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By: Extropia DaSilva

One question that I have seen repeatedly asked is: When did the transhuman era begin; indeed, has it begun or is it an event that is yet to occur?

One can find arguments both for and against it being an event we are in the midst of. Those who argue in favour of the transhuman era being well underway argue that we are already cyborg: We compensate for short-sightedness with eyeglasses; we wear clothes to protect our body from the elements, and we depend greatly on computing and communications devices to organise our daily lives. Those who argue against point out that, while we are clearly dependent on technology, by and large it serves only to compensate for disabilities. Glasses correct short-sightedness, for example, but do not augment vision to human+ levels. And we merely carry our smart phones around with us, rather than have them implanted. We are not really cyborgs.

So what side of this argument do I side with? I think it pretty obvious that we are in the midst of the transhuman era. We are, now, clearly in a transitional period between homo-sapiens sapiens and the post-human. It is not my purpose to pinpoint when, exactly, the transhuman era began. Perhaps it is impossible to pinpoint the moment when our relationship with technology was such that we had become transhuman. The computer age? The Industrial Age? The Stone Age? I would not be surprised if arguments could be made favouring any one as the age in which our relationship with technology was intimate enough to warrant favouring it as the beginning of the transhuman era. What I want to show is that, it began at some hard-to-define period in the past and we are now well into that transitional period between natural humans and whatever technological being is to follow.

Consider the range of our senses and physical abilities as natural humans*:

Visible light: 4 to 7 times 10^-5 meters.

Hearing: 10 to 20,000 Hz

Chemosenses: 5 tastes, 1000 smells

Touch: 3,000nm

Heat sensing 200 to 400K

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The Victories: Transhuman #1: Review (Comic) | Front Towards Gamer

After thedebilitating attack on the U.S. infrastructure by Jackal, the nation is plunged into a technological, societal and literaldarkness. The Victoriesfrom Michael Avon Oeming is an ongoing series from Dark Horse Comics. Michael Avon Oeming is the co-creator of Powersand like Jimmie Robinson from Five Weapons, Michael is the writer, artist and cover artist of this series.

The Victories: Transhuman #1 does not require background knowledge of the previous Victories titles. The opening is simple: the world has been set back a hundred years to a time before electricity worked. In the darkness,super heroescontinue their fight for safety and villians try to gain what little wealth there still might be. Its a dark world, and not just because all the lights are out. Its not even thesupervillainsthat make it dark, but a general weightiness to theme of The Victories.

One pervasive theme is the perception of image. Whether it be how someone views another or self-image, its clear is is not a Sunday morning comic for simple reading. The Victoriesaddresses a number of topics that comic books either avoid or bury so deep within metaphors they can be lost. While the messages are clear, its a shame the story wasnt as straightforward.

Off for a morning run, over the river.

The story starts off with an open sequence, catching up to the current events and situation. The situation is the world is without power and all the things that a world in the dark bring with it. The Victories: Transhuman #1 immediately delve into the heady topics as it isarguedthat in the darkness is when humanitytrulycan shine. The dark and almost rough-style of artwork fits perfectly with these themes. Its a shame that even something as simple as who is speaking can be confusing. The transition from one internal dialogue speaker to another is hardlydelineated, to the point where slight re-coloring of thespeechbubbles can be missed for a pane or two.

The world-encompassing theme of darkness and humanity is voiced by the once-hero The Strike. Once a hero, hes now better suited to this worldwithoutlight,preferringthe shadows.The themes are not justintrospectiveon a humanity-level, but can delve down to the character level as well. The main superheroprotagonistof this issue is D.D. Mau, a super speed woman with a self-image issue. While shes fast, strong and near-invulnerable her powers come at the cost of a metabolism that requires her to constantly fight gaining excessive weight. Shes a foul-mouthed dirty-minded woman who has issues that would be more than most people could take; so its a good thing D.D. is a hero then. Shes not the only one with problems, but its the flawsthatmake the heros so great, so they wont be spoiled here.

Thats good, gloat about victory before you actually win smart.

While the story might be a bit confusing, it strangely works for The Victories. The themes of humanity and self deserve a closer look and its commendable that these issues are addressed in such a fashion. This is not for children, even without the foul language Michael Avon Oemings artistic workcontainssalacious images. If it werent for the emphatic and appropriate use of these images they might border on excessive. The Victories artwork, though rough and not the greatest of their style, does serve to reflect the nature of the comic in a way that adds value to a story. Its a style that would otherwise be unfavorable if not for the plot.

The action and superheroes will attract a certain crowd, even the frequent cursing and sexual images being unafraidto show skin will attract readers. Its a shame that the heavy subject matter and confusingstorylinewill probably turn a number of readers off toThe Victories: Transhuman #1. If you like colorful language with a side of action and sex, and want to maybe even walk away with a few introspective musings, then this is by far one of the mostintriguingcomics on the market today.

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The Victories: Transhuman #1: Review (Comic) | Front Towards Gamer

Comic Review: The Victories: Transhuman #1 | Geeks of Doom

The Victories: Transhuman #1 Written by Michael Avon Oeming Illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming Colored by Nick Filardi Lettered by Aaron Walker Cover by Michael Avon Oeming and Nick Filardi Dark Horse Comics Release Date: May 1, 2013 Cover Price: $3.99

In early February, Geeks of Dooms very own Henchman21 covered the news that Michael Avon Oeming was working on an ongoing series for Dark Horse called The Victories, based on a superhero team he had created in 2012 for a mini-series of the same name. The article also includes an interview with Oeming conducted by Henchman21 giving us inside details about what to expect from the foul-mouthed heroes introduced the year prior. The Victories: Transhuman #1 is the first of a five-part storyline within the new series and its already shaping up to be a bold undertaking, fiercely dismantling the archetypal superhero conventions.

The power is out. Electricity has been turned off leaving the world in a perpetual state of darkness. As confusion and panic set in and villains become unsure of what else to do, they continue to rob banks in hopes that money will eventually have value again. Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep the peace and protect a fearful humanity during a time of uncertainty, a small group of superheroesSai Faustus, Lady Dragon, Sleeper, D.D. Mau, and their all-powerful leader, Metatronhave banded together to form a crime fighting team known as The Victories. Told from the perspective of D.D. Mau, we quickly learn that these are not your average superheroes; The Victories are crass, take-no-prisoners champions who are dealing with deeply rooted psychological and emotional issues that could literally make or break them. With other amassing threats on the rise, will the team be able to pull themselves together?

I am torn with this book. Oeming has created a compelling story with highly relatable and imperfect heroes and imaginative powers from both the good and bad guys. His art had me hooked as well. Bright colors for the heroes costumes blended excellently with dark shadows and gloomy colors to depict the contrast of hope and despair; however, there was way too much sexual innuendo and vulgarity for my liking. Im not saying that this was a deal breaker for me, but I did feel that it heavily distracted from the powerful story that I believe Oeming was trying to tell.

I really did enjoy the first issue of the The Victories ongoing series. I am definitely willing to give the second issue a chance. Perhaps if the story will be told from a different perspective in the next issue, it might not be as uncouth. I may not continue on with the series if this is not the case.

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Comic Review: The Victories: Transhuman #1 | Geeks of Doom

Transhuman Kickstarter Breaks Fourth Stretch Goal | Cardboard …

Wow. Just wow. I wont lie about this. I am completely floored that this kickstarter has raised so much. Its original goal was 14,000$. It reached that goal in 12 hours and have been blowing through its stretch goals. It has currently broke its fourth stretch goal at 40,000$.

Posthuman Studios have rightly earned all the cash fans are throwing at them. Not only do they release quality books, but they honestly care about their game. Every single question thats been asked in the comment section of the kickstarter was answered within an hour, sometimes even MINUTES of the question being asked.

Eclipse Phase is truly a unique world for a science fiction setting. Or I guess the better term would be worlds since every one of the planets in our solar system becomes populated by mankind. There are the Quartz morphs on Venuss surface mining and terraforming. People with wings flying on earths moon. Hyper intelligent dolphins and whales in the oceans of Europa studying alien coral reefs. Even the sun has been populated at this point, granted it is still a brutal environment.

Even if you are only now hearing about Posthuman studios and Eclipse Phase, go check them out. Pledge 1$ and then go check out the EP rulebooks that the studio have released FOR FREE online. I am confident that after seeing the world they have made you will up that pledge. If I am wrong and you arent interested then simply cancel the pledge.

Transhuman Kickstarter

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Transhuman Kickstarter Breaks Fourth Stretch Goal | Cardboard ...

Transhuman Shoots New Music Video – Metal Underground.com

Transhuman has checked in with the following update about working on a new album and music video:

"It's been a bit quiet here on the Tranny page recently so this is a quick update with what's happening.

"Yesterday we shot our first music video for one of our brand new tracks 'Our Last Days,' the raw un-edited footage looks great and we're all buzzing about showing you all the final result in a few weeks time.

"Our album is nearing completion, and sounding heavy as hell. The previous releases 'the fall of man' and '[re]creation' have been incorporated into this project and re-mixed/mastered and also re-recorded for the most part, so we will be chucking you a full length album with 16 ball smashing tracks in total as opposed to the 3rd part in the triptych alone.

"Artwork for this is looking amazing so far, we have a tasty new logo to boot and you will be able to buy the album in July as pretty epic looking digipak.

"There is an album launch party being planned as I write this where we'll be debuting some new un-heard tracks. Basically, everything right now in Tranny land is exciting as hell and we can't wait to show you."

You can get related band news and info in the sidebar and on the respective band pages.

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Transhuman Shoots New Music Video - Metal Underground.com

Roleplayers Chronicle » Transhuman Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide …

You Are Here: Home Kickstarter Transhuman Eclipse Phase Players Guide Kickstarter

Posthuman Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to print their upcoming Eclipse Phase players guide Transhuman.

Transhuman is a players handbook for Eclipse Phase, full of optional and additional rules and advice. Most importantly, It features two new alternative and simplified character generation systems for Eclipse Phase. One of these uses pre-created packages to build characters, and the other builds off that system but uses random elements to add twists. These systems are designed to make it quick and easy to create a new character or for gamemasters to whip up NPCs as needed.

Transhuman covers different types of Eclipse Phase characters in detail: AGIs, asyncs, infomorphs, uplifts, infugees, and indentures. In addition to roleplaying advice and optional rules for these specific character types, other elements of the game that affect characters such as insanity, death and memory loss, psychosurgery, nanofabrication, and reputation are explored.

The final section goes in depth on morphs. It starts with rules for creating your own morphs and then goes on to cover some brand new morphs to Eclipse Phase. It closes with a section on exotic and specialized morphs, such as flexbots, swarmanoids, aquatic morphs, and using bots, vehicles, habitats, and other non-traditional constructs as morphs.

Transhuman will be 176-200 pages and available as a full-color hardcover book through fine gaming stores. Like our previous Eclipse Phase titles, it will be published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. We estimate thatTranshuman,once available in stores, will cost $45 in print and $10 for the PDF.

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The Transhuman Kickstarter has Started | Cardboard Castle

Whip out your wallets everyone. The much awaited Kickstarter for the Eclipse Phase Player guidebook has just begun and already they are halfway funded. [NOTE: 12 hours after starting, it has reached its goal and is close to reaching its second stretch goal. It's clear people love this game and want this book badly] If you play Eclipse Phase then you owe it to yourself to throw money at this. Character creation is the most important aspect of this game world and it will have more than just rules on how to build them, it will have tons of additional morphs and generation options. Creating a stat-ed NPC will no longer be a slog, and new players will find it much easier to build the character they want to build.

Transhuman Kickstarter

Go. Throw money at them. Do it now. I threw 100$ at them but you could send them only 1$ if thats all you got.

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The Transhuman Kickstarter has Started | Cardboard Castle

Grinders wanted for Transhuman Religion Study – Grinding

Posted by m1k3y on April 24th, 2013 in identity, posthumanism, religion

Venetia Robertson, shown below practicing catching cyborg flies, is seeking Grinders for a survey as part of her thesis. She says:

Hi all, I am looking for people who would like to answer a brief survey regarding the intersection of transhumanism and identity, with a focus on notions of the spiritual, religious, sacred etc. I am a PhD student from the University of Sydney, Australia, and my thesis explores ideas of identity, particularly identity that is beyond that which is purely human. Any data I can get from people who are interested in or actively engaging with grinding, body-hacking, wet-ware, transhumanism and/or becoming cyborgs would be greatly appreciated! Hit me up atvenetia.robertson@sydney.edu.auto be sent the survey and a participant information statement detailing my ethics clearance, or if you simply have questions.You can also check out my academic profile page athttp://sydney.academia.edu/VenetiaRobertson.Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

I took it myself on the weekend, and am keen to see what she comes up with.

You may leave a comment, or trackback from your own site.

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Grinders wanted for Transhuman Religion Study - Grinding

Capitalism is Dead. Long Live Transhumanism. – H+ Magazine

By: Lee Coburn

Humanity is now entering the fourth economic paradigm. First we were hunter gathers, second farmers, third the industrial revolution. Now the fourth paradigm, where transhuman entrepreneurs, utilizing both neurological and machine augmented intelligence, are replacing capital as the economic driving force in free market economies.

In the last 40 years computers and robots have replaced humans in more than 9 million traditional jobs. This trend is accelerating as Intelligent Self-Educating Computer Systems (ISECS) like WATSON, WolframAlpha, Quora and others are moving from the lab into the cloud.

Humanities golden age? Possibly, but like the start of the industrial revolution it is the transition thats scary, creating unemployment, pain and suffering. Today transhuman entrepreneurs are pulling us into a new age where bioinformatics, nanotechnology, 3D printers, ISECS, and robot slaves will do our work, freeing us for love, play and fun.

For this document we define Transhumans to be free thinking, courageous doers, who, use augmented intelligence, to harness the frontiers of human knowledge and technology.

During the industrial revolution vast amounts of capital were needed to start and build railroads, steel mills, auto factories and giant retail businesses like Montgomery Wards. The world economies were driven by the need for capital, hence the name capitalism. Today most American steel mills have closed, General Motors has filed for bankruptcy, and Montgomery Wards is history.

The fourth economic paradigm is being created by transhuman entrepreneurs who use the internet and advance computer systems to augment their intelligence, enabling them to better utilize our growing scientific and technological knowledge. Look at the market value of companies started by transhumans like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Mark Zuckerberg and thousands of others. Rather than needing capital, these companies are generating trillions of dollars of surplus capital.

Golden age of opportunity: Because scientific and technological knowledge is developing exponentially, there are more entrepreneurial opportunities today than at any other time in human history. Best of all. there are no formal educational requirements, school dropouts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other entrepreneurs with even less education outnumber those with Ph. Ds..

Today 90% of all scientists and inventors that have ever lived are alive and working. They are producing more new opportunities every 15 years, then were produced in the last 100. And the last century was very inventive with TVs, computers, space travel, washing machines, airplanes, autos and much more! Check out the website http://www.kurzweilai.net/, where their daily newsletter documents five to twelve new scientific and technological advancements. Many of these discoveries point to new products and industries.

Entrepreneurs themselves are a major source of new opportunities. When the Wright brothers invented the airplane they created opportunities for airplane manufacturers like Boeing. They also created thousands of second tier opportunities. These, for the most part are low tech, like food services, airport support, travel agents and manufacturers of airplane seats, etc.. It is in this second tier where historically businesses have earned the most money and created many new jobs. So, the more entrepreneurs there are, the more new opportunities there will be.

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Capitalism is Dead. Long Live Transhumanism. - H+ Magazine

The Hidden Redcoat – [Warframe] Look at the Amphis and Transhuman Tenno – Video

The Hidden Redcoat - [Warframe] Look at the Amphis and Transhuman Tenno
Starring Gilesteli! A quick look at the Amphis staff, also a run through of the new types of defense mission as well as a bit of explanation about how I think the Tenno are transhumanist. Link to the full discussion: forums.warframe.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Future Gladiator - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 creativecommons.org ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

By: TheHiddenRedcoat

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The Hidden Redcoat - [Warframe] Look at the Amphis and Transhuman Tenno - Video

Fudge Transhuman Space – Loic Prot – Free SF Reader

"Why Fudge THS ? Mainly because I don't like GURPS as a game system, although I love the THS setting. So I needed to adapt it to a system I prefer. I chose Fudge because I like Fudge 🙂 . I know it can sound stupid to try to adapt a crunchy system like GURPS with a Hard-Science setting like THS to a dumb-stupid system like Fudge. But I wanted to see if this was doable. I let you judge. A complete system: I wanted not just to adapt GTHS to Fudge, where basically you have GTHS running in the background and Fudge as a front layer (a bit like DOS running behind Win98). I wanted to have a complete independent system, and I designed my own way, which is not necessarily the Fudge way or the GURPS way. Therefore I don't simply use the GURPS Attributes, Skills and Advantages/Disadvantages system, I chose to design my own list of Attributes, Skills and Gifts & Faults. Of course FTHS is strongly inspired by GTHS - through the free GURPS Lite (pdf) ruleset, so the GTHS aficionados won't be totally lost. Complete GTHS to FTHS Conversion guidelines are provided. I also mixed the THS setting with some personal ideas & adaptations which are clearly signalled by the sign. Warning: you cannot play Fudge THS without having the GURPS THS books for the setting, and lots of terms from GTHS are directly used here without further explanation. But you can always use FTHS stand-alone as a set of SF RPG rules to adapt the setting of your choice. Some credits: thanks to Tim Hall and his GURPS to Fudge Conversion guidelines, to David Bruns' various additional rules. Some conventions: THS mean "TransHuman Space", GTHS means "GURPS TransHuman Space", FTHS means "Fudge TransHuman Space". PC means Player Character, NPC means Non-Player Character, GM means Game Master, ODF means Offensive Damage Factor, DDF means Defensive Damage Factor, PD means Passive Defence. Page reference like "TSXX" refer to the soft-cover GTHS mainbook; FW is for Fifth Wave, DB for Deep Beyond, ITW for In The Well, PF for Personnal Files. Oh, and sorry for Americans: all units are converted to Metric System..." 3.5 out of 5 http://fudge.ouvaton.org/fths.html

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Fudge Transhuman Space - Loic Prot - Free SF Reader