Learning Spiritual Enlightenment with Ellen Grace O’Brian

In todays fast-paced world, stress and anxiety come in many forms, often stemming from a deep longing for greater meaning, purpose, and wholeness. Science, despite its amazing benefits to society, offers little helpwhen it comes to navigating our inner world. Rationalism alone doesn't help us deal with the changes and challenges inherent in life grief and loss, aging, starting a family, addiction, making a difference, or finding a spiritual touchstone in the midst of it all.

Whether you are a newcomer to meditation or an experienced practitioner, Yogacharya OBrian makes the ancient spiritual teachings of Kriya Yoga accessible and inspiring to the modern mind. Her supportive and time-tested approach can help you apply timeless yogic principles and practices for a richer, more awakened life.

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Learning Spiritual Enlightenment with Ellen Grace O'Brian

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