Pastor’s ‘spiritual DNA’ will live on – Impartial Reporter

Tributes have been paid to Pastor Donald Cameron Crawford with Pastor Nigel Elliott explaining that his authentic love for God made it very easy for him to love people.

Cameron, as he was known, died last week at South West Acute Hospital after a battle with cancer. He was Pastor at Elim Pentecostal Church in Enniskillen from 2006 to 2012, where his spiritual DNA will live on according to Pastor Elliott, who took over the role as Pastor at the church.

To me he was an amazing man. Not just an amazing man of faith but an amazing man all round. He was someone who you could depend upon and was consistent and committed. He was a brilliant friend as well as a brilliant Pastor, Pastor Elliott said.

Cameron was married to Betty and father to Paul and had four grandchildren, Jessica, Jacob, Jamie and Jenna. He was diagnosed with Cancer over two year ago but as Pastor Elliott explained Cameron used his time on earth after his diagnosis to make memories.

He loved spending time with his family, with his wife and his son and his four grandchildren and he was invested in their lives. When you spoke to him, he was always relaying stories about what the grandchildren were doing and how they were getting on, Pastor Elliott said, adding: He lived life to the full, even after he received his diagnosis. He never let that hinder him. His faith played an enormous part in his life. It grounded him and kept him going during his illness and despite the illness he remained very active in the church community. He wanted to make memories and he knew that his faith would carry him through his illness, and it did.

Cameron ministered in Scotland, Belfast and County Monaghan before moving to Fermanagh in 2006 and he was someone who was invested in cross community work and making a difference to peoples lives.

He was generous with his time and with his advice and in the small things that mean so much to people. He epitomised what being a Christian in, especially in how he lived. He was a hero of the faith. He loved being a father and a husband and a grandfather and he loved being a Pastor. And he did so much work in the town, he worked across all cultures and denominations and supporting people who are in need. he is a huge loss to the church and to his friends, but also to the town of Enniskillen and the county of Fermanagh, Pastor Elliott explained who also spoke about Camerons death being the start of a new chapter:

As a church we dont believe it was the end for Cameron, we believe it is the start of something and so did he. But he has left us a legacy that we will follow through. A lot of the things that we are doing in the church now has Camerons fingerprints on them and his spiritual DNA is in our church and in our community. We will miss him, but we will honour Cameron.

A service of celebration for the life of Pastor Crawford took place at Elim Pentecostal Church Enniskillen on Saturday with funeral arrangements carried out by Marcus Madill of S.R Elliott and Sons.


Pastor's 'spiritual DNA' will live on - Impartial Reporter

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