Electric Vehicle Race

Portland is in an unofficial race with San Francisco to be the first city to Electrify itself for EV's. I think that Portland, Oregon is now on top with a recent infusion of stimulus funds according to the Portland Business Journal. The journal wrote that Oregon was chosen as an electric vehicle testing market. The state of Oregon will receive 1,000 new Nissan Leaf EV's and funding for 2,500 charging stations by late 2010. The program will start out in Portland and then expand into Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene.

Three other Oregon companies will receive stimulus funds related to the building of an EV infrastructure. Since I am an owner of an Electric Scooter, I cannot wait for Portland to install more of these charging stations around downtown.

It looks like Portland will have one up against San Francisco in the Great Electric Vehicle Race as gas2.org points out.

electric charging station

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