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Madam The truth about spiritual warfare and why its important to pray.

Spiritual warfare is real. But dont worry, God is with you! Everything that occurs in the visible, physical world is directly connected to the wrestling match being waged in the invisible.

The effects of the war going on in the unseen world reveal themselves in our strained and damaged relationships, emotional instability, mental fatigue, physical exhaustion and many other areas of life.

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Many of us feel pinned down by anger, pride, comparisons, insecurity, discord, fear and the list goes on. But the overarching, primary nemesis behind all these outcomes is the devil himself. We also have a need for spiritual vision for an understanding of who are in Christ, and all that entails.

God has provided us with everything we need to win the spiritual battles we face, emphasising that we need to know that, believe it, and act upon it. The enemys attacks are always wrapped in the packaging of deception, always designed to manipulate the truth about God, and about your value in Him.

Consider your areas of greatest strength and greatest weakness. Keep a close eye on both of these areas and safeguard yourself through prayer.

Marina Smal

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[LETTER] The truth about spiritual warfare - Newcastle Advertiser

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