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Just thought Id share my experiences with some not-so-well-known nootropics/supplements Ive taken. Most of them are Russian, which is probably why there arent much user experiences written about them on here or Longecity. Let me know if you want me to go into more detail on any of them or if you have any questions. If some of you find this list helpful I can make more lists of nootropics Ive tried for different symptoms (mood, cognition, social anxiety, anhedonia). Check out my early post history for more reviews or my old account which I lost the password to and can not access anymore (/u/Nedzilla55). Anyways, heres my list of 20 not-so-well-know (and a few well know) nootropics/supplements. Theyre listed in no particular order.

Pantogam and Pantogam Activ - Feels somewhat like Phenibut lite, without the extreme tolerance. Effects are not as intense as phenibut or Baclofen but its a nice little anxiolytic which is somewhat energizing as well (as strange as that sounds). Almost like a couple of drinks. Made it easier for me to just be myself (as weird as that sounds). You may find yourself humming in the car or listening to music while doing goofy dance moves from the early 2000s. Makes it easier to laugh and just enjoy myself while being in the moment.

Low Dose Amisilpride (12.5mg - 25mg). Dont let the antipsychotic label scare you: thats only at regular doses. At very low doses, it enhances dopamine transmission and facilitates dopamineric neurotransission and is a wonderful as needed mood brightener. Great for anhedonia. Helps to feel more in the moment and makes things like conversations with others more enjoyable.

Tenoten - Didnt feel much from this one unfortunately. Its supposed to work for anxiety and stress. Not too many experience reports online either (In English, at least). Might as well have been a sugar pill.

GABOB - Brain fog, sleepy ness, sedation... not a fan of this one. Benadryl type feeling almost. Not enjoyable at all and overall letdown IME.

Picamilon - Developed by Soviet Russia, this is considered a pro drug of GABA. It can be somewhat energizing or anxiolytic depending on the dose. Very subtle though, possible placebo effect. I havent found too many positive experiences online with this one either.

Agomelatine - This atypical antidepressant is an agonist at the melatonin receptors along with 5-HT2C antagonist. Helps me fall asleep when taken before bedtime, but has an activating/energizing feel upon waking up. Good alternative to try if youve had no luck with conventional antidepressants. I've read experience reports about it causing irritation at higher doses. I have not experienced this but YMMV.

Afobazole - This obscure little Ruski supplement feels somewhat anxiolytic but effects were pretty subtle to me. I may revisit this one with a higher dosage

Sarcosine+NAC - Ok so this one may not be very obscure but I enjoy its effects so I figured Id at least share. NAC literally cured my trichtillomania. Its an amazing antioxidant. Taken an hour before drinking it prevents hangovers IME. Sarcosine is great for anhedonia and other negative symptoms. Makes it easier to engage with others and feel.

Grandaxin - This is an interesting one. Its commonly described as anxiolytic and tranquilizing though I would not really agree with that description. Its an It feels activating physically yet quiets the mind. Too big of a dose caused irritability

Stresam - Nice little anxiolytic. Helps calm the mind and body. I like it to unwind after a stressful day at work. Puts me in a nice chill state when kicking back and watching documentaries or hanging out in nature

BPC-157 - Apparently its good for reducing stimulant tolerance and injuries? Again another one that may not be very obscure but I thought it may be of interest to some of you.

Nefiracetam - I love this one. Nice little mood brightener. Its hard to explain but it helps me connect the dots at work and when doing everyday activities. It makes it easy for me to read between the lines, especially in work/social situations. Its almost like it makes me feel more aware. Like I was brushing my teeth one day on it and I just zoned out to the feeling of the bristles of my toothbrush going against my teeth and gums and just kind of had me in the moment. It made me think why do I wet my toothbrush, maybe its better to leave it dry because the toothpaste sticks better to the toothbrush and my teeth. This may or may not be wrong but Ive had similar epiphanies on it. That may sound dumb but I dont know how to better describe its effect on me. I wish someone would have this in stock again 🙁

Oxytocin - I took it before an interview and had the best interview in my life. I was so engaged with the interviewer and felt like we already had some sort of connection. It was very easy to express myself. My girlfriend said I was very romantic (lol) when I took it before going out to dinner with her (which is sort of unusual for me). Great for deep convos and connecting with others. This is one of those that I can clearly rule out a placebo effect.

Sulbutiamine - I had high hopes for this one but unfortunately did not feel much of anything despite trying many different doses. People on here and Longecity reported energizing effects. Maybe Im just a non-responder?

Galantamine - this one is a cholinesterase inhibitor . Perefct for those who enjoy lucid dreaming. Increases acetylcholine in the brain, which may or may not be a good thing based on your personal neurochemistry.

Semax - These next 2 are not very obscure to those familiar with nootropics but felt I should include them for some reason. This one is activating. I really like it for jogging, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Selank - Semaxs chill twin brother. This one is more anxiolytic. I really enjoy walks in the woods with this one for some reason. Or just sitting on my back porch enjoying the nice weather and scenery.

P-21 - R.I.P. Ceretropic 🙁 not sure if this is available anymore but I enjoyed its effects. It had more of an activating feel in my experience. Somewhat anxiogenic at times even. Not in a bad way though. Effects are hard to describe with this one.

D-Cycloserine - This one aids in learning by helping form stronger neural connections. Good for exposure therapy. I have a feeling this one would work much better when combined with CBT

GTS-21 - this one is a partial agonist at neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It is a horrible smelly yellow substance with a repulsive taste and it leaves yellow stains on anything it touches, including your hands. Felt somewhat anxiolytic though activating at the same time. Ive only taken it for a week though. I may need to take it for a longer period of time to really feel its effects though. I will trial it for a month and report back its effects.

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