Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Gelmin Rivas to D.C. United, continued fallout at Real Salt Lake, and more – Black And Red United

Good morning, heres some soccer things!

D.C. United acquires striker Gelmin Rivas | Black and Red UnitedThe fanbase reaction to D.C. United signing a forward seems to be irritation that Gelmin Rivas is not a well-known player. I get it, and his resume doesnt scream Golden Boot, but MLS is a weird league. Sometimes a guy arrives with no expectations and finds the league perfect for them. For me, Rivas means we will have fewer games with non-forwards trying to get the job done up front, and that needed to be taken care of.

Maybe hes BWP or Luciano Emilio; maybe hes Danny Allsopp.

D.C. United signs Venezuelan striker Gelmin Rivas | The Washington PostSteve Goff has more details, including length of Rivass contract and the fact that he had already begun quarantining before the announcement in the hopes of being cleared to train ASAP.

Meanwhile, its one guy in, one guy out:

Its not ideal to see academy players heading abroad, but thats life sometimes. Hopefully it works out.

United may have other reinforcements on the way, and this time its someone we know:

Rodney Wallace is still only 32, and has spent most of his non-United career playing for contenders around the league (and in the Brazilian top flight). If offseason hip surgery hasnt slowed him down, he could be helpful at a few spots for the Black-and-Red.

Washington Spirit join DC2026 Partnership Group led by Events DC | WashingtonSpirit.comThe Washington Spirit are formally a partner for the bid to bring the 2026 World Cup to the District.

Employees describe toxic RSL culture: rotten from the top down | RSL SoapboxThe folks at RSL Soapbox have continued doing excellent reporting work when it comes to the internal culture soon-to-be former owner Dell Loy Hansen has fostered. That includes some extremely gross examples of sexism and misogyny, as well as wage theft that would violate Utah law.

Will Weston McKennie succeed at Juventus? Plus Real Salt Lake and youngsters thriving in MLS | MLSsoccer.comThe latest episode of Extratime Radio includes Brian Dunseth giving more inside info on what went down at RSL, and where the club goes from here. Also I guess this Weston McKennie at Juventus thing is a big deal, idk.

2020 fall series to stream globally on Twitch | NWSLsoccer.comRemember the details of the NWSLs fall series broadcast schedule leaving seven games unaccounted for? Well, now theyre accounted for: theyll stream on Twitch in the US, just like they do for international audiences.

Rachel Daly signs new three-year contract | Dynamo TheoryThe Houston Dash re-signed a bunch of players, but there were brief murmurs that something was up with them and captain/forward/club-defining player Rachel Daly. This news puts those rumors to rest.

WELCOME TO SECRET BASE | Secret BaseIm not exactly sure whats going on here, but its got talented weirdos doing weird videos about sports, and a font that brings me great nostalgia, so Im into it.

This post was exactly 500 words until I typed this sentence and ruined it. Happy Tuesday!

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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Gelmin Rivas to D.C. United, continued fallout at Real Salt Lake, and more - Black And Red United

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