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BEYOND The Global HR Leadership Forum 2018 will address the agenda and global themes facing the senior HR community in key business sectors and industries across the world. The speakers will focus on the future and the stake of HR in the changing economies, disruptive models, new stakeholders and roles. We will explore science in HR, learn about abundance and exponential organisations, impact of Artificial Intelligence, shifting workforce composition, consumerization of HR and how traditional HR approaches are replaced by the employee experience, we will check on how analytics is making progress and have a dedicated space for emerging trends such as wellness and health, social entrepreneurship, start-up corner, and much more.

This conference stands apart because it is a genuine forum where forward-thinking senior HR professionals, thought leaders, HR writers, bloggers and renowned authors will come together to challenge assumptions, discuss the latest insights and approaches and debate the future of this dynamic function within an intimate, high-touch networking environment. Internationally renowned speakers will explore the game changers impacting societies, environments and organisations. They will also provide unique solutions and inspiration for a paradigm shift beyond what is the currently known and recognized HR best practice.

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Futurist Gerd Leonhard Author, Keynote Speaker, CEO The …

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