic spiritual destinations is Japans iconic Kyoto, with 15,417,174 tags.

Its the most technologically advanced location in the world yet Japan has a powerful connection to its ancient heritage and deep spiritual traditions. Nowhere is this most apparent than in Kyoto.

Australia also got a look in, with Byron Bay landing in ninth place.

Heres a break down of the top 20 and how many tags they attract.

Istanbul, Turkey (92,468,514)

Ibiza, Spain (16,262,531)

Kyoto, Japan (15,417,174)

Goa, India (7,811,479)

Tulum, Mexico (5,468,291)

Ubud, Indonesia (4,632,544)

Santa Fe, New Mexico (2,802,200)

Amritsar, India (2,695,261)

Byron Bay, Australia (2,669,304)

Machu Picchu, Peru (1,713,269)

Sedona, Arizona (1,629,553)

Camino de Santiago, Spain (1,563,600)

Angkor Wat, Cambodia (1,499,676)

Mecca, Saudi Arabia (1,442,744)

Borobudur Temple, Indonesia (1,274,255)

Mashhad, Iran (1,222,658)

Saskatchewan Canada 1,214,264

Varanasi India 1,125,775

Rishikesh India 889,589

Montserrat Spain 791,947

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These are the most spiritual travel destinations in the world - Travel Weekly

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