A contingent of cotton and peanut farmers were in the Crookston area on Monday, meeting with local farmers. The farmers, who came from Georgia and Alabama, met with local farmers to express that Collin Petersons role as the Chair of House Agriculture Committee is not only crucial to farmers in District 7 but those across the United States. In total, about 10 farmers made the trip and are visiting farms across the district.

Donald Chase, a peanut farmer from Georgia, said southern farmers rely on good farm programs just as farmers in northwest Minnesota do. I think southern crops rely on good, balanced farm programs much like you do here, said Chase. Its kind of an honor for us to be here and let your local folks understand that its important in this election to elect somebody who understands the real issues going on in agriculture.

Mike Tate, a cotton farmer from Alabama, said its essential to have someone in a position to help everyone in agriculture across the country. We offered to help Chairman Peterson in his campaign earlier in the year, said Tate. This is what was put together and suggested. Were glad to be here to try to help him. We feel like its important to the agricultural industry across the whole nation to keep him in the position hes in with his knowledge and experience.

Peterson, a Democrat, has been involved in the past four farm bills, and Tate noted that hes proven he can work across the aisle with the other party. Hes proven through the years that hes someone that tries to work across the aisle with the other party. We need more people like that in Washington, and hes certainly someone who has done that.

Chase said that having someone who understands farmers as the chair of the House Ag Committee will likely be critical to the next farm bill. Even though in the last farm bill we had a little different mix, I think being able to work across the aisle and to bring everybody to the table is pivotal to making sure we get a good, fair farm bill, said Chase. This time with him likely being the chair, its going to be probably real critical.

Tate added that the ability to work on behalf of the farmers with both sides of the aisle is vital, with him being a Democrat and the house most likely being controlled by Democrats, hes in a very vital position to help the farmers of the country.

Chase said he finds it fascinating that even though the crops are different, farmers across the country face many of the same challenges, such as low commodity prices. Weve got to meet some of the local farmers, said Chase. Its fascinating to me that no matter where you go, a lot of the issues that were confronted with like low commodity prices ring true just about everywhere. I think that as farmers, we feel that intensely, but we are also members of our rural communities, and we want to support rural America. It appears that this town is so wrapped up in agriculture that we want yall to know that there are folks around the country in the same spot you are that in favor of keeping Congressman Peterson in his role.

Chase said they planned to visit some dairy farms later Monday. Weve visited some farms, said Chase. I think were going to go visit some dairy farms. While none of us are dairy farmers, I think its important that we all stick together. When one segment of the industry, like dairy, has been hit hard, I think we have to support them as well.

Tate said the fun part of the trip is visiting with other growers about crops theyre not familiar with growing. Thats the fun part for us, being able to visit other farms, said Tate. And to visit with other growers in areas, were not accustomed too. Well get to do some more of that, do some interviews, and hopefully, the congressman will be able to join us for dinner tonight. Were just enjoying ourselves right now.

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