Meghan Markle is Diana’s ‘spiritual heir’ and ‘Age of Meghan’ will last for years – Daily Express

Royal expert Daniela Elser said "events are still nearly being exclusively interpreted through the lens of Meghan" despite more than a year passing since she quit royal duties with Prince Harry. Ms Elser added that the Duchess of Sussex has a "total and utter psychic dominance over the house of Windsor" along with a "vice-like grip on the public imagination".

Writing in, the royal commentator said: "Buckingham Palace might be desperately intent on turning the page from the Sussexes but turns out, they are not even holding the book.

"Love or her loathe her, what no one seems to be when it comes to the lightning rod Duchess is indifferent.

"The strength of emotion she generates is such that the Age of Meghan is years, if not decades, away from coming to a close.

"The press and the public are still wholly in her inadvertent thrall. (Yes, I do have a mirror, why do you ask?)

"This is not, in any way, a situation of her own making, in fact Id wager the pregnant mum-of-one would very much fancy a break from being the relentless focus of the worlds attention.

"But, sorry, I just dont see that happening.

"In this, the 39-year-old former Suits star has proven herself to be her mother-in-law Dianas true spiritual heir, a glamorous rule-breaker who still casts a very, very long designer shadow over the palace years (if not decades in the princess case) after her exit.

"Diana famously said during her 1995 Panorama interview that she wanted to be 'queen of peoples hearts'; Meghan, whether she wants to be or not, is queen of peoples heads and social media feeds and long may she reign over us."

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They plunged the Royal Family into crisis with their Megxit decision.

Meghan and Harry announced bombshell plans to step back as senior royals in January 2020.

They had wanted a dual role, earning their own money while supporting the Queen.

But the plan was deemed unworkable amid fears they would be accused of cashing in from the monarchy.

The Sussexes officially ended royal duties in March 2020.

They plunged the Royal Family into a fresh crisis a year after Megxit with their Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meghan and Harry made a set of explosive claims about the royals in the tell-all interview, which aired in March.

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Meghan Markle is Diana's 'spiritual heir' and 'Age of Meghan' will last for years - Daily Express

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