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Leo Gura, founder of, shows what is necessary to get the most out of life. Through discipline, self mastery, and a compelling vision, you can unleash your full potential through your life purpose.

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If the universe began in the past, when that happened it was Now. And it trails off like the wake of a ship from Now and just as the wake fades out, so does the past. Things arent explained by what happened in the past. Theyre explained by what happens Now-Alan Watts

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Exponential technological and cultural progress have given us the opportunity to more fully realize our potential.

Speech by Jason Silva

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You have Questions? We have answers.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the union, how it works and how our members can participate more effectively in union activities. Dont see your question below? Head over to our contact us page to get connected with an organizer today!

Are you currently a healthcare worker looking to join 1199SEIU? Visit our Join Us page for more information. Are you looking to work for 1199SEIU? Visit our Jobs at 1199SEIU page for the latest employments listings.

An organization of every person who works for the same employer, using their collective strength to prevent management from doing whatever it wants, such as awarding raises arbitrarily or firing workers without cause. Unions are also the way workers make demands on management, such as healthcare coverage, time off, and decent salaries. Learn more

The union is you healthcare workers who join together in their workplace to exercise a collective voice. All important decisions in 1199, from voting on contracts to electing union leaders, are made by our members. 1199 is one of the most democratic unions in the United States, and the active involvement of our members is supported and encouraged in all areas of our union.

1199SEIU is the largest, fastest-growing and most effective healthcare union in the United States. We represent over 400,000 members throughout New York State, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Our members work in every job classification and in every facet of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, home care and clinics. 1199 is driven by a mission to achieve affordable, quality healthcare for all, and to be the strongest voice we can be for the workers who provide that care.

1199SEIU members work in every job classification in every aspect of the healthcare industry including hospitals, home care agencies and organizations, nursing homes, health centers and clinics. Under the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the federal agency in charge of relations between unions and employers, some managers, supervisors and other employees are not eligible to vote in union elections. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact an organizer.

Members of 1199SEIU have been able to achieve the highest job standards in America for healthcare workers, including better wages, affordable health benefits, retirement security, no-cost education opportunities, more paid time off and job security. 1199 members also have a strong voice on the job so we can advocate for better staffing and patient care. And because healthcare funding is largely controlled by government, we have built an effective voice in the legislative and regulatory arenas. We have been able to protect healthcare funding, expand access to affordable healthcare and advance our professions.

The first step to forming a union is to form a committee that takes responsibility for informing co-workers and building union support. The next step is to sign cards stating that workers want to form a union and ask that an election be held. If a majority of workers vote for 1199, then workers initiate negotiations with management for better pay and other improvements.

Yes, the right to form a union is protected by federal law. Workers can talk about forming a union and exchange information anywhere and anytime, as long as it does not interfere with patient care. It is illegal for management to treat workers differently for supporting a union, interrogate workers about their union support, or threaten them in any way. The only way workers will win better pay, benefits and respect is by having the courage to stand up for one another, our patients and our families.

Delegates are rank-and-file members elected from each worksites department, who enforce our contract, represent our members in grievances and engage members in union activities.I would like to represent my department as a delegate. How do I run? Visit Our Delegates page for complete instructions on how to run for an open delegate position in your institution.

Your delegate is your first point of contact when a question arises about your rights, working conditions, or if you have an idea for the workplace you want to share with your co-workers.

Without a union, management has all the power and is able to make every decision on their own, without input from workers. With a union, workers have a united voice and are able to participate in the decisions that affect wages, benefits and working conditions. When workers are part of a union, management has to share power and decision-making, and this can often be difficult for management to accept. In order to stop workers from forming a union, management will often try to intimidate, divide and confuse workers. Management often hires high-priced consultants that spread misinformation and try to divert workers attention from the job improvements that need to be made. Workers have learned that if they stay united and do not let managements scare tactics distract them, they will be successful in forming their union and winning job improvements.

Dues are the monetary resources that workers pool together to put toward solving problems in the workplace and organizing for the most effective and united voice. Dues pay for the legal experts who work with us to negotiate our contracts, the organizers who help us solve problems on the job, and the campaigns we run to support workers who want to join our union. In 1199, dues are 2 percent of our base wages with a $100 per month cap. When workers join 1199, they do not begin paying dues until they have successfully negotiated a first contract that wins improvements to their jobs.

Dues money pays for staff, salaries, legal fees, offices, contract negotiation costs and other expenses associated with the day-to-day running of our union. Dues money does not pay for health benefits. Most union contracts require employers to contribute to benefit funds or some other health benefit coverage for workers. Even in case of labor-management funds, the union does not run the funds; by law, these funds are separate trusts managed by an equal number of labor and management trustees.

In unity there is strength and 1199s guiding principle has always been an injury to one is an injury to all. Employers are continuing to demand more from workers in every field while offering less. When workers of diverse classifications stand together we speak with one voice, our strength is greater and we build on the gains we have all fought so hard to win.

Call 212.261.2300 or email the changes to

Political Action Contributions are voluntary contributions that members make in order to support our voice in government where we advocate for the interests of patients and working families. Because healthcare is highly regulated and the majority of healthcare funding comes from the government, 1199 members have built the most effective legislative action program in the country. We have defended healthcare funding, elected pro-worker officials and politicians, expanded access to healthcare for the uninsured, and passed legislation on key patient protections.

Our goals are achieved not only through mobilization, but also through political strength. We encourage our members to register, vote and become politically active in our communities. The majority of healthcare funding for the institutions, research and programs that affect us is decided in the political and legislative arenas; Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, research and mental healthcare all depend on government funding. Our ability to elect the right people and fight for our share of budgets in city halls and state houses is critical.

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with your 1199 organizer.

You should participate in the local chapter meetings at your institution. You can also write a Letters to the Letters column in the 1199 Magazine.

No, strikes are a tool of last resort that workers use to make their voice heard and the decision to strike is only decided by a democratic vote of all members. The vast majority of union contracts are settled without strikes, because there are many other ways that workers can make management agree to improvements in their jobs.

No. In fact, forming a union improves the lines of communication between workers and management. When workers have a union, there is a formal process in place so that workers can collectively raise their concerns and make sure they are addressed. But this formal process does not prevent individual workers from speaking directly to their supervisors as well. Workers often find that after forming their union, communications and relations with management are better than ever before.

Visit our Join Us page for more information.

Visit our Careers page for the latest job listings.

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Contribution is defined as something that you contribute or do to help produce or achieve something together with other people or to help make something successful. May these quotes inspire you to make a positive contribution to the world so that you may help advance humanity to a greater level.

1. Youre happiest while youre making the greatest contribution. Robert F. Kennedy

2. The best contribution one can make to humanity is to improve oneself. Frank Herbert

3. Every individual in the world has a unique contribution. Jack Kornfield

4. Its the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. Its also a very clear path to happiness. Sheryl Sandberg

5. The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically. Kurek Ashley

6. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances. We must try. I didnt always know this and am happy I lived long enough to find it out. Roger Ebert

7. I feel that my whole life is a contribution. Pete Seeger

8. Every contribution counts. Everyone can make a difference. Just start with yourself. Anonymous

10. Success is making a positive difference to other people, especially seeing others grow, succeed and thrive as a result of your own small contribution. Azran Osman Rani

11. Success must include two things: the development of an individual to his utmost potentiality and a contribution of some kind to ones world. Eleanor Roosevelt

12. Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience lifes deepest joy: true fulfilment. Tony Robbins

13. You have brilliance in you, your contribution is valuable, and the art you create is precious. Only you can do, and you must. Seth Godin

14. Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give. Anonymous

15. It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it. Nelson Mandela

16. You look out there and theres people that, their day is changed because of your contribution to it. Brad Paisley

17. Let your actions contribute to advancing humanity to a greater level. ATGW

18. I have a contribution to make. Lauren Bacall

19. Your contribution to the world are significant gifts to humanity. Amy Larson

21. Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance. What will your contribution be? Anonymous

22. Life is about growth and contribution, not perfection. Anonymous

23. Treat your new job as a mission. Avoid procrastination. Increase contribution. Exceed expectations. Anonymous

24. Our contribution purely depends on our consciousness and our willingness to support those in need, to show vulnerability and accept the support of others, to share without expecting the credit, to give it our all and allow our hard work to determine the outcome. Yehuda Berg

25. When you are making a success of something, its not work. Its a way of life. You enjoy yourself because you are making your contribution to the world. Andrew Grantelli

26. Dont cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what youve got. Steven Pressfield

27. Replace your pursuit of success with the pursuit of contribution. Peter Drucker

28. Life asks of every individual a contribution, and it is up to that individual to discover what it should be. Viktor E Frankl

29. Most people set goals to get. There is a better way. Instead, try setting your goals, based on personal growth and contribution to others. Eric Worre

31. The single biggest contribution you can make is to step into your greatness. Let your own unique magnificence blossom. Jane Lee Logan

32. What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to mankind. Morris Dees

33. Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter. Greg McKeown

34. It is not position but contribution that makes a leader. Apoorve Dubey

35. It is not what we get but who we become, and what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives. Tony Robbins

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25 Awesome Grant Cardone Picture Quotes Motivation

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My dad died when I was ten years of age and left a massive void in my life The person I looked up to for guidance, success, an example of how to work, the provider and strength of the family was gone. My mother, as incredible as she was, was left to manage three teen-age boys and the little bit of money my dad had left. The family immediately went into turmoil with the loss of my dad. While my mom should have been experiencing the loss of her lifelong romance she was faced with the fear and uncertainty of raising five kids as a single mother.

For the next many years I lived in grief, anger and resentment of my dads loss. I watched in envy and resentment other kids spending time with their dads and it enraged me. I had become openly rebellious, a problem at school, my grades dropped to just above passing levels and I turned to drugs and alcohol. I had become an outcast in the school system and a black sheep of the family.

I hated everything; the schools, teachers, authority figures, my peers, and myself. For the next ten my life got progressively worse, I was fired from five jobs, overdosed multiple times and even beaten within inches of his life.

I was a good kid raised in a good family that turned bad because there was no father figure to guide, mentor and discipline me.

At the age of 25 I started to turn my life around all because men stepped in to provide me with mentoring, direction and purpose. I am so thankful to these men who took time with me and have used mentors for the last 35 years to continue my growth and development.

Most kids that go as bad as I did dont turn around. In fact some studies suggest that all of todays social ills involve the Father Factor the lack of the biological father in the household. And how big is the problem? This is not just an inner city issue but a nationwide problem. 24,000,000 kids are being raised in households without a father present and the statistics of fatherless kids are undeniable. Kids without dads are more likely to be poor, involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, drop out of school and suffer from mental and emotional problems. Boys are more likely to become involved in crimes and girls seven times more likely to become pregnant as as teen.

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The Grant Cardone Foundation

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Its amazing how much information can be passed on to our offspring. Scientist have discovered that our DNA has memories, and these can also be passed down. We are talking about thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions.

Biological changes are shaped by our environment, as well as our thoughts, feelings, emotions and reaction to that environment. Our DNA can be changed with belief, the placebo is a great example. Thoughts feelings and emotions are huge in biology.

This article was written by the Greenmedinfo research group, from Posted here with permission.

Until recently, it was believed that our genes dictate our destiny. That we are slated for thediseasesthat will ultimately beset us based upon the pre-wired indecipherable code written in stone in our genetic material. The burgeoning field of epigenetics, however, is overturning these tenets, and ushering in a school of thought where nurture, not nature, is seen to be the predominant influence when it comes to genetic expression and our freedom from or affliction by chronic disease.

Epigenetics, or the study of the physiological mechanisms that silence or activate genes, encompasses processes which alter gene function without changing the sequence of nucleotide base pairs in our DNA. Translated literally to mean in addition to changes in genetic sequence, epigenetics includes processes such as methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, sumolyation, and ubiquitylation which can be transmitted to daughter cells upon cell division (1).Methylation, for example, is the attachment of simple methyl group tags to DNA molecules, which can repress transcription of a gene when it occurs in the region of a gene promoter. This simple methyl group, or a carbon bound to three hydrogen molecules, effectively turns the gene off.

Post-translational modifications of histone proteins is another epigenetic process. Histones help to package and condense the DNA double helix into the cell nucleus in a complex called chromatin, which can be modified by enzymes, acetyl groups, and forms of RNA called small interfering RNAs andmicroRNAs(1). These chemical modifications of chromatin influence its three-dimensional structure, which in turn governs its accessibility for DNA transcription and dictates whether genes are expressed or not.

We inherit one allele, or variant, of each gene from our mother and the other from our father. If the result of epigenetic processes is imprinting, a phenomenon where one of the two alleles of a gene pair is turned off, this can generate a deleterious health outcome if the expressed allele is defective or increases our susceptibility to infections or toxicants (1). Studies link cancers of nearly all types, neurobehavioral and cognitive dysfunction,respiratory illnesses,autoimmune disorders, reproductive anomalies, andcardiovascular diseaseto epigenetic mechanisms (1). For example, the cardiac antiarrhythmic drug procainamide and the antihypertensive agent hydralazine can cause lupus in some people by causing aberrant patterns of DNA methylation and disrupting signalling pathways (1).

Pharmaceuticals, however, are not the only agents that can induce epigenetic disturbances. Whether you were born via vaginal birth orCesarean section, breastfed or bottle-fed, raised with a pet in the house, or infected with certain childhood illnesses all influence your epigenetic expression. Whether you are sedentary, pray, smoke, mediate, do yoga, have an extensive network of social support or are alienated from your communityall of your lifestyle choices play into your risk for disease operating through mechanisms of epigenetics.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that genetics account for only 10% of disease, with the remaining 90% owing to environmental variables (2). An article published in thePublic Library of Science One (PLoS One)entitled Genetic factors are not the major causes ofchronic diseases echoes these claims, citing that chronic disease is only 16.4% genetic, and 84.6% environmental (3). These concepts make sense in light of research on the exposome, the cumulative measure of all the environmental insults an individual incurs during their life course that determines susceptibility to disease (4)

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Conscious Evolution TV - The Convergence of Science ...

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