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By Sant Rajinder Singh

Many feel life is passing by too quickly. We move from one season to the next and wonder where the time went. Most of the time we are so busy, we hardly have a moment to think about our life, our goals and our priorities. It seems at times that our life is not really our own. Our daily schedule is often controlled by our employer or family members who need us. It seems that there is hardly a spare moment left just to sit in stillness and reflect on where our life is going.

We can avoid being aimlessly adrift on the sea of life. We can spend some time to decide the direction we wish to go in. If we look at the lives of great people, many of them had decided on a direction in life.

They may have wished to pursue their art, their hobby, their science, their research or their spiritual growth. If we devote time to the spiritual side and empower the soul, then we will find that growth in other aspects of our life comes easier. It is similar to putting money in a savings account; the money will accrue interest that will help us with our other expenditures later on.

By sitting in meditation for some time each day, we would find that we are using our time for lasting spiritual gains.

Meditation is a way to devote time to our body, mind and soul. It allows us to spend some time daily in the quiet of our own self and tap into the treasures within. The byproduct of that is that it also has an effect on improving our physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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