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Mesothelioma is cancer that develops in the thin tissue, or mesothelium, that lines the lungs, chest wall and abdomen. The mesothelium helps protect the organs by producing a lubricating fluid that lets them move against one another. Mesotheliomas start in the chest, abdomen, heart or testicles. Most begin in the chest, and are called pleural mesotheliomas.

Age is a risk factor for mesothelioma, with most people developing the disease later in life, but the major risk factor for this type of cancer is asbestos exposure. Researchers are working to learn more about which asbestos fibers cause cancer, how they cause it, and what levels may be considered safe.

Treating mesothelioma is historically difficult, although combinations of certain therapies have shown promise. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), we offer a variety of treatment optionsto fight the disease, and a range of supportive care therapiesto help you manage your side effects.

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Mesothelioma: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments | CTCA

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