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Greetings /r/childfree!

2018 has been an eventful year. We reached many subscribers milestones (200K, 250K, 300K, and 350K), we added many more doctors to our list, a new childfree dating website popped up and we are now at the point where we daily receive more than 60 submissions. We also had a lot of unrest which we want to address in this message.

There are some issues that we noticed and some issues on which our attention was forcefully drawn too. They are namely :

Because of the size of the sub, the diversity of the subscribers and many other factors, it took some time before we could find a way to have an efficient state of the subreddit message.

It turns out that despite many outcries, we cannot know whether some well known opinions are shared by a vocal minority or expressed for a silent majority. So we submit to you this survey addressing all these issues.

Thank you for participating.

We will get back on the results with you as soon as we humanly can.

The survey will stay up and stickied for 2 months, so as many subscribers as possible can participate. We will then come back to you with user-friendly, readable results as fast as we can. However, we won’t take the results in account if we don’t manage to get 3,600 participants to the survey (>1% of the subscribers base (at the moment of publishing this post)).

We won’t consider messages sent to us through modmail as it doesn’t ensure anonymity. Furthermore, disgracious, uncivil modmail sent to us related to this survey will earn the sender a temporary ban.

We have no way to make sure of who is childfree and who is not. We don’t have the Reddit-given mod tools for that, we don’t have bots for that, we seriously lack the powers you guys think we have. If you have any tool to ensure an efficient and fool-proof selection, you can submit it to us via modmail and we’ll redesign the survey following that procedure.

Moderators are volunteers who also have lives outside of this subreddit. Furthermore, the issues are complex, controversial and difficult to fix in a few days or a few weeks while getting the support and approval of the majority of the subreddit. We wanted our first answer to be the best answer as possible for both the moderation team and the community.


However, we will dismiss rude, insulting and/or incendiary comments. All comments will be submitted to you for your reading though and won’t be censored.

Yes. When we publish the results, there will be a second “State of the Subreddit” post. We’d rather not disclose our opinion about these issues right now and have the results skewed by it.

We can’t do everything at once, and we have to prioritize. So, we won’t address them yet, but we can discuss them in the second “State of the Subreddit” post. It doesn’t mean that we’ll get to work on them yet.

Again, it depends on the level of change required and whether or not it is possible for us.

For example, there’s an idea that floats around about giving mandatory “NON CF” user flairs to non childfree subscribers. We have no way to enforce that. (1) A user can erase and rewrite his own flair whenever they want. (2) People can lie on the Internet about having kids or not having them. We have no way to know whether or not they truly are CF. Even the comment history doesn’t say much as a lot of people have multiple alternate accounts.

If all goes well, we will have a few hundreds of comments to read, so we can’t make any promises. It will take a while, that’s for sure.

Ideally, we would first start by submitting the results of this survey to you in 2 months and engage in a conversation with the community about what can be done about the issues that arose from the survey.

We will focus on fixing the easiest issues within 2 weeks following that conversation. Concerning the hardest problems, we will see whether or not they are fixable.

No. Again, we want to ensure anonymity concerning which users think what and that individual opinions are not influenced by popular/influential subscribers.

You will know when we submit the full results in 2 months from now.


This will depend on what other people vote. Vote hard and comment hard (on the survey), people! Remain civil though. Constructive criticism is encouraged, personal attacks and insults are not.

Then, please, keep calm and keep on cruising along. The survey is indeed and obviously not mandatory.

Yes, but not entirely though.

Nothing much. Some people are/were unhappy about stuff and mentioned it a lot and often for months.

It will be considered as [META] and will be removed.



We don’t have access to the email addresses. This system is just put in place so people don’t vote multiple times. It’s fine if you don’t want to participate, it makes fewer comments to read.


You can submit it to the mod team through modmail.

Sorry, we realized there was a mistake in the survey. We received a lot of comments on this. We have to start over from scratch.


EDIT1 : 12 hours later : 162 responses, 55 comments.

EDIT2 : 24 hours later : 217 responses, 71 comments.

EDIT3 : 48 hours later : 377 responses, 138 comments.

EDIT4 : 168 hours (1 week) later : 827 responses, 292 comments.

EDIT5 : 336 hours (2 weeks) later : 1,237 responses, 428 comments.

EDIT6 : 504 hours (3 weeks) later : 1,556 responses, 535 comments.

Reminder #1 (2018/09/13), Reminder #2 (2018/09/15), Reminder #3 (2018/09/17), Reminder #4 (2018/09/19), Reminder #5 (2018/09/21), Reminder #6 (2018/09/23), Reminder #7 (2018/09/25), Reminder #8 (2018/09/27), Reminder #9 (2018/09/29), Reminder #10 (2018/10/01), Reminder #11 (2018/10/03)

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