Peace and Spirituality in Times of Fear and Gossip –

While we can often see these days seemingly filled with fear and gossip, one man hopes to bring peace and spirituality to the area. Jason Harrison, President of The Riverbend Ministerial Alliance, has presented a challenge to the community. He is asking that all local church leaders, elders, and the entire faith community come together on Friday, April 9th and Sunday, April 11th, in prayer.

Although unable to physically bring people together, Jason is hoping that he can help to bring a little hope during an uncertain time.

We dont know when this pandemic will end, Jason says, but, I believe it is our responsibility, as the faith community, to spread hope ALL the time.

He explains his vision as being one that sees all faiths coming together to pray for the people within the community and especially for small business owners and those who are unable to work right now.

He plans to focus his prayers on strength to ones physical body, as well as, to the mind and soul. He also wants to ask for prosperity during the current financial crisis.

Jason says he has been praying for victims of child abuse and domestic violence, that they are not suffering or having to endure physical or mental pain because of the statewide stay-at-home order.

He hopes that, since churches are unable to have their regular services, that this will be a way to help unite while spreading the peace, hope, and love that is so greatly needed during these uncertain times.

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Peace and Spirituality in Times of Fear and Gossip -

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