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Sadhguru:There is something called knowledge, which is an accumulated mass of memory,and there is something called knowing, which is sheer perception of life.Knowledge is just your conclusion about life. If you come to a conclusion aboutlife from accumulated knowledge, it becomes prejudiced knowledge. It will notallow you to experience anything afresh. Nothing new will ever happen to you.Knowledge is useful for your survival process but it never liberates you.

Should you not take care of your survival? You definitelyshould, but when a little worm with a minuscule fraction of the brain you have,can survive pretty well on this planet, should you spend your whole life onsurvival when you have such a big brain? In the yogic systems, we look at themind as having sixteen parts. They say just one of these sixteen parts isenough to be super-successful in the material world. The remaining fifteenshould be focused on your inner wellbeing because that is a much vaster spacethan the material world. Even scientists today say that just four percent ofthe universe is creation, and the rest is dark matter and dark energy. So, fourpercent of your mind is enough but the ancient yogis were a little moregenerous. They gave you a little more than six percent to very successfullyconduct your material life!

So, with all due respect to the scriptures, it isaccumulated knowledge. If it was a book of engineering or literature orhistory, I would say read it. If it is a book of knowledge of the self, if youare here and alive, it is better to read this book that is yourself than toread some other book. You are a book written by the creator himself. It is bestto read this if you want to know about this life. Whatever other books youtake, even if they happened to be Gods own words, if it is written in somelanguage obviously it was written by human beings. Human minds are given toenormous distortion. If you see something today with your own eyes and tellyour neighbor, he goes and tells someone else. If it goes through twenty-fivepeople in twenty-four hours and comes back to you, can you recognize thatstory? It is very obvious that human beings are capable of enormous distortion.When something has come down for thousands of years, you can imagine how muchcould have happened to it on the way.

If you want to know yourself, dont read a book writtenby someone else. If you read about yourself in a book, you are not real, youare just a story. You need to look within. You must have the necessaryinstruments to turn around and look at this. I am not trying to trasheverything that has ever been written but if you learn to go into the deeperdimensions of who you are, you will see, all scriptures will be stale.

When Krishna was giving the Gita to Arjuna, every timeKrishna said something, Arjuna who received the best education in those daysbecause he was a prince, would say, But no. This scripture says somethingelse. He was referring to all the books he had read. Krishna laughed and said,When the light has risen within a human being, all your scriptures are like atank full of water when the flood has come.

If you are living in a desert, a tank full of watermay feel like an ocean to you. When the flood has come, what meaning does atank full of water have? When the creator is throbbing within you every moment,you must look within.

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The role of scriptures on the spiritual path - The Navhind Times

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