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Viewing childfree-ness as anything but weird and sad can put you in the firing line for a lot of grief in life and on social media, as journalist Holly Brockwell found when she wrote about her childfree status.The term childfree first emerged in the United Kingdom as an empowering outlook for the commonly stigmatizing connotation of childlessness (Bartlett, 1996).Most of members of the fertility group, on the other hand, were not aware of the existence of the childfree group and expressed surprise that such a group existed.Families raising biogenetically related children are represented as preferable to childfree families or families raising nonbiogenetically related children.Jordan, for example, equated a single, childfree adulthood with "doing nothing with your life.Many of those who did not have children before joining the women's movement either remained childfree or delayed having children, resulting in an apparent 'babyboom' in the late 1970s and early 1980s among second-wave feminists.I have always been happy to be childfree and I hope many, many others come to the same conclusion.Many of the subjects had elected to remain childfree, citing an unfortunate absence of positive parenting role models in their own childhood.And childfree women face a range of reactions, with 49% saying people always ask them when they're going to have children.The childfree alternative marriages have been made possible by the development of effective contraceptives (Howse, etal 1988).Ambiguous constructions: Development of a childless or childfree life course.So I took my wife for a childfree pre-Mother's Day weekend lunch, only to be left relatively disappointed by the fayre.

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Childfree - definition of childfree by The Free Dictionary

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