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The stay home, stay safe executive order means many of us have missed attending our church services and are going online now to receive our spiritual messages. Its a wonderful way for churches to provide services to members and nonmembers alike.

At Unity of Lake Orion we, too, have adopted technology with our Reaching Out Service once a month. For the past few years, once a month, we have an online video message from another Unity Church around the country. We create our own service and then add the video message.

Technology is awesome.

But Holy Week is a time to celebrate in church. So lets walk it together now.

Palm Sunday: Jesus entered the town of Jerusalem in deep peace, knowing within His entire being that the week would end with Him giving His life so that we could experience freedom from sin and live more abundantly.

Holy Monday: Jesus affirms the church is a house of prayer. In anger, He clears the temples of those he felt were not representing Gods Truth. Prayer is the highest mind action known to man. It is a time of communion with God and spoken in Truth only.

Tuesday: Religious leaders showed that they did not want Jesus teaching His lessons to their people. However, Jesus came to awaken us to our spiritual nature.

Wednesday: Perhaps Wednesday was a day of contemplation, a day of being in silence and connecting with God. In the silence He could exercise his faith in God and uplift His spiritual energy, as Jesus already knew what was coming.

Maundy Thursday: This was the day of the Last Supper, where Jesus shared communion with his disciples. The bread, Gods Word, when taken in, moves Spirit through our entire being. The blood of Jesus represents the energy of life, eternal life, which we find in Gods Word. This is a time of silence and deep prayer work where you consciously connect your heart with the heart and love of God, in total Oneness.

Good Friday Jesus, who had been falsely accused and judged, was mocked, tortured and said to have been crucified on a cross. His body was laid to rest in a tomb guarded by Roman soldiers. Changes in our thoughts, words and deeds make us go into our conscious minds and decipher what will better serve us in mind, body and spirit, which sometimes can be very challenging. The crucifixion is something we experience when we decide to cross out what is not good in our lives. The tomb represents a time of closing us off to our Earthly ways and having us look at a more spiritual way of living. In living more spiritually, we make changes in our consciousness, making us better people. We live life more graciously and other people and humanity benefit as well.

Saturday Jesus body was still in the tomb covered by a huge boulder. This day reminds me of the song, When Ten Thousand Angels Cried, by LeAnn Rimes, and Im sure the angels did cry. Like the angels, you may also feel that this was a sad time for humanity. It also gives each of us the opportunity to look at ourselves today. Are we insensitive to the thoughts and differences of others? Are we raising up humanity by our actions?

Easter Sunday The stone is rolled away from the tomb and Jesus body is no longer there. He has risen! Just as He said. Jesus was raised from the material world and physical life into the spiritual awakening of the I AM presence of God and the Christ in man.

Throughout the Holy Week, the life of the Christ Consciousness was demonstrated and made clear for us. We know that man set this story in motion and Jesus accepted His path and remained true to awakening and telling others about God. From Him, we learned the Truth of our being, how to commune and connect with God through prayer, to have faith and trust, and that life never ends.

Each year, may you remember the Easter story without the passion of sin, the crown of thorns or the crucifixion. Instead, remember it with the passion of the risen Christ; the opening of the Christ consciousness and the outpouring of love that God has for us.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16NIV.

Attend your church as soon as it is deemed safe, and remember your tithes and gifts of the past have maintained the church in your absence. It will do so again if you continue to give from your heart.

Linda La Croix is the Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find positive and uplifting posts on her Facebook page A Spiritual Walk, or Aspiritualwalk.com.

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