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Apple is cementing its place as the company of choice for those who care about security and privacy ... [+] with a bold move that hits out at its biggest smartphone rival Google.

Apple has already been very vocal about the security and privacy built into its iOS 13 operating system update, which hits out at firms such asGoogle and Facebookby limiting the data they can collect. After making abold privacy movea month ago, Apple is now doubling down on security, by launching a newPlatform Security Guidedetailing how its iPhones, iPads and Macs are more secure than Googles Android devices, because the firm owns the whole ecosystem.

Apples devices have always been regarded as more secure, because Apple owns the hardware, software and apps. In contrast, although its biggest smartphone rival Google does make some of its own Android phones and has a level of control over its app store, the often separated hardware, software and platforms can make things very fragmented and posesecurity risks.

Apples security guide for Fall 2019 doubles down on how Apple keeps your devices and data secure across iOS and MacOS. It covers hardware security and biometrics such as Face ID and Touch IDwhich isthought to be returning with the iPhone 12next yearamong other areas.

The Platform Security Guide reads: Every Apple device combines hardware, software, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience in service of the ultimate goal of keeping personal information safe.

Custom security hardware powers critical security features. Software protections work to keep the operating system and third-party apps safe. Services provide a mechanism for secure and timely software updates, power a safer app ecosystem, secure communications and payments, and provide a safer experience on the Internet.

Apple devices protect not only the device and its data, but the entire ecosystem, including everything users do locally, on networks, and with key Internet services.

As part of the guide, Apple emphasises its commitment to securitywhich could be seen as a direct swipe at Google andFacebookas companies that have seen their own share of data and security scandals. Apple points to its bug bounty program, which is now open to all ethical hackers, and dedicated security team as reasons it is more secure.

But at the same time, its important to note that Apple isnt perfect: it cameunder fire from lawmakersrecently after it emerged that the firm wasnt applying the same controls to its own apps that it applies to others. With this in mind I created a useful guide tosecuring your apps in iOS 13, including Apples.

Anothercool new feature in iOS 13.3is the ability to use security keys with your iPhone in Apples Safari browser. I wrote an article includingmore information and a video demoon how to use it.

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Apple Issues New Blow To Google With This Bold Security Move - Forbes

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