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MTVs Siesta Key is heating up with the drama, and fans are curious to know whats happening with Kelsey Owens and Garrett Miller. Owens and Miller have quite a history, and theyre together on the show now. But after Owens spotted some suspicious behavior on Instagram, she was about ready to give Miller the boot.

Now, fans think Owens actually wanted to dump Miller to get back with her boss, Jake Peterson. Heres what everyones talking about.

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Owens and Miller have quite a history on Siesta Key. The two started dating prior to season 3 of the show, but it seems Owens wasnt always faithful to Miller. They broke up and went their separate ways, delving into new relationships. But season 3 brought them back together.

While Millers ex-girlfriend, Cara Geswelli, left the state to head to New York, Owens boss-turned-boyfriend, Peterson, had to deal with family matters and couldnt keep up with the relationship. Once Miller and Owens were both single once again, they rekindled their flame.

Miller spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his relationship with Owens. Theres a lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of new temptations that come into play that were not there before, especially for me personally, so, its a very interesting thing to see with me and her this year, Miller said.

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Miller had his doubts about Owens faithfulness, especially since Peterson kept showing up to parties Owens attended. But it seems Owens is actually the one who shouldve been suspicious of Miller. During season 3, Owens saw a photo of Miller with another woman that was posted to Instagram. The woman in question used to hook up with Miller, and Miller continues to train her at the gym.

Owens approached Miller at a party as soon as she saw the post. Miller claimed he trained her a long time ago, and the post wasnt recent but Owens begged to differ. Miller then admitted that he still trains the woman in question.

Owens ends up telling Miller she cant be with him anymore and everything escalates from there. She tells Juliette Porter about whats happening, and Porter hits Miller at the party. Ultimately, Miller is shunned from the gathering and appears to leave.

At the end of episode 20, a sneak peek shows Owens catching up with Peterson again. And fans are starting to wonder if Owens epic freakout and dumping of Miller at the party was partly due to a desire to get back with Peterson.

According to MEAWW, fans are commenting on social media about Owens behavior.

The hilarity of Kelsey getting mad at Garrett but she continuously is around Jake & flirts with him, one fan posted. When you cheat on someone then get back together, youre not getting back with the same person. They need new people on here for love interests. This is old and toxic.

Although scripted, it seems like she was just waiting for a reason to get out of the relationship in a way that didnt make her look bad, another noted of Owens on Reddit.

Well have to wait and see whats really going on with Owens and Peterson but it seems like the end is looming for Owens and Miller.

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'Siesta Key': Fans Think Kelsey Owens Wanted to Dump Garrett Miller and Get Back With Jake Peterson All Along - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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