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Khawla Ali (Dubai)

The consequences of the Corona pandemic affected the atmosphere and rituals of the feast, and made us express our joy with its minimalistic solutions, committed to wearing the new, and willing to draw the features of this day, which looks different from the image we used to. We have come to realize the value of compassion and the importance of visiting, at a time when we are responsible towards ourselves and our community for adhering to preventive measures, to the extent that guarantees us and others safety. It remains for the feast, the glory and spirituality that we feel with the enlargements that the minarets shout in the morning, and our tongues rage behind it, cheering and arrogant, for it is the holiday that refuses to give up his spirituality in all circumstances.

In this context, Sheikha Al-Hajri (housewife) explains: We did not accustom the holiday to be from a distance, but we insist that we live in an atmosphere by adhering to showing rituals, and communicating even if it is electronic, so that we can bring joy to our children and our families, draw the joy of the feast, and create a beautiful atmosphere At home, away from the daily routine.

Our authentic customsAs Al-Yazia Al-Hosani (educational) says: The borders that we are forced to sometimes compel us to look around, instead of far away. And with the pandemic, we realized the importance of estimating things that we considered simple. Such as communication and its beautiful effect on souls, such as handshaking, kissing the heads of the elderly, family sharing dishes, and other behaviors that bring joy and joy and express the concept of the feast. On the other hand, we realized the huge amount of extravagance that we used to follow during the holidays, took simplicity, went back to our original customs, and wore the traditional dress (mkhawir), and we spent time with the most important people in our lives, whether through visual contact, or limited visits Among the first-class family, what emptied our minds of preoccupation with luxuries, and life became simpler than we imagined, and we became more concerned with moral matters, what was reflected on our souls, which became more light, and who knows? Maybe we will spend the holidays after the pandemic in new ways.

Self-discoveryJamila Al-Watani (lawyer) says: Eid, in any case, I returned, Eid What happened to a mother with an order in which you have renewal This house for the Mutanabbi in the Abbasid era, and with different times, this house stops us with the coming of Eid in light of the existential, psychological and physical spacing Imposed by the Corona pandemic, by its ability to set joys aside, including sticks, and some religious rituals, and forced us to meet by wearing gloves and avoiding handshaking, without deep embrace and spiritual smiles that appear behind the gags. And she explains: The passage of the two feasts in this case, perpetuates isolation, and steals the joy of attending the feast, but the conscious and productive man added a third feast to his life, which is the feast of challenge, when he comes out of forced isolation with important results, the first of which is creating an optimistic life model, and the second is transforming the laziness of isolation into a workshop Work, and expand the size of human and moral relations, and the third is self-discovery and self-confidence .

Positive thinkingHoda Al-Taher (housewife) confirms: The feast of 2020 will keep their memory alive. How can we forget holidays that coincided with the epidemic of the heart of the world upside down overnight, because the feeling and joy of the feast is not consistent with the word epidemic? The solution of Eid Al-Adha and the world is still Im walking the atmosphere of Covid 19, but we thank God, we lived the previous Eid Al-Fitr in the same circumstances, but we learned a lot from him, yes the Tarawih prayer did not take place in the mosques, but I will not forget my children rotating their Imam daily at home, and its conclusion with Eid prayer at home for the first time in My life, yes, it is an epidemic, we ask God to remove it from us, but it taught us to define the priorities of life: family, health and education. For her part, Maryam Fakhro (plastic artist) says: things differ from one person to another in how to deal with the events around him, the global epidemic imposed isolation on us, so that we remain safe, but in return, he charted for us a more positive way in our life, we looked at Aspects we were ignorant of, or we were not aware of its value, such as getting to know the neighbors, because the fast pace of life put us in a whirlpool, but the time of Corona was a real pause with the soul, during which we practiced a lot of sports activities, and interaction increased with the family, and we became delighted with the beauty of nature, And we realized the value of things around us. Live the moment and enjoy the positive energy in your bodies, minds and hearts, and fill life with love and generosity, she adds.

Half of the cup is fullIsraa al-Samarrai (university professor) says: These events that happen to us, make us recall the hadith of the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him: Whoever of you becomes safe in his swarm, recovering in his body, has the strength of his day, as if the world has attained it with its fountains. Praise be to God for That is, if we program our thoughts in this way, we will be happy with what God has given us, and look at the full half of the cup, then we will feel the pleasure of what we are in, and forget what else is, so our awareness is what makes us happy, or unhappy. It is true that a feast has passed and a holiday is feast, and the world is still suffering due to the spread of the Coronavirus, but we are still alive and enjoying our health, and if we were not with pilgrims on a regular basis, we can be proud and satisfied while we are in our homes, and we feel the pleasure of that, To draw closer to God through various obedience, which in turn brings satisfaction, tranquility and calm to ourselves, and this is the height of happiness. She added: To adapt to our current circumstance, by taking the precautionary precautions and the obligation to protect ourselves and our families from the threat of the virus, explaining: This epidemic will go, and we will return to our normal life, which we did not feel its pleasure previously.

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The spirituality of the vacations is agency regardless of Corona - Pledge Times

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