Meaningful Conversations Chapel Hill looks for the spiritual basis of forgiveness – The Daily Tar Heel

The program for this weeks conversation on forgiveness includes relevant writings such as, To nurse a grievance or hatred against another soul is spiritually poisonous to the soul which nurses it, but to strive to see another person as a child of God and, however heinous his deeds, to attempt to overlook his sins for the sake of God, removes bitterness from the soul and both ennobles and strengthens it.

The brochure for the Meaningful Conversations Chapel Hill meeting on Jan. 15, titled Finding Justice in Forgiveness.

The brochure also offers conversation guidelines for each meeting that align with Bah teachings, such as valuing everyones contribution, expressing views but keeping an open heart and mind and maintaining a humble posture of learning.

When I heard about the activity, I wanted to be a part of it and help out in any way I can, so I joined the team and I really enjoy all the conversations, said Kathy Krug, a frequent participant who found the group because she is a Bah.

Krug said that many people who come to the gatherings feel inspired by the writings, and many others come because they feel the topic is something vital to whats going on in the world. The meetings give participants the chance to meet and get to know others who feel the same.

We had no idea what the response would be, but at the end of every gathering I feel that theres some kind of power in talking about something that is unifying and uplifting, when youre all diverse people coming together at one moment in time, Krug said. I think thats something we should be encountering more often.

Solomon Gibson III, another community participant, agreed that the topics are relevant and generate valuable discussions.

The group itself seems to be in the zeitgeist these days, probably due to the political nature of our society, Gibson said. We often talk about cooperation, and how to best weather whats going on and continue to improve humanity and get through these turbulent times.

He said he merits the group for making everyone feel very comfortable sharing and expressing their ideas.

I give them credit they have attracted the most diverse group of individuals that I have seen in any such meetings Ive been to," Gibson said. "That leads to a tendency to discuss many different understandings of the subject matter, usually emotional and spiritual rather than intellectual."

Krug said she is especially looking forward to the diverse viewpoints that will be brought up at this weeks gathering, as the conversation topic is one thats important to her.

Thinking about forgiveness and justice together," she said, "Ive been reflecting and meditating on that since I was 19 and Im still learning, so Im really looking forward to the insights people bring to that as I think its something were always faced with as humans.


Meaningful Conversations Chapel Hill looks for the spiritual basis of forgiveness - The Daily Tar Heel

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