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English[edit]Etymology 1[edit]

From Latin plus (stake, post). Doublet of pole.

palus (plural pali)

From Latin pals (marsh, swamp).

palus (plural paludes)


From Proto-Italic *palts, *pald-, from Proto-Indo-European *pelHk-iH-h, related to Latvian pelce (puddle), Lithuanian pelk (marsh), Sanskrit (palvala, pool, pond), and possibly Ancient Greek (pls, mud, earth, clay).

palsf (genitive paldis); third declension

Third declension.

Inherited from a metathesised Vulgar Latin form *padule

From Proto-Italic *pkslos, from Proto-Indo-European *peh-slos, from *peh-. See related terms.

plusm (genitive pli); second declension

Second declension.

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