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Cybernetically Enhanced Human

Cyborg (Victor Stone) is a member of the Teen Titans and one the main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Khary Payton.

“Cyborg is a laid-back, teen robot who’s more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime.”

As a teenager, Victor Stone was a one-of-a-kind athlete who showed much more promise than most others. His life was going great until he suffered a terrible accident that killed his mother, and destroyed most of his body. His father, a genius scientist, was able to save him by building him into a half-robot, half-man (cyborg).He spent the rest of his childhood shunned, bullied and rejected. He finally left his home and moved to Jump City, where he decided he would fight evil. One faithful night, he met up with three other superheroes who were fighting to save an alien princess from The Gordanians. They worked together, defeated The Gordanians, and the five of them together formed the Teen Titans.

In Slumber Party, Cyborg always had a fear of Scary Terisince he was a kid and at the end of the episode he defeated Scary Teri and got over his fear. Cyborg is seen to be the silly big brother of the team. Cyborg got a strong bond with his best friend Beast Boy and he is currently dating Jinx.

Cyborg, who’s an African American with brown skin, black (right) eye, and no hair, is depicted as a cybernetic organism with not many human attributes. He has a red left eye, and a laser as his left hand. Part of his face, his right eye and his internal organs are the only organic things he has left in and on his body, although there has been some episodes which reveal other parts of his body, mostly his belly. When he gets his head out of his body, tiny circuits can be seen forming a temporary body. Being the tallest Titan, he appears to be about 6’6″.

Cyborg in the intro.

The outfits of Cyborg can be found here.

Cyborg’s Art style in “40% 40% 20%”

Cyborg’s Art style in “The Fourth Wall”

Cyborg in LEGO Dimensions

Cyborg’s 8-bit Art Style in “Video Game References”

Cyborg’s Art style in “Let’s get serious”

Cyborg’s Puppet used in “The Puppets”

Cyborg’s Art Style in “Salty Codgers”

Cyborg in Silly Toon Style

Cyborg in Teen Titronz Style

Cyborg has mixed characteristics. Most of the time he is like the big brother of the other Titans. Cyborg is mostly characterized as feisty, silly, and enthusiastic. But he can be also slothful like his best friend Beast Boy and sometimes easily scared, especially in the darkness due to his scotophobia. In spite of being the oldest, he can be childish alike his close friend Starfire, including being intrigued by eggs and baby birds as well as doing kid-friendly activities in Hose Water and making arts and crafts in Shrimps and Prime Rib.

Cyborg is shown to be very lazy but he still engineered the main vehicles for the Titans programmed the security alarms for the Tower created the Titan Robot and a whole mess of weapons for the team. He loves to have fun and yell, and is very enthusiastic. When it comes to combat, he does not hesitate to get the job done. He considers his robotic self to be superior to humans.In “Double Trouble”, he and Beast Boy clone themselves to avoid doing work. He played video games and ate pizza for a solid month during this

Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire congratulating Cyborg after he made it to the final round.

episode. He also enjoys meatball parties in the episode “Meatball Party”. He tends to force everyone, especially Raven, to do activities that they don’t like to do. He also has more energy (can stay up longer) than the other Titans because of his robotic half, as shown in the episode “Tower Power. Cyborg is also a better leader than Robin, which is seen in several other episodes and comes with certain ideas Robin agrees with. In fact, during some scenarios, Cyborg acts superior than Robin.

Cyborg working on an invention

Cyborg is affectionate to his girlfriend Jinx. He tried to fix the mess he made in “How ‘Bout Some Effort” and sang her a song. He also apologized to her after he hit her hair with his canon blast in the episode “Jinxed”. Cyborg and Jinx are often nice to each other since they’re dating.

Cyborg is also experienced with Technology. He created many inventions for the titans and can fix things.

Cyborg can also be kind and gentle and most likely wants to have as much fun possible with his friends.

Cyborg’s robotic body grants him many superhuman powers and abilities, all gained from his robotic suit, such as:

Hidden Gadgets, Objects, Tools, and Items: Cyborg houses a lot of hidden gadgets and appendages inside him. He can also change some of his body parts into different kind of objects.

Cyborg using different kind of tools

Cyborg is trying to code the H.I.V.E. computer to find out their evil plans

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