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Leo Gura, founder of, shows what is necessary to get the most out of life. Through discipline, self mastery, and a compelling vision, you can unleash your full potential through your life purpose.

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"If the universe began in the past, when that happened it was Now. And it trails off like the wake of a ship from Now and just as the wake fades out, so does the past. Things aren't explained by what happened in the past. They're explained by what happens Now"-Alan Watts

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Exponential technological and cultural progress have given us the opportunity to more fully realize our potential.

Speech by Jason Silva

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Exercise is a form of stress on the body and mind. Weve all fought to overcome flagging willpower during a workout thats our brains telling us to stop stressing our bodies. Surprise! Meditation can help with that, too. For example, football players who frequently practiced meditation during preseason training showed considerably higher mental resilience, better attention, and improved mood over other players.

Meditation has been shown to provide Marines preparing for deployment with a kind of mental armor. Despite intense stresses, meditation exercises improved their mood, their ability to control emotion, and their focus on complex tasks.

General mindfulness research has shown that mindfulness can reduce stress and increase attention and focus, and these are some of the psychological skills required to achieve enhanced athletic performance. Additionally, research on mindfulness and optimal performance, flow state for athletes, shows a powerful alignment. Mindfulness practice, through awareness and acceptance, has been found to be significantly correlated with increased flow in athletes.

A study involving sport shooters showed mindfulness-based interventions decreased pre-competition stress measured by reduced cortisol, and another study involving young golfers showed that mindfulness and acceptance was associated with performance improvement in competition.

The benefits of meditation for sport are no secret to some of the best athletes in the world: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Carli Lloyd, Trey Burke, Sam Darnold, LeBron James, Derrick Morgan, and many others reportedly have used meditation to boost focus and performance.

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Meditation - Headspace

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You've heard of Zen. You may even have had moments of Zeninstances of insight and a feeling of connectedness and understanding that seem to come out of nowhere. But what exactlyis Zen?

The scholarly answer to that question is that Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that emerged in China about 15 centuries ago. In China, it is called Ch'an Buddhism. Ch'an is the Chinese rendering of the Sanskrit word dhyana, which refers to a mind absorbed in meditation. "Zen" is the Japanese rendering of Ch'an. Zen is called Thien in Vietnam and Seon in Korea. In any language, the name can be translated as "Meditation Buddhism."

Some scholars suggest that Zen originally was something like a marriage of Taoism and traditional Mahayana Buddhism, in which the complex meditative practices of Mahayana met the no-nonsense simplicity of Chinese Taoism to produce a new branch of Buddhism that is today known the world over.

Be aware that Zen is a complicated practice with many traditions. In this discussion, the term "Zen" is used in a general sense, to represent all different schools.

Zen began to emerge as a distinctive school of Mahayana Buddhism when the Indian sage Bodhidharma (ca. 470543) taught at the Shaolin Monastery of China. (Yes, it's a real place, and yes, there is a historic connection between kung fu and Zen.) To this day, Bodhidharma is called the First Patriarch of Zen.

Bodhidharma's teachings tapped into some developments already in progress, such as the confluence of philosophical Taoism with Buddhism. Taoism so profoundly impacted early Zen that some philosophers and texts are claimed by both religions. The early Mahayana philosophies of Madhyamika(ca. third century A.D.) and Yogacara(ca. third century A.D.) also played huge roles in the development of Zen.

Under the Sixth Patriarch, Huineng (638713 A.D.), Zen shed most of its vestigial Indian trappings, becoming more Chinese and more like the Zen we now think of. Some consider Huineng, not Bodhidharma, to be the true father of Zen since his personality and influence are felt in Zen to this day. Huineng's tenure was at the beginning of what is still called the Golden Age of Zen. This Golden Age flourished during the same period as China's Tang Dynasty, 618907 A.D., and the masters of this Golden Age still speak to the present through koans and stories.

During these years, Zen organized itself into five "houses," or five schools. Two of these, called in Japanese the Rinzai and the Soto schools, still exist and remain distinctive from each other.

Zen was transmitted to Vietnam very early, possibly as early as the seventh century. A series of teachers brought Zen to Korea during the Golden Age. Eihei Dogen (12001253) was not the first Zen teacher in Japan, but he was the first to establish a lineage that lives to this day. The West took an interest in Zen after World War II, and now Zen is well established in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.

Bodhidharma's definition:

Zen is sometimes said to be "the face-to-face transmission of the dharma outside the sutras." Dharma refers to the teachings, and sutras, in a Buddhist context,are sacred texts or scriptures, many of which are considered to be transcriptions of the oral teachings of the Buddha. Throughout the history of Zen, teachers have transmitted their realization of dharma to students by working with them face-to-face. This makes the lineage of teachers critical. Genuine Zen teachers can trace their lineage of teachers back to Bodhidharma, and before that to the historical Buddha, and even to those Buddhas before the historical Buddha.

Certainly, large parts of the lineage charts have to be taken on faith. But if anything is treated as sacred in Zen, it's the teachers' lineages. With very few exceptions, calling oneself a "Zen teacher" without having received a transmission from another teacher is considered a serious defilement of Zen.

Zen has become extremely trendy in recent years, and those who are seriously interested are advised to be wary of anyone proclaiming to be or advertised as a "Zen master." The phrase "Zen master" is hardly ever heard inside Zen. The title "Zen master" (in Japanese, zenji) is only given posthumously. In Zen, living Zen teachers are called "Zen teachers," and an especially venerable and beloved teacher is called roshi, which means "old man."

Bodhidharma's definition also says that Zen is not an intellectual discipline you can learn from books. Instead, it's a practice of studying the mind and seeing into one's nature. The main tool of this practice is zazen.

The meditation practice of Zen, called zazen in Japanese, is the heart of Zen. Daily zazen is the foundation of Zen practice.

You can learn the basics of zazen from books, websites,and videos. However, if you're serious about pursuing a regular zazen practice, it is important to sit zazen with others at least occasionally; most people findthat sitting with others deepens the practice. If there's no monastery or Zen center handy, you might find a "sitting group" of laypeople who sit zazen together at someone's home.

As with most forms ofBuddhist meditation, beginners are taught to work with their breath to learn concentration. Once your ability to concentrate has ripened (expect this to take a few months), you may either sit shikantazawhich means "just sitting"or dokoanstudy with a Zen teacher.

As we find with many aspects of Buddhism, most peoplehave to practice zazen for a while to appreciate zazen. At first you might think of it primarily as mind training, and of course, it is. If you stay with the practice, however, your understanding of why you sit will change. This will be your own personal and intimate journey, and it may not resemble the experience of anyone else.

One of the most difficult parts of zazen for most people to comprehend is sitting with no goals or expectations, including an expectation of "getting enlightened." Most peopledo sit with goals and expectations for months or years before the goals are exhausted and they finally learn to "just sit." Along the way, people learn a lot about themselves.

You may find "experts" who will tell you zazen is optional in Zen, but such experts are mistaken. This misunderstanding of the role of zazen comes from misreadings of Zen literature, which is common because Zen literature often makes no sense to readers intent on literalness.

It isn't true that Zen makes no sense. Rather, "making sense" of it requires understanding language differently from the way we normally understand it.

Zen literature is full of vexatious exchanges, such as Moshan's "Its Peak Cannot Be Seen," that defy literal interpretation. However, these are not random, Dadaist utterings. Something specific is intended. How do you understand it?

Bodhidharma said that Zen is "direct pointing to the mind." Understanding is gained through intimate experience, not through intellect or expository prose. Words may be used, but they are used in a presentational rather than a literal way.

Zen teacher Robert Aitken wrote in "The Gateless Barrier":

No secret decoder ring will help you decipher Zenspeak. After you've practiced awhile, particularly with a teacher, you may catch onor not. Be skeptical of explanations of koan study that are found on the internet, which are often peppered with academic explanations that are painfully wrong, because the "scholar" analyzed the koan as if it were discursive prose. Answers will not be found through normal reading and study; they must be lived.

If you want to understand Zen, you really must go face the dragon in the cave for yourself.

Wherever Zen has established itself, it has rarely been one of the larger or more popular sects of Buddhism. The truth is, it's a very difficult path, particularly for laypeople. It is not for everybody

On the other hand, for such a small sect, Zen has had a disproportionate impact on the art and culture of Asia, especially in China and Japan. Beyond kung fu and other martial arts, Zen has influenced painting, poetry, music, flower arranging, and the tea ceremony.

Ultimately, Zen is about coming face-to-face with yourselfin a very direct and intimate way. This is not easy. But if you like a challenge, the journey is worthwhile.

Aitken, Robert. The Gateless Barrier. North Point Press, 1991.

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If you intend to retire, you must initiate a retirement eligibility check and submit your retirement application on myPers. You can do this by going to the Retirement Personnel Processing Application, located on the vMPF through AFPCSecure, using the following steps:

1. Input Common Access Card PIN or enter AFPCSecure User ID and Password; click on Secure Login

2. Click on vMPF

3. Click on Self Service Actions

4. Click on Retirements

5. Click on Request Retirement

You can review information on retirement eligibility by selecting the Eligibility link. Select the Restrictions link to review tables that contain information regarding conditions that preclude the submission or processing of your retirement application and conditions/restrictions that may be waived in the best interest of the Air Force or for hardship not common to other Air Force members. Select the Entitlements Counseling link for information on basic entitlements involved with retirements. It is recommended that you review these areas before applying for retirement.

After reviewing this information, click on the Check Retirement Eligibility link to submit your request. The Total Force Service Center Retirement Section will review your record and respond via email within five duty days of receipt.

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Sales Training in New York

Richardson offers a variety of customizable sales training programs in NYC and Northeast Region. At the core of our approach to sales training is the consultative sales skills program. Consultative selling focuses on teaching sellers how to add value to every moment the send with their customers by engaging them in customer-centric based dialogue. More targeted or advanced program offerings like ourselling with insightssolution or ourhigh-performance selling&sales negotiations trainingsolutions, take the consultative selling approach to the next level teaching selling behaviors that will help sales professionals further advance their ability to connect with clients. Sales coaching training programs in New York City and the Northeast Region are also available.Sales coaching training programshelp sales leaders learn how to sustain and develop the lessons taught in our programs designed for sales representatives. Organizational leaders who complete sales coaching training learn that every interaction with their team is an opportunity to enhance their skills. Enhanced coaching skills support an organizations overall dedication to constant and consistent improvement.

More and more, clients have a concerted focus on reinforcement, both to retain knowledge and to optimize investment in training. One tool proving popular is Richardson QuickCheck, an email-based program that delivers bite-sized learning to sales professionals while engaging their competitive drive using a game approach, with real-time tracking of results on leaderboards. These short, daily bursts of scenario-based questions appeal to multiple generations, as all learners basically want short, relevant, and easily accessible content. Coaching has become an integral part of reinforcement plans for clients. Richardson provides personalized coaching in several ways: one-on-one meetings, by phone, or by preparing individuals at the client company to take on the role of coach.

Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Yonkers, White Plains, Binghamton, Jersey City, NJ, Newark, NJ, Edison, NJ, Piscataway, NJ, Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Scranton, PA, Hershey, PA, King of Prussia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Allentown, PA, West Chester, PA, Conshohocken, PA, Wilmington, DE, Dover, DE, Newark, DE, Hartford, CT, New Haven, CT, Stamford, CT, Bridgeport, CT, Westport, CT

Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Florida Houston And More!

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Sales Training Courses

Sales is a trying, but necessary part of any business. In order to be successful, you need people skills, tenacity, organization, persistence, and a great voice on the phone. If you are bringing on a set of new hires, trying to improve the productivity of current hires, or even offering a refresher to the current veterans, you will need a sales training course.

Opinions of how to conduct a sales training course vary drastically. One way to consider is walking through the sales process from the very beginning. Walking your learners through the prospecting process all the way to their closing question and then a relationship maintenance lesson is likely the best way to advance through the course. When your learners understand each step in the process while walking through you can describe the conceptual benefit of each area as well as the advancement of the overall process.

Above, you will find our sales training course online. Free lessons can offer a great place to start your training program. You may find that the above lesson even fits your team so well that you can just use it to train your team. In that case, great! We love helping teams learn.

Some sales training ideas are designed to improve the communication skills and others are designed to improve the cold email or cold call skills of your team. You will likely need to invest time in both areas to improve your team throughout the entire process. Consider offering your team some role playing scenarios with customers so they will learn to handle objections properly and start negotiating at a skill level beyond their years.

Starting with sales skills training can establish the foundation of your team. Communicating what skills your team is going to improve upon before the process even begins can lay out the roadmap. If you are going to incorporate sales training videos into your process, make them fun. Your learners are more likely to remember a video that made them laugh rather than one of those cheesy videos of a guy in front of a green screen with a typical Oh, hello, I didnt see you there. Wait, that could be hilarious. If you can make that funny ironically, definitely do that and send me the video.

If you decide to invest in a sales training software, I know a great one. Anonline training softwarecan offer a great way to easily build lessons to train your team and then track your employees. The free sales training above is a great way to try out our application and see what you think. The above lessons are a how a learner will view their assigned lessons.

Numerous sales training programs already exist. It can be a daunting task to try to sift through the unhelpful programs and find the top sales training programs. If youve made it this far, you have successfully sifted. Online sales training programs, like the one above, can give you great insight into where you want to take your sales training for your team. Below are some examples of some sales lessons that have worked in the past.

Sales 101 is the first lesson for your sales team. It will nostalgically take them back to freshman year where initially it may have seemed like a struggle, Sales 101 training may not be easy. For your veterans taking a victory lap or a refresher, it should seem like a breeze.

Make sure to throw in a tough question to throw off your veterans after they get complacent in the lesson. A tough question will also give your new learners insight into how much they will learn in your sales training program.

Action selling is defined by five buying decision stages. Those stages are made up of nine acts. In the first stage of defining the plan to win, the salesperson and their manager must create a plan to win and commit to it.

The second stage is for the salesperson. It is a base foundation level training that includes people skills, asking the right questions, and agreeing on a need. Following this process will be a great way to categorize your sales training and order it.

The fifth act is based primarily on the company, which comes before the sixth act of selling the product. If your customer knows you are a product expert in your industry or in their industry, they will want to do business with you. Next, you sell them on the product. By selling the company before the product, you establish a rapport with your prospect.

The fourth stage is time to buy. Notice Action Selling does not rush the prospect through the funnelbut instead lets them take their time getting to know the company, salesperson, and then the product. In the seventh and eighth act, ask for the sale. Get a time commitment as well as a confirmation of the sale. In the ninth stage, you can review the call and bask in your success.

Dale Carnegie is one of the most renowned names in business and in sales. If you take the Dale Carnegie Sales Training approach to your sales team, prepare for higher engagement, more positive attitudes, and higher close rates.

The Dale Carnegie sales advantage offers an eight-session course that can be helpful for anyone whether they are in sales or not. For a quick session, consider sending your team to a few Dale Carnegie workshops.

With a name like Zig Ziglar, he likely didnt have a difficult time making friends. Its a great name, Id try to be friends with him, and it may have helped his great sales technique go viral. Anyway, Zig Ziglar was a bestselling author and motivational speaker.

His techniques worked so well that others have continued his legacy through Zig Ziglar videos and Zig Ziglar seminars. Consider checking out a few options for your team to see the impact Zig Ziglar can make. I just like saying his name. Zig Ziglar.

You may think that sales should just be a natural skill to enthusiastic and extroverted people. It may be for some, but even ones naturally skilled can improve. Ensure that you are getting the most potential out of your team and invest in training. You will notice the difference of your team once you start to climb the ranks of the best sales training companies.

Even if it doesnt work out between your new sales team and your company, they will be grateful they got to experience your sales training.

Remember The Pursuit of Happyness, that movie where Will Smith is homeless? He was a struggling salesman until he landed that job as a broker. If only his company had invested in some medical sales training programs, he may have gone on to not even need to work that temporary job.

International companies or traveling salesman may have a more difficult time in their training. Trying to accommodate different cultures in techniques and knowing different areas is an intimidating task.

Training is arguably more important in these companies to increase across-the-globe sales performance. International sales opportunities can be challenging but it can be a great feeling to accomplish, I assume.

For ongoing training, consider sending a few members of your team to regular sales training seminars. It will be a great opportunity to learn from valuable speakers as well as networkwith peers. You may even close a few deals out of it. Sales training workshops can be a valuable opportunity to role-play different scenarios with individuals outside of the company.


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