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The pandemic is not over yet, but many are already looking forward to the life after COVID-19. Returning to work or to school, visiting family and friends but what is the place of faith in all of this? Will the fire and the ardor of prayer that have been supporting so many of us through the lockdown continue to burn as brightly? Once the decision to maintain this flame has been made, you need to think ahead on how you plan to achieve this goal.Thank you for being with me, Jesus.

The desire to cultivate your relationship with the Lord and to persevere in the Christian way of life will inevitably result in some form of spiritual conflict.But, as St. Teresa of Avila once observed, Our Lord walks among pots and pans helping you both interiorly and exteriorly! And you can be certain that, No temptationhas overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful;he will not let you be temptedbeyond what you can bear.But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it (1 Cor. 10:13). This sounds hopeful, but you must be vigilant: correct your thoughts in the light of faith and let your emotions be ruled by charity.

There are numerous means to achieve your goal: you may seek inspiration in the Gospels or in the lives of saints, in prayer and in fasting as well as in theology, the knowledge of divine mysteries that will help nourish your relationship with God. These means must be both fervent and realistic (that is adapted to your lifestyle).And to make all this more than just a pious resolution, you must include it in your daily schedule. Its a choice made from love that will subordinate your whole existence to the primacy of God and prayer.

A Christian who is alone is a Christian in danger. So you must share the ardor of your faith with other Christians. One last suggestion, dont ever hesitate to call on the Lord in your heart to say: Jesus, thank you for loving me! It is up to you to find your own way to celebrate his Presence in your life. One businessman has acquired a habit of saying Thank you for being with me, Jesus. After you, every time he walks into a room.

Father Nicolas Buttet

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Plan ahead for how you will continue working on your spiritual life once the lockdown is lifted - Aleteia EN

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