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Your dedicated resource to learn about marijuana, from legalization efforts and its history to resources about growing cannabis and more.

The history of cannabis prohibition

Learn how cannabis came to America, how it was prohibited, and how the country is starting to embrace it once again.

The world of dabbing might be confusing to the uninitiated, but fear not: Our guide to dabbing will show you what dabbing is, how to dab, all the different types of dabs and how theyre made, and more.

Whether you want to start your own home grow or are looking for tips on how to improve your existing garden, Leafly has plenty of resources designed to help marijuana growers.

Psychedelics, or entheogens, can alter the mind, encourage profound insights, and promote life-changing experiences. Learn about these many substances and the incredible medical benefits they can offer.

Perplexed by pulegone? Befuddled about BHO? Gobsmacked by guaiol? Browse our marijuana glossary to learn about the many terms, from scientific to slang, used in a cannabis context.

Leaflys guide to growing marijuana

Educate yourself and learn more about social justice to help build a stronger cannabis community.

Marijuana legalization in the United States is a long, ongoing process. Learn about the history of cannabis prohibition and legalization efforts in the US, what decriminalization means (and why it doesnt do enough to help in the fight towards legalization), the differences between recreational and medical marijuana legalization, and why expungement is a necessary step of legalizing weed.


Cannabis & Marijuana Education: Learn All About Weed | Leafly

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