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The general consensus in the NFL right now is that running backs have a short shelf life in the league. Because of wear and tear on players bodies from taking constant hits, some are hesitant to hitch wagons to running backs for too long. But a few NFL running backs prove that isnt always true.

Adrian Peterson of the Washington Redskins is the prime example right now. Drafted out of Oklahoma in 2007, Peterson is entering his 14th year in the NFL and is still playing full seasons in the league.

So who could be the next running back to follow a similar path of Peterson and remain in the NFL for a long time? On NFL Live on Monday, analyst Rob Ninkovich said he thinks former Penn State star and current New York Giant Saquon Barkley could be that guy.

The guy is built. You look at his stature and how strong he is as a runner, Ninkovich said. I think he has the potential to play a very long time based on look, just the way he plays, the style of play he has. You look around the league at some of these other really good running backs; they might not have the frame, might not have the build that Barkley has. Im going with him. I think hes got a bright future. I know last year he had the ankle injury, but look, its football. Things happen. He came back from that and Im anticipating a very big year for him this year.

Barkley comes off of his second season in the NFL where he had over 200 carries and 1,000 yards. When compared to Peterson, Barkley isnt quite on pace with the workload that Peterson had put on him early. Peterson had 238 carries in his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings and then 363 the next year for a total of 601 carries. Barkley is currently at 478.

With the drafting of Georgia star lineman Andrew Thomas and the continued development of quarterback Daniel Jones, Barkley could grow even more in 2020 and continue to create quite the name for himself in the NFL.

Everyone knows how I feel about Saquon Barkley, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick added. I think because hes the bigger player, he is the one I would probably pick and hes probably overall the more explosive athlete. Hes the guy who, despite being that size, is someone who isnt to talk about Bruce Lee, he isnt that guy. Hes not the stiff, tree-like figure. Hes one of those guys who does have tremendous physical dexterity and flexibility for a guy whos 228, 230 pounds and runs a low 4.3.

As long as he can stay healthy and doesnt suffer some kind of freak injury, you have to think Saquons upside is unbelievable because of the fact he does have those physical characteristics and he is someome who can play in both a run game and pass game, equally effectively.

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Analysts think Saquon Barkley could be the next Adrian Peterson - 247Sports

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