How Deepak Chopra Is Using This Time For A Spiritual Reset –

In addition to thinking of others, Chopra is using this time to create what he calls "love in action." While we might tell our friends and family members that we love them, Chopra wants to take it a step further.

"We need to help all of us feel safe, help us all feel secure, help us all that we are engaging in love in action, not just love in theory," he says. "Love in action can create miracles."

Consider this the spiritual version of "show, don't tell." Chopra wants us to take action and care for others; in a time of social distancing, words can only do so muchit's the actions that truly make a difference.

That's not to say you should ignore the rules of a home quarantine. Chopra says there are ways to make sure those in need feel safe: "Use technologymake sure those in distress and those you care about know you can engage with them and help them in some way."

Whether it's providing resources or just offering a safe space to discuss fears, we can all take action to let the people around us know that we love them. After all, we are more connected than we thinkand the spiritual notion that "we are all one" is more important now than ever.

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How Deepak Chopra Is Using This Time For A Spiritual Reset -

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