International Day of Climate Action

Where Will You Be On 10/24?

Global Warming has already had a devastating effect on our planet. Rising tides, forest fires, drought, glacial melt and a variety of other natural disasters directly linked to climate change can be seen on scales never before documented. The clock is ticking for strong, binding and immediate international legislation to preserve the sanctity of our Earth and protect those who call it home.

In the count-down to the U.N. Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen this December, it is crucial that we send a clear message to decision makers. President Obama and other world leaders have a responsibility to take decisive action before time runs out.

That’s where you come in:
On October 24, 2009, the International Day of Climate Action will take place. In over 140 countries, and a coalition of partner groups will join together with people all over the world. Over1700 actions will take place letting decision makers in Copenhagen know that the people demand real change! It is up to YOU to you to be the change we wish to see.
So where will you be on 10/24? Find your local event at, and unite with your community for a safe, green future. Come one, come all and fight for the sustainability of our Earth.

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