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Brad Pitt is dating a spiritual healer. Brad Pitt is not dating a spiritual healer. One of these is the truth, but one is not. Lets hear both sides.

First up: A source told Us Weekly that Pitt has been seeing Sat Hari Khalsa, a jewelry designer and holistic healer. A source cant be wrong, right?

According to the source, Khalsa, 50, is earthy, and much more low-maintenance than the women hes been with in the past. Shes very strong, adds the insider, and has a beautiful mind. Thats what hes attracted to.

Sparks allegedly began flying between the two last year, when they were seen laughing and talking intimately at a benefit thrown by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Us acknowledges that the relationship isnt too serious...yet.

Brads not in that mind-set, notes the source, but still, Sat is very special to him and someone he enjoys spending time with.

Very compelling. Now, the dissent, courtesy of E!:

Rather, Pitt, 55, and Khalsa, 50, are simply friends. A point they proved while celebrating his new film Ad Astra last week. At the flicks after party, she was with another girlfriend and was talking to Brad, a second inside shared with E!. But, at no point during the party did there appear to be an obvious PDA or any indication that they were romantic.

Brad didnt really talk to her much, he was talking to different groups of people, continued the source. It was just friendly and not romantic.

HMM. Looks like theres only one way well know for sure: Stick them in an aquarium together and see what happens. [Us Weekly/E! News

Happy 90th freaking birthday to Barbara Walters, oh my god.

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Brad Pitt May Be Dating a Spiritual Healer But They Also May Just Be Friends - Jezebel

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