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I have been working really hard towards losing weight. I recently celebrated my 100th pound lost and my Father expressed being very proud of me. I posted a full body picture of myself on my facebook and posted about the weight loss.

I don't have either of my sisters on social media for a variety of different reasons. I am completely no contact with one of them and very, very near to no contact with the other. One is 18 years older and the other is 12 years older than me. He texted them the picture I posted and said, "I am so proud of your sister, she's lost 100 pounds. Look how great she's doing." My NC sister said I looked great while the other one got very upset.

She responded with, "Yeah, I already know she has. At least you're proud of one of your kids."

She recently announced that she's pregnant with her fourth child (which I posted my disgust about.) She is a very detached and bad mother. All of her child are from different men and were direct results of ditch efforts to keep men interested. She depends on her oldest child to watch the others while she parties, spends time with her boyfriend, and generally neglects her children. It's very common knowledge in my family that she's a terrible mom.

She can't afford another child as she exists on welfare as it is. She has been told time and time again that she needs to get her tubes tied. She had an IUD but had it removed when her relationship with her boyfriend got rocky... Then all of a sudden, she was pregnant again! I suppose she expected some huge celebration but everyone is disappointed with her.

I can't stand her as a person, much less a sister. It stroked my ego knowing how petty she was about my success. Her announcing her fourth pregnancy was not any kind of accomplishment. She was just announcing that she is an irresponsible and selfish person.

Oh, and that she doesn't swallow. That's it.

I'm going to keep on celebrating my huge accomplishment and relish in the fact that I did something incredible while she stays petty.

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