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It is great to see President Trumps surging poll numbers. Public sentiment is gradually turning favorably in terms of the economy and America's preeminence in the world. Yet it pales in comparison to the implosion of the Democratic establishment.

For almost 70 years, the Democratic Party has brought diverse ideas, emotions, and liberal objectives into the big tent of political ideas. Often it has come away with a clear and unified path to victory.

Although the Democratic Partys perspective runs counter to my values, goals, and beliefs, I cant help but admit that they win, a lot, at all levels. They often control school boards, city councils, county, state and federal agencies, and governing boards. Democrats must be applauded for the harmony they have historically demonstrated. It has served them well in a large and politically diverse country.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of the 21st century has little in common with the party I have known most of my life.

Warfare among the partys presidential candidates is escalating. The last two debates more resembled cage fights than forums of meaningful discourse. Multiple factions of the partys base, from environmentalists to union members, to minority communities, are at each others throats. Expect these conflicts to accelerate as the year moves forward, resulting in enormous fractures that could lead the party to a full-fledged meltdown.

The party of the past shared core visions and goals for this country, mostly disputing the best ways to achieve them. Not anymore. Onstage for the Feb. 25 debate were two white male billionaires, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, in a party openly hostile to white male billionaires.

The partys rock star is avowed socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who praises a communist dictator and promises to end school choice. Theres a far-left white woman, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who faked minority status most of her adult life.

The difference between a Joe Biden or Bloomberg presidency, as opposed to a Sanders or Warren presidency, cannot be understated. These candidates are polar opposites of one another, though they ostensibly play for the same team.

This clash of starkly divergent visions for the country has fomented intraparty hostility, with members of the Democratic flock becoming vicious and spiteful toward each other. Tensions appear to intensify with each passing news cycle and debate.

The continuous animosity within the party is fueling the destruction of its long-standing and successful ecosystem.

If the trajectory continues into the fourth quarter of 2020, it could spell disaster for Democrats at all levels of government. The circus on the Left likely means a landslide victory for Trump in November. Republicans could control both chambers of Congress, the White House, and more state legislatures.

As a Republican, I could not be more thrilled. As an American, I can hardly believe what I am seeing: deceit, backbiting, and downright hatred rule the day for the Democratic Party.

Our country operates on a two-party system, but that could change in the wake of one partys swift deterioration. We may see a third party of socialists and left-wing labor activists rise up if Sanders falls short of the Democratic nomination.

Time and outcomes will tell whether Democratic Party leadership can manage this chaos and restore a semblance of unity and order. Recent events suggest they cannot.

Robert Blaha was chairman of Trump for Colorado in 2016.

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