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Editors note: This article is part of an ongoing series of articles that features local businesses that use clean, healthy and sustainable practices and are doing their part to help keep our earth beautiful. The series will lead up to the Galt Earth Day Celebration in April 2020 presented by the Galt Beautification Committee and the Galt Community of Character Coalition.

Curt and Pricella Lucero love the rolling hills and natural waterways that take water to their pond. They respect and protect the ecosystem of their organic farm. There is an amazing variety of birds that call their pond home.

When Curt was asked if the birds eat his crops, he said they actually help by eating the insects.

How do they handle the insects that eat their leafy vegetables, Curt said he grows enough for everybody. They are partners in the ecosystem.

They took land that had been used for grazing and now grow fields of vegetables and fruits to feed people locally and in the Bay Area.

After serving in the Army for 20 years, he came back to the family business of farming. It is a more peaceful life, but still challenging.

It takes patience to deal with the unpredictable weather. He grows the seeds in his greenhouse, plants the plants and if hail comes, he has to start over.

Lucero Organic Farms is an example of how the agricultural industry respects the earth.

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Galt Earth Day: Lucero Farms partners with the ecosystem - The Galt Herald

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