Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar Aims To Heal Hearts By Connecting With Departed Family Members – KHTS Radio

Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar explains how our grieving process is tied to our loved ones ability to move forward and find peace.

Berbiar, who first reported having the ability to speak with spirits from a young age, wishes to help those who have lost loved ones move from a place of grief into the light of healing. To Berbiar, this process is important not just for her living clientele, but also for the spirits of their loved ones.

Although grief is a normal, some people may take a longer time to heal than others. Berbiars stated goal is to re-frame the healing process using the messages she receives from departed loved ones to comfort the living in order to ease the worries of departed spirits who want the best for their family on Earth.

My true goal, or my ultimate goal is to heal the heart here (on Earth) and heal the spirit in Heaven, said Berbiar. When your energy is low and youre very depressed and youre grieving, (your departed loved ones) want to stay down here because they want to comfort you. So what happens is that theyre still not at peace.

Berbiar said that in her time as a spiritual medium in Santa Clarita, shes worked with spirits of the departed to help them move on to Heaven. According to Berbiar, the process is one in which respect, love, and attention can go a long way towards helping spirits find peace.

I first try to find out how the person died, Berbiar explained. If it was a tragic death, then I definitely want to do some healing with that person and show them the way to Heaven and how its so much easier and healthier for them to be there. (Then) they tend to just go on their way.

Berbiar said that distance is not a factor when it comes to communicating with clients loved ones. As long as the spirits make themselves available to her, she can work with clients from anywhere in the world from right here in Santa Clarita.

Ive done readings for people as far away as Thailand, Berbiar said. What matters is the spirit. And when that spirit comes to see me and I can make that connection, then everything is possible.

The process starts when Berbiar asks permission from the spirits of the departed to enter into a dialogue with them.

Once I get that permission granted, everybody, even animals come by and start talking to me, Berbiar said. They just love to explain everything.

When asked whether clients needed to show a certain amount of openness before spirits would show themselves to her, she said that while it wasnt necessary, it was very helpful.

If they have an open heart and open mind, its very easy for their loved ones to come through, Berbiar said. No matter what, when you talk to your loved ones and you ask them for signs, there are signs all over the place, she continued.

Berbiar said that spirits often make themselves available to her, even if her clients arent necessarily fully trusting of her ability. On the other hand, she warns potential clients that they must be open to signs from their loved ones coming from unexpected sources, or else they may miss what their spirits are trying to communicate.

If youre completely closed off or youre only wanting to hear that one thing and it doesnt come through, but you have all these other signs, Berbiar said, you just have to be willing to take those blinders off, have an open heart, open mind, and hear them.

For more about Yesenia Berbiar, Spiritual Medium, visit:https://yeseniaberbiar.com/

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Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar Aims To Heal Hearts By Connecting With Departed Family Members - KHTS Radio

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