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Pam Murray walks along her spiritual path, going where it takes her.

She is the author of several books on achieving dreams, miracles and successes in life, including Live Impossibly: Go Beyond Yourself and The New Success: How to Redefine, Create & Survive Your Own Success.

Murray is writing another book and at the time of the interview was preparing for her participation in the Quilt Festival. She pursues her interests with passion and energy, whether its writing, quilting or prayer and meditation.

Ive been traveling a lot. Ive been fortunate to teach workshops all over the world, she said. The short version: I teach people to create the life of their dreams.

As far as being on her spiritual path: I was born on it. As a child, she just knew things, and she recalls an experience in her room. I was supposed to be cleaning my room, she said. I didnt like cleaning my room. Her mother happened to walk past her just as she said, Oh Jesus. Her mom came in ready to wash her mouth out with soap but there she was, holding a picture of Jesus. It was just a conversation.

I remember holding the hand of my Guardian Angels. Im a Christian and an ordained minister. All the religions have within them the seed of love and truth, she said.

Murray holds a doctorate from the University of Metaphysics now located in Sedona, Ariz.

Shes studied many things: Ancient Jewish mysteries, religions, writings on creating miracles and anything she found interesting. Her calling is to teach people tools and exercises to help them discover their spiritual path and live a happy, successful life. I call myself a practical mystic. If it doesnt work, Im not much interested. Jesus was so very practical, teaching us so much about simplicity and letting go, she said.

Murray teaches people the spirit of manifestation: How to manifest, or create, the life you want to lead. Its really simple and not always easy, she said.

She spent 11 years at Boeing, became bored, then went to another division in the company as an executive in growing organizational development.

I had a gift for personal development guiding, she said. Everywhere I went, I started a newsletter and studied my craft. I took a lot of classes and wrote hundreds of articles that went all over the world.

Murray spent a few years at Unity Church in Bellevue as a lay minister training director. Murray wrote her first book in 1991-92.

I wake up everyday and spend time in prayer and meditation, she said. Her home has a beautiful sunroom that she dedicated to this sole purpose. She also built a labyrinth in her backyard. Its not a maze to increase stress and frustration, quite the opposite. Its a defined pathway to encourage being in the present and leaving your problems behind you.

Its very calming if youve had a rough day. Its marked for you to clear your mind. Just follow the path, she said. If you have a problem, state it and ask for the solution at the entrance, then come to the center. Then walk back out and the solution comes to you in a flash of the obvious.

My 20s were so awful, then came my early 30s in mystery schools. Things didnt start coming together until I was in my 30s. Now, I open myself up to the unknown possibilities and bring in extreme blessings of abundance in all its forms, she said. This is a daily endeavor founded on clarity and the freedom of letting go.

In all days, be guided, she said, I wake up every day and spend time in prayer and meditation. Most things, I dont stress about anymore. I make my stress. I want to use time for intentional living. Im going to stay peaceful to the extent possible.

Im doing what I can, as much as I can now, as I start to slow down. My 96-year-old aunt says do as much as you can. From spending time with family and grandchildren to planning future activities, she is doing quite a lot.

Currently, shes planning a European river cruise, making more baby quilts for charity, finishing the landscaping of her home and reminiscing on her recent performance in The Little Theatre of Walla Wallas play Calendar Girls.

One simple, but huge thing she gained from The Course in Miracles was the belief that I can choose peace. I use that for present and future. Now that Im rounding the corner in my 800-mile run of life, Ive lived longer than Im going to and I have no more some days, she said. Right here, right now, Pam Murray is enjoying life.

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In pursuit of the spiritual, practical, abundant | About The Valley - Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

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