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WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --In 2021, It's time for you to connect with your higher self!Check out these amazing guides you need to know by Pagne PR.

Captolia Eaton

Captolia is a brand strategist and social media coach that uses intuitive strategies to create magic for tarot readers, crystal shops, healers, and more! Her advice? "Be radically authentic in everything you do. Don't water yourself down to be palatable. And don't let anyone say that you can't make a living from your magic."

Emily Estes

Emily is making tarot, astrology, and personal magic fun and accessible for all. She combines learning strategies with spirituality to create tools and resources that encourage others to discovertheir own psychic powers. "I want to do whatever I can to show others how much magic they truly have."

Hope Carpenter

Hope is a spiritual medium and reiki master. She prioritizes personal development, inner work, heart-healing, and cultivating an ongoing relationship with the realm of spirit. "I want to train other women to awaken their own abilities so that my work becomes a domino effect that ripples out way beyond what I'm doing."

Kristina Bakrevski

Kristina is a visual artist and spiritual guide for the modern woman, empowering others to tap into their Higher Self for more creativity, magnetism and prosperity. She shares intuitive astrological downloads with her audience. "Supporting women who are hungry for transformation is what lights me up and motivates me."

Maria Concha

Maria, a Mindset and Manifesting Coach, teaches women how to master their minds and manifest anything they want without worry and fear. Her method is all about breaking through limiting beliefs on a subconscious level. "I'd love to reach millions of women and help them move forward with the tools they need to attract incredible experiences."

Maryann Moloku

Maryann is a Business and Mindset Coach working with ambitious female entrepreneurs. She mentors her growing community on how to use manifestation and strategy to grow their online business. Her advice? "It starts with shifting your mindset and the realization that everything that happens is a result of our thoughts, our beliefs, and how we feel."

Mystic Mary Kate

Mary Kate is a virtual assistant for Witches, Mystics, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Her role as your witchy VA is to cast a spell on your business anxiety! "I love that I get to implement my passion for mental health into my services and see how the stressof my clients decreases as I assist them with their business tasks."

The Venusian Oracle

Andrija, known as The Venusian Oracle, uses her intuitive flow, experience, and training to help women navigate their healing journey. Her mission is to show women how to be their own healers. "I want to reach as many women as possible, helping them grow, build and succeed in their lives showing them that the mind, body, and spirit connection is the key."

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