Are you planning on visiting the Isle of Wight? Are you a fan of playing poker or spending a night at the casino? There are lots of fun activities available for tourists venturing to the Isle of Wight. Indeed, it is a popular tourist destination. It offers everything from the famous Isle of Wight Festival to beautiful views from the coastal path around the island. But if you are more interested in winning some cash or just having fun with your friends, you will want to know if there is a casino on the Isle of Wight. In addition, you might be curious whether there are any tournaments you can join.

Clubs and Tournaments for Poker Players

For many years, people have believed that the Isle of Wight were going to get their own casino. Certainly, this island on the south coast of England offers many activities. But the area does not currently have a casino for residents and tourists to enjoy. Those who enjoy the casino experience often have to go to Portsmouth for the 24 hour casino there.

But all hope is not lost if you love card games and the casino experience. For example, there are local clubs you can join and meet new people. This includes the Wheatsheaf Hotel Poker Club. This a regular club that meets and allows you to make friends and enjoy a game of poker in a relaxed setting. There are also poker nights held at the community club. Again, this allows for a friendly game and the opportunity to enjoy a drink and make new friends.

Times are Changing

It is important to note that times are changing and casinos on land are not as popular as they once were. Instead, more people are going online to enjoy their favourite games. After all, a lot of websites offer a poker bonus for joining and this can be an incentive for someone on the fence. Indeed, the changing environment in the world and the need for social distancing means that less people are going to be attending clubs for the near future. Any tournaments that are being held in person are likely going to be cancelled or already have been due to government advice.

The advantage of online casinos is that you are able to play on the computer from the comfort of your own home. It is likely that tournaments will be held on the internet instead. This is an alternative way to enjoy playing poker and other popular casino games.

Due to current circumstances, it is unlikely that the Isle of Wight will see its first casino anytime soon. However, hopefully, the local clubs on the island will be able to restart sometime soon. This is likely to happen further down the line and with new rules regarding social distancing. In the meantime, online casinos can act as a way for gamblers to enjoy themselves and practice their skills.

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Benjamin Pollak Latest Player to Join Team partypoker – PokerNews.com

September 02, 2020Will Shillibier

partypoker have announced that yet another poker superstar will join their ranks, with Frenchman Benjamin Pollak the latest member of Team partypoker.

Pollak is the latest player to join Team partypoker after Kevin Hart in April, and will join a stellar line-up of Sponsored Pros including Roberto Romanello, Josip Simunic, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Ludovic Geilich and Day Kotoviezy

Stay up to date with everything going on in the World Poker Tour World Online Championships at the PokerNews Reporting Hub

The former WSOP Main Event final tablist will join the site in the middle not only the WPT World Online Championships, but the partypoker EU network POWERFEST which runs until Wednesday, September 23rd.

Im thrilled and very excited to join the partypoker team," said Pollak. "Theyve supported players from the beginning and see the game as I do. I couldnt be happier to support them and be part of this great adventure."

Pollak will play under the name 'Magicdeal88' on partypoker, and is looking forward to taking to the tables as soon as possible. The partypoker EU POWERFEST will pay out a minimum guarantee of 5 million in France and 4.5 million in Spain. Just like with the POWERFEST on .com, there will be High Roller, Medium and Low tiers for players to partake in.

Pollak burst onto the global poker scene with a third place finish at the 2017 WSOP Main Event, which landed him a $3.5 million score. Pollak began playing poker in 2006 and then confidently progressed through the stakes, stating: I immediately felt that I was able to go far. With hindsight, it may be because I had spent 10 years in magic and I was therefore used to cards and bluffing. Poker was a revelation. I felt it was made for me.

With almost $13m in life time earnings, Pollak sits second on the French all-time money list behind former partypoker Ambassador Betrand Grospellier. Pollak says he is keen to remind people that poker remains as fun as when he first started playing back in 2006, before swiftly progressing through the stakes.

I immediately felt that I was able to go far in poker. With hindsight, it may be because I had spent 10 years in magic and I was therefore used to cards and bluffing. Poker was a revelation. I felt it was made for me.

Find out more about the HUGE partypoker POWERFEST in Spain or France by heading to their website

In order to play in the WPT WOC you need to sign up for a partypoker account. Download partypoker via PokerNews and receive up to $30 worth of SPINS jackpot sit & go tickets when you make your first deposit.

Deposit $10 to receive $10 worth of free play, made up of:

Up your initial deposit to $20 and $30 worth of free play is yours, made up of:

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Benjamin Pollak Latest Player to Join Team partypoker - PokerNews.com

Top Ranked Poker Sites to Play in 2020 – Programming Insider

Various poker goals have different principles with respect to whether players can join and play subject to the country they are arranged in. Considering this we have organized the best poker goals for each bit of the world! Notwithstanding where you live you will find an extent of the most perfect online poker areas who will allow you to play in your home cash and will even more essentially, have the choice to process your stores and pay you quickly at whatever point you request a cash out.

To promise you are being familiar with simply the most critical check of goals, we have our own stand-out enlistment which guarantees the areas we show to you hold a current worth gaming grant, and all poker recorded have been independently affirmed as offering absolutely subjective poker games. Try for awesome betting experience, exciting offers and variety of games to choose from.

The aggregate of the rooms will be given moreover offer you a different extent of different poker varieties, and as such whether or not you are planning to play the more celebrated poker varieties, for instance, Texas Holdem or Omaha Poker, or a bit of the more abnormal varieties, for instance, Seven Card Hi/Low Poker, by then you will find definitely the poker site at which to play.

Top 10 Poker Sites Players Checklist

Expedient, Safe and Secure Payouts Putting your prosperity and pleasure at first is the whole inspiration driving why we review these regions!

Fair-minded Expert Reviews Our pros have tried each major web based betting club worth your time and present the best right here boom pkv.

Approved Poker Rooms All our recorded poker goals are totally approved checked with their individual countries genuine regulating bodies. The mentioned site is one of them, you should definitely give it a try!

Poker Bonuses and Deposit Options You will doubtlessly be scanning for somewhere in the range of a motivating force for money poker rewards and uncommon world class constrained time offers, and in the event that in this way, at that point we invite you to have an OK look at our site, as the sum of the poker districts will offer you a whole host of remunerations when you join and become another player of that individual site.

Another compartment to be ticked as for where you are planning to play poker online will be the way you wish to make a store into that particular poker site page through, for instance, Paypal , bitcoin or other portion techniques.

With there being such a critical number of different ways to deal with help an online poker account, everyone will have their own supported methodologies, this could be by methods for a credit or charge card, a prepaid voucher or even one of the many web wallets which are available on the web.

Likewise as critical as having the alternative to store in an issue free-form is having the choice to cash out your prizes and get them sent back to your rapidly. The sum of the fundamental poker goals recorded all through our site will let you cash out your prizes quickly and by a method picked by you, and every one of them will pay you in a helpful way.

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Top Ranked Poker Sites to Play in 2020 - Programming Insider

The Deck Is Not Rigged: Poker and the Limits of AI – Singularity Hub

Tuomas Sandholm, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, is not a poker playeror much of a poker fan, in factbut he is fascinated by the game for much the same reason as the great game theorist John von Neumann before him. Von Neumann, who died in 1957, viewed poker as the perfect model for human decision making, for finding the balance between skill and chance that accompanies our every choice. He saw poker as the ultimate strategic challenge, combining as it does not just the mathematical elements of a game like chess but the uniquely human, psychological angles that are more difficult to model preciselya view shared years later by Sandholm in his research with artificial intelligence.

Poker is the main benchmark and challenge program for games of imperfect information, Sandholm told me on a warm spring afternoon in 2018, when we met in his offices in Pittsburgh. The game, it turns out, has become the gold standard for developing artificial intelligence.

Tall and thin, with wire-frame glasses and neat brow hair framing a friendly face, Sandholm is behind the creation of three computer programs designed to test their mettle against human poker players: Claudico, Libratus, and most recently, Pluribus. (When we met, Libratus was still a toddler and Pluribus didnt yet exist.) The goal isnt to solve poker, as such, but to create algorithms whose decision making prowess in pokers world of imperfect information and stochastic situationssituations that are randomly determined and unable to be predictedcan then be applied to other stochastic realms, like the military, business, government, cybersecurity, even health care.

While the first program, Claudico, was summarily beaten by human poker playersone broke-ass robot, an observer called itLibratus has triumphed in a series of one-on-one, or heads-up, matches against some of the best online players in the United States.

Libratus relies on three main modules. The first involves a basic blueprint strategy for the whole game, allowing it to reach a much faster equilibrium than its predecessor. It includes an algorithm called the Monte Carlo Counterfactual Regret Minimization, which evaluates all future actions to figure out which one would cause the least amount of regret. Regret, of course, is a human emotion. Regret for a computer simply means realizing that an action that wasnt chosen would have yielded a better outcome than one that was. Intuitively, regret represents how much the AI regrets having not chosen that action in the past, says Sandholm. The higher the regret, the higher the chance of choosing that action next time.

Its a useful way of thinkingbut one that is incredibly difficult for the human mind to implement. We are notoriously bad at anticipating our future emotions. How much will we regret doing something? How much will we regret not doing something else? For us, its an emotionally laden calculus, and we typically fail to apply it in quite the right way. For a computer, its all about the computation of values. What does it regret not doing the most, the thing that would have yielded the highest possible expected value?

The second module is a sub-game solver that takes into account the mistakes the opponent has made so far and accounts for every hand she could possibly have. And finally, there is a self-improver. This is the area where data and machine learning come into play. Its dangerous to try to exploit your opponentit opens you up to the risk that youll get exploited right back, especially if youre a computer program and your opponent is human. So instead of attempting to do that, the self-improver lets the opponents actions inform the areas where the program should focus. That lets the opponents actions tell us where [they] think theyve found holes in our strategy, Sandholm explained. This allows the algorithm to develop a blueprint strategy to patch those holes.

Its a very human-like adaptation, if you think about it. Im not going to try to outmaneuver you head on. Instead, Im going to see how youre trying to outmaneuver me and respond accordingly. Sun-Tzu would surely approve. Watch how youre perceived, not how you perceive yourselfbecause in the end, youre playing against those who are doing the perceiving, and their opinion, right or not, is the only one that matters when you craft your strategy. Overnight, the algorithm patches up its overall approach according to the resulting analysis.

Theres one final thing Libratus is able to do: play in situations with unknown probabilities. Theres a concept in game theory known as the trembling hand: There are branches of the game tree that, under an optimal strategy, one should theoretically never get to; but with some probability, your all-too-human opponents hand trembles, they take a wrong action, and youre suddenly in a totally unmapped part of the game. Before, that would spell disaster for the computer: An unmapped part of the tree means the program no longer knows how to respond. Now, theres a contingency plan.

Of course, no algorithm is perfect. When Libratus is playing poker, its essentially working in a zero-sum environment. It wins, the opponent loses. The opponent wins, it loses. But while some real-life interactions really are zero-sumcyber warfare comes to mindmany others are not nearly as straightforward: My win does not necessarily mean your loss. The pie is not fixed, and our interactions may be more positive-sum than not.

Whats more, real-life applications have to contend with something that a poker algorithm does not: the weights that are assigned to different elements of a decision. In poker, this is a simple value-maximizing process. But what is value in the human realm? Sandholm had to contend with this before, when he helped craft the worlds first kidney exchange. Do you want to be more efficient, giving the maximum number of kidneys as quickly as possibleor more fair, which may come at a cost to efficiency? Do you want as many lives as possible savedor do some take priority at the cost of reaching more? Is there a preference for the length of the wait until a transplant? Do kids get preference? And on and on. Its essential, Sandholm says, to separate means and the ends. To figure out the ends, a human has to decide what the goal is.

The world will ultimately become a lot safer with the help of algorithms like Libratus, Sandholm told me. I wasnt sure what he meant. The last thing that most people would do is call poker, with its competition, its winners and losers, its quest to gain the maximum edge over your opponent, a haven of safety.

Logic is good, and the AI is much better at strategic reasoning than humans can ever be, he explained. Its taking out irrationality, emotionality. And its fairer. If you have an AI on your side, it can lift non-experts to the level of experts. Nave negotiators will suddenly have a better weapon. We can start to close off the digital divide.

It was an optimistic note to end ona zero-sum, competitive game yielding a more ultimately fair and rational world.

I wanted to learn more, to see if it was really possible that mathematics and algorithms could ultimately be the future of more human, more psychological interactions. And so, later that day, I accompanied Nick Nystrom, the chief scientist of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Centerthe place that runs all of Sandholms poker-AI programsto the actual processing center that make undertakings like Libratus possible.

A half-hour drive found us in a parking lot by a large glass building. Id expected something more futuristic, not the same square, corporate glass squares Ive seen countless times before. The inside, however, was more promising. First the security checkpoint. Then the ride in the elevator down, not up, to roughly three stories below ground, where we found ourselves in a maze of corridors with card readers at every juncture to make sure you dont slip through undetected. A red-lit panel formed the final barrier, leading to a small sliver of space between two sets of doors. I could hear a loud hum coming from the far side.

Let me tell you what youre going to see before we walk in, Nystrom told me. Once we get inside, it will be too loud to hear.

I was about to witness the heart of the supercomputing center: 27 large containers, in neat rows, each housing multiple processors with speeds and abilities too great for my mind to wrap around. Inside, the temperature is by turns arctic and tropic, so-called cold rows alternating with hotfans operate around the clock to cool the processors as they churn through millions of giga, mega, tera, peta and other ever-increasing scales of data bytes. In the cool rows, robotic-looking lights blink green and blue in orderly progression. In the hot rows, a jumble of multicolored wires crisscrosses in tangled skeins.

In the corners stood machines that had outlived their heyday. There was Sherlock, an old Cray model, that warmed my heart. There was a sad nameless computer, whose anonymity was partially compensated for by the Warhol soup cans adorning its cage (an homage to Warhols Pittsburghian origins).

And where does Libratus live, I asked? Which of these computers is Bridges, the computer that runs the AI Sandholm and I had been discussing?

Bridges, it turned out, isnt a single computer. Its a system with processing power beyond comprehension. It takes over two and a half petabytes to run Libratus. A single petabyte is a million gigabytes: You could watch over 13 years of HD video, store 10 billion photos, catalog the contents of the entire Library of Congress word for word. Thats a whole lot of computing power. And thats only to succeed at heads-up poker, in limited circumstances.

Yet despite the breathtaking computing power at its disposal, Libratus is still severely limited. Yes, it beat its opponents where Claudico failed. But the poker professionals werent allowed to use many of the tools of their trade, including the opponent analysis software that they depend on in actual online games. And humans tire. Libratus can churn for a two-week marathon, where the human mind falters.

But theres still much it cant do: play more opponents, play live, or win every time. Theres more humanity in poker than Libratus has yet conquered. Theres this belief that its all about statistics and correlations. And we actually dont believe that, Nystrom explained as we left Bridges behind. Once in a while correlations are good, but in general, they can also be really misleading.

Two years later, the Sandholm lab will produce Pluribus. Pluribus will be able to play against five playersand will run on a single computer. Much of the human edge will have evaporated in a short, very short time. The algorithms have improved, as have the computers. AI, it seems, has gained by leaps and bounds.

So does that mean that, ultimately, the algorithmic can indeed beat out the human, that computation can untangle the web of human interaction by discerning the little tactics of deception, of asking yourself what is the other man going to think I mean to do, as von Neumann put it?

Long before Id spoken to Sandholm, Id met Kevin Slavin, a polymath of sorts whose past careers have including founding a game design company and an interactive art space and launching the Playful Systems group at MITs Media Lab. Slavin has a decidedly different view from the creators of Pluribus. On the one hand, [von Neumann] was a genius, Kevin Slavin reflects. But the presumptuousness of it.

Slavin is firmly on the side of the gambler, who recognizes uncertainty for what it is and thus is able to take calculated risks when necessary, all the while tampering confidence at the outcome. The most you can do is put yourself in the path of luckbut to think you can guess with certainty the actual outcome is a presumptuousness the true poker player foregoes. For Slavin, the wonder of computers is That they can generate this fabulous, complex randomness. His opinion of the algorithmic assaults on chance? This is their moment, he said. But its the exact opposite of whats really beautiful about a computer, which is that it can do something thats actually unpredictable. That, to me, is the magic.

Will they actually succeed in making the unpredictable predictable, though? Thats what I want to know. Because everything Ive seen tells me that absolute success is impossible. The deck is not rigged.

Its an unbelievable amount of work to get there. What do you get at the end? Lets say theyre successful. Then we live in a world where theres no God, agency, or luck, Slavin responded.

I dont want to live there, he added I just dont want to live there.

Luckily, it seems that for now, he wont have to. There are more things in life than are yet written in the algorithms. We have no reliable lie detection softwarewhether in the face, the skin, or the brain. In a recent test of bluffing in poker, computer face recognition failed miserably. We can get at discomfort, but we cant get at the reasons for that discomfort: lying, fatigue, stressthey all look much the same. And humans, of course, can also mimic stress where none exists, complicating the picture even further.

Pluribus may turn out to be powerful, but von Neumanns challenge still stands: The true nature of games, the most human of the human, remains to be conquered.

This article was originally published on Undark. Read the original article.

Image Credit: Jos Pablo Iglesias /Unsplash

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The Deck Is Not Rigged: Poker and the Limits of AI - Singularity Hub

Chrome Dragons Riding Club hosts 2nd Annual Kids and Heroes Poker Run – WBOY.com

ELKINS, W.Va. The Chrome Dragons Riding Club hosted its second annual Kids and Heroes Poker Run at the American Legion Post 29 in Elkins on Saturday.

Admission for the event was $15 for riders and $10 for any passenger. The riders drove more than 140 miles through the Appalachian mountains to help local children and veterans in need. Participants came back to enjoy dinner, prizes and a 50/50 drawing.

The drawing funds will go to benefit a local child named Mollie, who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. All proceed will go towards the training and fees of a service dog that will detect spikes in her glucose levels.

Chrome Dragons president, Jim Harris, emphasized that events like these help give back directly to the local community.

We are supporting kids and heroes, thats the chrome dragons riding clubs mission. Weve done that mission since January of 2016 and continue to roll strong, Harris explained. When we give of ourselves, we all benefit and thats what were about is just giving of ourselves.

Chrome Dragons Riding Club (CDRC) is arecognized club through the West VirginiaMotorcycle Association (WVMA). This club was officially chartered on January 26th 2016 through the AMA, and became a Member of the WVMA on May 7, 2017.

Harris also explained that those who wish to get involved dont have to ride motorcycles. Anyone wishing to donate to help local children and veterans can do so by either visiting the CDRC Facebook Page or its website.

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Chrome Dragons Riding Club hosts 2nd Annual Kids and Heroes Poker Run - WBOY.com

Know the odds before you act when playing poker – GamingTodaySlotsToday

Playing Texas holdem, after the flop, if you hold a drawing hand, it is important to understand and know how to use the pot odds and the card odds.

It is not that difficult. Doing so will make it easy to decide whether you should continue to invest in that hand: Do you have a positive expectation?

The pot odds are simply the number of chips in the pot, including the last bet/raise by an opponent, compared to the number of chips you must call to see the next card. For example, lets say there are 20 chips already in the pot, and you must call a 4-chip bet to stay in the hand, then the pot odds are 20 divided by 4. That is 5-to-1 very easy to figure.

A bit more complicated is calculating your card odds. What are the odds of catching the card that makes your hand and hopefully big enough to win the pot? To facilitate the calculation, you can use a chart such as the following. Alternatively, you can use the 4-2 Rule which allows you to do the calculation in your head to get a reasonable estimate.

The 4-2 Rule and how it works: Count your outs the number of cards that will make your hand. After the flop, simply multiply your card outs by 4 for the odds of catching one of your outs on the turn or on the river. Then, if you fail to connect on the turn, multiply your card odds by 2 for the river.

Compare this with the pot odds. If the pot odds are higher than the card odds, you have a Positive Expectation. The laws of probability favor you. In the long run, you will be a winner.

What if the numbers are close, or if the pot odds are slightly lower than the card odds? In that case, use the implied pot odds: Estimate the pot odds after including the number of chips that will likely be added to the pot on subsequent rounds of betting. Use that new total divided by your cost to call the next bet, to determine if the pot odds are still higher than the card odds.

It takes only a second or two to use the 4-2 Rule. It is a reasonable estimate that is suitable for our purposes.

But there are also bad outs. All card outs are not the same. Bad outs are those that might also benefit your opponent. He could make a better hand than you do. They could be very costly when you catch one.

If you believe one of your outs is in that category, it would be best not to include it in your count or reduce its value.

As an example: You are drawing to an open-end straight; that gives you 8 card outs. You believe your opponent is drawing to a heart flush, for which 2 of your 8 outs would make his hand. What if the turn makes your straight, but he makes a flush with the same card? In that case, your good outs are reduced to 6 (rather than 8). If you are not too sure, then you might reduce your outs to 7.

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Know the odds before you act when playing poker - GamingTodaySlotsToday

Variations of Poker That is Worth Knowing About – Programming Insider

Poker remains one of the most preferred games out there. But did you know it has the most variations too, both as a table game or online? These variations, however, originate from two vital formats of the game, namely stud poker and draw poker. These descriptions are often used online without explanations or descriptions. Therefore, it is useful for individuals who are new to the game to be familiar with what they mean.

Draw poker

In draw poker, a complete five-card hand is dealt to every player prior to betting commencing. The players can get rid of any number of cards that is not suitable (including their full hand) and substitute them by drawing new cards. This is where the name comes from. Betting then begins based on the fresh hands.

Five-card draw poker

Five-card draw is the most well-known variant founded on draw poker. The order of play happens as follows. Every player is dealt with five cards, face down and one at a time. The remaining deck is placed to one side. The players look at their own cards and perform one round of betting followed by the draw. Every player then discards. The top car of the balance deck is cast-off (this card is referred to as the burn card) and every player is dealt the number of cards that he or she discarded. The second rounds betting takes place and if multiple players stays in the fray, the showdown takes place. The player that has the highest-ranking hand during the showdown round takes the pot. Most casino video poker multiline games contain at least one line which is played in draw poker format.

Stud poker

The crucial factor of stud poker is that all the cards are not dealt beforehand. Every player received several cards, for example, three, after which one round of betting happens. The players that remain in the game, gets a fourth card, followed by another round of betting. The final card is then dealt, followed by the final betting round, and a showdown if necessary. Betting rounds have been named specific terms in stud poker. The first round that happens after three cards are dealt, is referred to as third street. The same goes for the fourth and fifth streets, but the final betting round before showdown is referred to as the river. In most variations, the fifth street and the river overlap. In certain variations that cards will be dealt face up for all players to see. The cards which are then dealt face down, is referred to as hole cards.

Community card poker

This variation of stud poker, the cards will be dealt progressively after sporadic rounds of betting, recognizing the variant as stud poker. However, the later cards will not be dealt separately to every player but kept in the middle of the table to be accessible to all players in combination with the cards that was dealt to them individually. These cards are called community cards, hence the term community card poker. One of the most played online poker games played in this format, is Texas Hold em.

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Variations of Poker That is Worth Knowing About - Programming Insider

Poker, board games and the core group helped the newest Flyers get comfortable | On the Fly – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Shame to see Michael Raffl get hurt the other day. No idea how long hell be out, but hes been with the Flyers for seven years and is one of the more popular players in their locker room.

Alain Vigneault will have to dip into his reserves and bring Joel Farabee up for Thursdays game against the Capitals. A win in regulation will assure the Flyers of finishing with no worse than the No. 3 seed, with the outlook of moving even higher a distinct possibility.

Youre signed up to get this newsletter in your inbox twice a week for the rest of the Flyers season. If you like what youre reading, tell your friends its free to sign up here. We want to know what you think, what we should add, and what you want to read, so send me feedback by email or, more preferably, on Twitter (@EdBarkowitz). Thank you for reading.

Ed Barkowitz (flyers@inquirer.com)

Thompson and Grant fit right on in

For any number of reasons we are all too familiar with, its easy to forget where the Flyers were when Chuck Fletcher acquired Nate Thompson and Derek Grant at the trade deadline.

Inquirer Morning Newsletter

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They were three points from being out of the playoffs. At least the playoffs as originally intended.

If play had been halted on Feb. 24 and the new postseason format drawn up, the Flyers would have been the Easts sixth seed and in the middle of a five-game qualifying series against Florida.

But, of course, play continued until March 12. The Flyers, who were on a three-game winning streak when Thompson and Grant were acquired, stretched it to nine games before a loss to the Bruins on March 10.

They jumped ahead of the Penguins, who acquired Conor Sheary and Patrick Marleau in their trade-deadline haul. They sped past the Islanders, who added Jean-Gabriel Pageau, the biggest name on the market.

Thompson has played for eight teams in 13 years. Hes been traded four times, so he knows all about being the new kid trying to make friends in a new school. Or, in his case, a new team.

This group has a lot of fun together, said Thompson, who scored a goal Sunday and helped kill three Boston power plays. I saw it right from when I got here, me and Derek Grant. I think its the core group of guys here thats been here a while. Its an inclusive group.

Raffl is among that core group.

The nature of the quarantine, Grant said, has helped grow the off-ice relationships Grant and Thompson have with their 30 or so new friends.

There were online poker tournaments during the stoppage and some more bonding up in the Toronto bubble. Its even been a little profitable for Grant, who should expect a nice raise from his league-minimum $700,000 contract as an unrestricted free agent when the season ends.

I dont think weve played any poker yet [in Toronto), but we have a team lounge here and the guys are always hanging out in there, said Grant, mentioning a spirited game of Jenga recently. Whether were watching games or playing board games, I think me and Nisky [Matt Niskanen] took Pitters [Tyler Pitlicks] money yesterday in a game of Sequence. Theres lots of things to do here for us, and the lounge is a great place to hang out.

The Flyers are 7-1 since acquiring the two centers. Parlor games aside, I go back to what Shayne Gostisbehere said the day the Flyers acquired Thompson (6-foot-1, 205 pounds) and Grant (6-3, 206). The real reason they were brought to Philadelphia.

I call them playoff bodies, for sure, Ghost said. You look at the couple teams that won [Stanley Cups lately], they had some big bodies like that. I think thats a huge positive for us.

The Flyers killed three Boston power plays Sunday, a key reason for their victory. The top four forwards used by assistant coach Mike Yeo on the PK groups were not with the club last season.

Here is how the penalty-killing ice time was distributed among the forwards: Tyler Pitlick, 2:16; Nate Thompson, 2:06; Kevin Hayes, 1:59; Derek Grant, 1:54; Sean Couturier, 1:25; Scott Laughton, 1:03; Claude Giroux, :57; Michael Raffl, :20.

The standard over/under for a hockey game is 5.5 goals. Sometimes its higher. Rarely is it lower.

Of the first 16 games since meaningful play began Saturday, 12 have been under 5.5 goals. Theres been a lot of sweating from bettors, however, as seven of those 12 have finished exactly at five goals. Nothing was wilder than the end of Winnipegs 3-2 win over Calgary on Monday when the Jets just missed a goal into an empty-net shot from 190+ feet away in the scramble of the waning seconds.

All games in Toronto/home team listed has last line change.

Wednesday: Tampa Bay at Boston, 4 p.m. (NBCSN)

Thursday: Washington at Flyers, time/TV TBA

Saturday: Flyers at Tampa Bay, time/TV TBA

Sunday: Boston at Washington, time/TV TBA

Tuesday, Aug. 11: First round of playoffs begin

Question: Of the possible opponents the Flyers could have in the first round who would you least want them to play? Brandon McComsey via Twitter

Answer: Pittsburgh is the obvious answer, based on experience, skill and how much an opening-round series against a bitter rival would take out of the survivor. Another team that would concern me is Carolina. I know the Flyers were 3-0-1 against Rod BrindAmours team during the regular season, but the Canes added a number of solid pieces at the trade deadline (Vincent Trocheck, Sami Vatanaen, Brady Skjei) and it looks like Dougie Hamilton is close to returning.

Send questions by email or on Twitter to Ed Barkowitz (@EdBarkowitz) or Sam Carchidi (@BroadStBull), and they could be answered in a future edition.

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Poker, board games and the core group helped the newest Flyers get comfortable | On the Fly - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Irish poker player scoops $100k and World Series of Poker gold bracelet 22 years after father won same title – The Irish Sun

AN IRISH poker player was celebrating yesterday after scooping $100,000 and a World Series of Poker gold bracelet - 22 years after his father won the same title.

Eoghan ODea, 35, from Dalkey, Dublin, would usually be in Las Vegas competing for big money prizes but the Covid-19 restrictions meant this year he was limited to playing online.



The talented player, who has been playing professionally for about 15 years, was up until 5.30am before clinching his title - and with it became only the fifth Irish person, alongside his dad Donnacha, to win the WSOP bracelet.

Eoghan said his father, who won his bracelet in 1998, was the first person he messaged after he officially joined the elite club.

He told the Irish Sun: I probably wouldnt be playing if it wasnt for him. He taught me when I was younger.

He wouldnt usually be up that early but he was awake at about 6am today when I messaged him.

Hes pretty proud alright. Its great to win the cash but the World Series of Poker bracelets are really prestigious.

We both have one now which is brilliant. My aim now is to go one better than him and win another. That would be unreal.

Eoghan said he has been playing since he was teenager but started taking it seriously when he was about 20.

He added: I was about 16 or 17 when I started really playing. I was maybe 21 or 22 when I started playing professionally.

In fact the first time I played in Las Vegas I was only 20 so I was playing illegally.

In some of the smaller tournaments you can get away with using a fake id but for the World Series of Poker, which is loads of events, you need to have a passport.

So I guess Ive been over there every year playing since, its usually about five to six weeks in June and July but events go on throughout the year.

Eoghan, who is single, became the first Irish player to win a gold bracelet since 2008. He beat over 2,000 players in the WSOP Event #51 at online poker room GGPoker to do so.

His father Donncha was a swimmer for Ireland in the 1968 Olympics before turning his own hand to professional poker.

The WSOP has run since 1970 and in past years would draw tens of thousands of players from all over the world to Las Vegas.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year is the first in which the events have not taken place live in Nevada, and have moved online instead.

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The WSOP Online events run at GGPoker from July 19-September 6 and as of Sunday over $59,000,000 in prizes have been won and more than 129,000 entries recorded in the events so far.

But despite Eoghans huge win in the early hours of yesterday morning, its only a fraction of his biggest win at the WSOP.

He added: I finished sixth over all in 2011 and won $1.6 million. Thats the biggest Ive ever won."

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Irish poker player scoops $100k and World Series of Poker gold bracelet 22 years after father won same title - The Irish Sun

Poker in Print: The Godfather of Poker (2012) – CalvinAyre.com

There are many poker biographies available, and to some students of the game, those who have succeeded in the most recent era are most useful for those aspiring to greatness. However, in this weeks Poker in Print, we focus on an autobiography written by perhaps the most iconic poker player who has ever sat down to play the game we all love.

The Godfather of Poker is the story of Doyle Brunson, also known as Texas Dolly, who famously won two World Series of Poker Main Events in back-to-back years with the final hand of 10-2.

Brunson, who retired from tournament poker in 2018 after 50 years at the felt, covers mostly his early years in this fascinating book which harks back to a long-gone era of cowboy hats, pistols at dusk and playing poker for a living when even taking a seat in some games was to endanger your life.

Brunsons autobiography (the book is co-written with Mike Cochran) covers everything you can imagine and plenty more. As Nolan Dalla calls him in the book, Brunson is the Babe Ruth of poker, and its easy to see the similarities. Brunson may have become the Godfather of poker as it is today, having been born 87 years ago in 1933, a full six years before the second World War, but he was a young man once and this book revisits that era.

From gunfights to mobsters, stabbings to a recovery from cancer, Brunson is a survivor. Not just an everyman, but a journeyman who has rattled along in life and poker like they were two tracks straddled by his own steam train, which, slow and steady, has continued on its path all these years.

Doyle Brunson may have gambled for his life literally with a gun held to his head as youll discover in the book, but hes also gambled for millions of dollars and proved himself beyond the rigours of poker eras that have come, gone and come again.

Brunsons life-story actually makes you forget about the minutae of the game and thats no bad thing. Hie life is filled with huge, chapter-marking moments such as his leg break which ended what was a promising career as a basketball player and the death of his daughter.

You can buy Doyle Brunsons autobiography The Godfather of Poker right here, right now in ebook form. Just 7.55 at its current price, its a fast and fascinating read through the man who oversaw so much of the modern poker era build around the tables he played at.

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Poker in Print: The Godfather of Poker (2012) - CalvinAyre.com

Homeless Sex Offender Charged In Connection With World Poker Tour Star Susie Zhao Death – Deadline

UPDATE, AUGUST 7: A transient sex offender has been charged in connection with the death of poker player Susie Zhao.

Jeffrey Bernard Morris was charged by White Lake Township, Mich. police with first-degree premeditated murder.

Police are still trying to piece together the circumstances. Police said Zhao met Morris at a hotel in Waterford Township, Michigan on July 12, the night she died. It is still unclear if Morris and Zhao knew each other or had another connection.

The suspect has been denied bail because he is a registered sex offender with a 1989 conviction for rape.

UPDATE:A 60-year-old Michigan man has been arrested in connection with the death of professional poker player Susie Zhao, who appeared on the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Net.

The White Lake Township Police Department took the Pontiac man into custody around on Friday after obtaining search warrants. Detectives and an FBI Task Force were searching for the suspects vehicle and then stopped it in the area of I-275 and Michigan Avenue.

The arrestees name has not been revealed.

EARLIER: The badly burned body of professional poker player Susie Zhao, who played under the moniker of Susie Q, was found in a park on the outskirts of Detroit, according to police there. She was 33.

Zhao was one of the few female players to compete on the World Poker Tour, which is broadcast on Fox Sports Net. She played in a Tour event as recently as last August.

Her body was discovered on July 13. Local police went public with Zhaos identity this week in hope of unraveling the mystery surrounding her death.

We started looking into her past history over the course of the last few days before her death. At that point, we determined that we wanted the assistance of the FBI to assist us with some of their technology, a White Lake Township detective said at a news conference Friday. He then asked for the publics help with the case. Even if you think its something minute, well take any calls, he said.

Were looking into every lead, every possibility, continued the detective. Obviously when youre dealing with that type of profession you have potential of owing debt, and those are things that were looking into.

Police said they are investigating a coverup or some sort of retaliatory incident, but nothing is certain.

At the press conference, childhood friends remembered the poker player as a no-drama positivebrilliant woman who lived a fascinating life.

Fellow professional poker player Bart Hanson called Zhao a true gentile soul.

According to Casino.org, Zhao had been living for in Los Angeles for about 10 years, where she was a fixture in the high-stakes cash-game scene. She sometimes appeared on Live at the Bike, an online poker stream from the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens.

Zhaos lifestyle was a bit transient. While she lived in California, she also had spent time in Florida and Michigan recently, according to detectives.

Friend Yuval Bronshtein told local station WXYZ-TV that Zhao recently hadmoved back home to overcome some personal problems and because she could no longer afford to live in California. Its hard to picture her having enemies, Bronshtein told the station.

See the interview below.

According to PokerNews.com, Zhaos competitive success included several deep runs in the World Series of Poker Main Event, where in 2012 she earned $73,805. Her lifetime earnings totaled $224,671 according to GlobalPokerIndex.com.

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Homeless Sex Offender Charged In Connection With World Poker Tour Star Susie Zhao Death - Deadline

‘Going to the Dogs’ Poker Run and Silent Auction to benefit CCAPS – Magnolia Banner News

The Columbia County Animal Protection Society is hosting a benefit poker run and a silent auction on Saturday. Riders will meet at the KZHE Radio Station where registration will begin at 8 a.m. and will continue until the start of the poker run at 10 a.m. The registration costs $20 for each rider and $5 for each passenger, with cars and trucks welcome to join in the poker run.

You register and draw a card, said David Woodard, event organizer. Then, youll go to the first stop and draw another card, working your way back to the radio station.

He explained that the riders will obtain five cards each by arriving at the stops, which will create a five card poker hand. Woodard said that the high hand will win $250 and the low hand will win $100. Woodard said that the event will bring in bikers from different organizations across state lines who he has ridden with in other benefit rides.

There will also be a 50/50 raffle where the pot will be split between the winner and CCAPS, a silent auction from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and $10 lunches which include a pulled pork sandwich, sides and dessert. Woodard said that he will be working to make Going to the Dogs an annual event to benefit CCAPS.

I put on the first one last year and it went so well and I said Id do it every year. said Woodard. Im committed.


'Going to the Dogs' Poker Run and Silent Auction to benefit CCAPS - Magnolia Banner News

Suspect arrested in death of pro poker player found burned at Michigan park – MLive.com

WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP, MI A suspect is in custody in connection to the death of a poker player whose burned remains were found at an Oakland County park in July.

A 60-year-old Pontiac man was arrested on Friday, July 31, in the investigation of the homicide death of Susie Zhao, of White Lake Township, WXYZ reports. Charges have not been released. A complaint will be forwarded to the Oakland County Prosecutors Office.

The burned body of 33-year-old Susie Zhao, known as Susie Q when playing poker professionally, was discovered by a passerby on July 13 at the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area in Oakland County.

RELATED: Death of woman found burned in Michigan park could be linked to her pro poker career

Zhao recently lived in Los Angeles. She relocated to Michigan about a month before her death.

White Lake Township Police obtained search warrants on Thursday, July 30, WXYZ reports. Detectives and an FBI task force assigned to the case began to search for a suspect vehicle, which was located on Friday morning. The vehicle was stopped near I-275 and Michigan Avenue where the search warrant was executed.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALLFBI or submit tips online to tips.fbi.gov.


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Suspect caught shooting gun right in front of parked MSP troopers, 4 arrested following pursuit

Man killed in head-on crash with tanker truck on U.S. 127 near Jackson

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Suspect arrested in death of pro poker player found burned at Michigan park - MLive.com

Online Charity Poker Tournament Helps Fly Sick Children to Medical Care – Look to the Stars

Poker players of every skill level are invited to go all in for a good cause as Miracle Flights, the nations leading medical flight charity, hosts its first-ever online poker tournament on Wednesday, August 5 at 7 p.m. EDT/4 p.m. PDT.

Celebrities scheduled to appear include Brad Garrett, Richard Kind, Michael Ian Black, Oksana Baiul and poker pro Matt Berkey. A $100 buy-in earns players a spot in the tournamentand goes directly to support Miracle Flights, the national nonprofit that provides free plane tickets to families who need specialized medical treatment far from home. Registration is currently open here.

The poker tournament marks the first online fundraiser for Miracle Flights, which has been flying families to distant medical care for 35 years. The organization has continued its mission amid the Covid-19 pandemic and even expanded its services to help more families in needrelaxing its income guidelines, coordinating ground transportation and providing face masks to every flyer.

For so many families, postponing life-saving medical treatment is simply not an option, says Miracle Flights CEO Mark E. Brown. Every dollar raised in this tournament will not only help alleviate the financial burden these families face, but also ease the emotional stress that comes with having to travel during the pandemic.

Brown will join Faded Spade Card Club CEO Tom Wheaton as co-host of the tournament, which will stream live on Twitch.

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Online Charity Poker Tournament Helps Fly Sick Children to Medical Care - Look to the Stars

Man, 60, in custody in connection to death of professional poker player Susie Zhao – Detroit Free Press

Susie Zhao(Photo: (Meredith Rogowski, Special to the Free Press))

A 60-year-old Pontiac man was taken into custody Friday in connection to the death of professional poker player Susie Zhao.

White Lake Township Police Department took the Pontiac man into custody around 9 a.m. Friday after locating the suspect's vehicle, the department said in a news release. Police stopped the suspect nearI-275 and Michigan Avenue and executed the search warrant, White Lake Township Police Detective Lt. Christopher Hild said.

Zhao's body was found badly burned July 13 at a state land park area on Maceday Lake and Cross roads in White Lake Township. Authorities believe she was killed at the recreation area then her body was set ablaze, although her cause of death has not yet been released.

The professional poker player, 33, had recently moved to live with her parents in Waterford after living in California and Las Vegas for more than 10 years.


Mystery deepens in death of professional poker player found burned

White Lake Twp. police: Pro poker player's death may be tied to her travels

The investigation into Zhao's death is ongoing and police ask anyone with information to contact the FBI at 1-800-2255-324 or submit a tip online at tips.fbi.gov.

Free Press reporter Emma Dale contributed to this report.

Meredith Spelbring is a news intern with the Detroit Free Press. Reach her at mspelbring@freepress.com or on Twitter @mere0415.

Read or Share this story: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2020/08/01/susie-zhao-poker-player-death/5562527002/

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Man, 60, in custody in connection to death of professional poker player Susie Zhao - Detroit Free Press

Heads Up Poker Podcast: 234 – Steve and Carlos: WITWICWRN – Pokerfuse

Full Episode Description For those wondering, Steve's easy acronym - WITWICWRN - stands for 'Where in The World Is Carlos Welch RIght Now'. While it does not roll of the tongue, it is a question that always comes up when we have Carlos on. The two discuss about fishing, cryptocurrency, and at 30:50 they dive into a strategy hand discussion. Remember that you can always submit a hand for our resident poker analysts to dissect by emailing [emailprotected]! Alex Fitzgerald gives away for FREE his 3 Hour Training Packon 3 betting. He has also put out a class Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class, and his tournament version, Master Tournament Poker in One Class. Use the code hupoker to get your discount, good until 2/21/2020. Elliot Roe! Start with thefreeTilt-Buster MP3, or look at his collection ofMental Game MP3s. If you need to be putting in more volume, thenThe Simple Volume Systemis for you. Total Mindset Makeover? Join thePoker Mind Coach Courses. If you are atournament poker player, you may already know aboutTournament Poker Edge. Check out somefree training videoshere. Check out all things poker atHeadsUpPoker.info. Sign up for a coaching session with Steve, watch instructional videos, and check out all previous podcasts. You can contact Steve viaTwitter,Facebook, or email at[emailprotected]

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Heads Up Poker Podcast: 234 - Steve and Carlos: WITWICWRN - Pokerfuse

What Site Offers the Best Online Poker Bonus in 2020? – PokerNews.com

Are you looking for the best poker bonus to play online for real money and challenge other players in games of Texas hold'em and Omaha poker? You are not alone.

This page doesn't list all the online poker bonuses under the sun. We are PUMPED to announce that this new collection of poker offers features only the best poker bonuses to play online and access the most exciting real money games out there.

Continue reading to discover:

In other words, if you are looking for the best online poker bonuses in 2020, you'll love this page.

Right now, GG Poker provides a bonus of up to $100 in tickets for World Series of Poker satellite events. You can deposit at least $20 to get up to $100 in tickets. The site offers a 100% match bonus on your first deposit.

The tickets will be released to your account in a few days. If you have $100 in free tickets, $60 will be released over the first six days on your site. You can earn the remaining $40 in your bonus by completing challenges in the All-in or Fold games on the GG Poker website.

These include points where you have to win enough matches, or you have to attain certain things while you are playing. The site will provide details on what you need to do to meet these bonus requirements.

PartyPoker is one of the oldest online poker sites around. When you register to play here, you get a first deposit bonus where if you add $10 to your account, you get $30 in free play tickets.

The bonus is good for most of the games on the site. You should ensure you use your free tickets soon, as they will expire seven days from the issue. But there are also plenty of games available where you can wager enough funds to cover everything.

The tickets are good for use on SPINS games on the site. The SPINS games are three-handed sit and go tournaments where a wheel will decide the value of the prize pool before the game starts.

You could potentially compete for a first prize total of $1 million depending on how much you spend on your ticket and whether the wheel lands on the 12,000x multiplier.

The next of the online poker bonuses on the list comes from PokerStars. You can choose one of two bonuses when you sign up for the website.

First, you can deposit $20 or more to get $30 in free play tickets. The offer is a traditional welcome bonus for tickets that you can use on many games.

Second, you can choose a different reward that offers a welcome bonus worth 100% of your first three deposits for the first sixty days after you sign up.

You can get up to $600 in free money through this offer. This second choice is for people who are looking to stick around for a while.

You can get up to $400 in free money for use at 888Poker through the first deposit bonus available on the site.

Deposit $10 or more with the promo code WELCOME100 to get a 100% bonus of up to $400. The free money is good for use at freeroll games and poker tournaments.

But you will have to play through the poker games to release the extra funds. You will get $10 from your welcome bonus every time you collect 100 bonus points.

You will get two points for every dollar you spend on poker tournament fees and for every dollar you contribute to a poker ring game. You'll also get a point for every $10 you wager on casino games at the site, provided you are playing these games through your poker account.

Unibet offers an online casino and sportsbook to go alongside its poker room. But the first deposit bonus for the poker room is different from the other rewards available on the site.

Unlike most other first deposit poker bonuses, Unibet provides a no-deposit bonus. You'll get $20 in free money when you create an account. You may be limited as to what games you can play with your free money bonus and how much you can win at a time.

You can then get a welcome bonus of up to $200 depending on how much you deposit. You'll get a 100% match bonus on your first deposit.You can then use your funds to enter various outstanding tournaments. You can enter events for the chance to qualify for the Unibet Open, among other competitions.

The welcome offer at Bet365 Poker is 100% bonus of up to $100 on your first deposit. You must provide at least $10 for your first deposit to utilize this offer. You may also require a bonus code, but that code will vary based on your country or state, if you play from the United States.

You would also have to play through the bonus funds at least fifteen times before you can withdraw anything.

Online poker bonuses are available through many websites that offer poker games. A poker bonus is a reward given to people who sign up to play games on a specific website. Poker bonuses exist to encourage people to play games and showcase the many things a poker rooms offers. Players can use these funds for various assets.

You can enjoy one of many quality poker deposit bonuses while you play online. These are offers that should be noted when you're looking for a great deal.

There are various rules surrounding what is open, so you should be aware of what you might find when looking for something of value. You should also review the rules for whatever you wish to collect, as every site has unique terms to note.

A match bonus is the most common offer you'll find through an online poker room. Deposit bonuses work in that you will deposit a specific amount of money on a site.

You will then get bonus money based on the site's rules. For instance, you could deposit $50 and get a 100% match bonus, thus giving you $100 for play.

You will have to note a few things surrounding a match bonus. These rules should be open on the site you visit, but it does help to see what is open:

The match offer is a reliable choice, plus it gives you a great way to start playing anywhere. Check your website of interest to see what match bonuses are available where you wish to play.

It is one of the best online poker bonus options you can find. This is different from other online poker bonuses in that you don't have to place a deposit on a site to collect the pffer.

You will register for an account and then collect the free money for poker play. You don't have to spend any money on the no deposit bonus. You should review a few points surrounding how you can use your no deposit bonus:

You might also have to provide some payment information to the site to confirm your identity. You would not be charged anything when you do this and you collect your no deposit reward. But the data will be saved, so you can complete a real money deposit in moments when the time comes.

A tournament ticket may be offered among first deposit poker bonuses. A ticket is a voucher that you can use to join a tournament. There are many rules to note for a ticket, including:

The rules for these tournaments will vary by each site. It is possible that you could win a great deal of money in a tournament, although this is all based on your skills and how well things can work.

Reload bonuses occur after the first deposit. You will collect your money off of a deposit you utilize to add more money to your account. The offer is for people who stick around on a site and enjoy playing here, plus it encourages loyalty.

Reload bonuses aren't as substantial as first deposit poker bonuses. Whereas a first deposit bonus would entail a 100% match, a reload bonus might be worth 50 or 75%.

There might also be a limit over how much money you could collect. You might get up to $50 on a reload bonus instead of $100 or so. But a reload bonus will give you a great opportunity to play with more money, especially if you are satisfied with the website.

You can qualify for a VIP bonus if you stick around a website long enough and earn reward points. The offer can be the best online poker bonus for any player, what with it often having better terms than many welcome deposit bonuses.

You would earn a VIP bonus based on one of these factors:

You have to review the VIP bonus rules on your site when seeing what the rules are and that you have an idea of what you can do to qualify for them. Most places will automatically place you in the VIP club, but you might have to put in the effort depending on what you wish to utilize.

You can also utilize a referral bonus through some websites. A referral bonus works with a few steps:

The terms for collecting a referral bonus vary, as your friend would have to deposit enough funds and play through them before you can collect anything. The total you will gather from the bonus will also vary by offer. The website can provide details on what you'll get from your work.

The best online poker bonus may include some playthrough requirements. These are rules where you have to play through your bonus funds enough times before you can withdraw the money.

These rules apply to ensure people who sign up and deposit funds aren't going to take out the free money right away.

The playthrough rule might entail going through the bonus value a few times. The total can vary by site.

Poker bonuses are great for how they provide players with the opportunity to try out different poker sites. These deposit poker bonuses and other offers can help new players get started in enjoying online poker.

These bonuses also make the online poker industry more competitive. Every website will aim to produce the best online poker bonus, giving more rewards to new members. There's no limit as to what these virtual rooms can offer when producing the best bonuses around.

You can use your bonus funds to play real money, although that depends on how much you have. You should review the value of your bonus and how much it would cost to enter a game.

The best online poker bonus is the one that fits your desire. You should look at how great a poker bonus is based on:

Anything that provides entries to specific tournaments is always worthwhile.

Not all poker rooms require bonus codes for when you're claiming a bonus. You can automatically get a bonus off of most places. But others might require a bonus code that you can enter when funding your account.You can review a virtual poker website to see what bonus codes are necessary for an offer. You could also look around third-party sites to see what bonus codes are open, but there's no guarantee that the information you will find is accurate.

You can only collect a signup bonus once. You will have to sign up for the site and provide your contact info and payment data. You cannot establish a second account with the website to collect more bonus money.You could still get a bonus from referring people to the site. Reload bonuses are also available in some places.

The playthrough rules are terms associated with wagering enough money on poker games before you can collect your bonus. You must play through the bonus enough times before it can become real money that you can withdraw later.Gaming websites have these requirements to ensure people don't abuse the free money offers at these places.

You can contact the help desk at the poker website you are on if you did not receive your bonus. Explain to the help desk what happened and provide information on your account and the deposit method. Most cases where people are missing their bonuses come from people forgetting to complete their deposits as necessary.

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What Site Offers the Best Online Poker Bonus in 2020? - PokerNews.com

60-year-old man arrested in connection with Oakland Co. professional poker player’s death – WXYZ

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. (WXYZ) A 60-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a well-known professional poker player in Oakland County.

On July 30, detectives from the White Lake Township Police Department secured search warrants regarding Susie Zhao's homicide investigation. The detectives and FBI task force began searching for a suspect vehicle named in one of the search warrants.

The next day around 9 a.m., investigators were notified by the FBI task force on the location of the suspect vehicle. Police say the vehicle was stopped in the area of I-275 and Michigan Ave. and the search warrants were executed.

A 60-year-old white male resident of Pontiac was taken into custody, according to the White Lake Township Police Department. The complaint will be forwarded to the Oakland Co. Prosecutors office review.

Susie Zhao's body was found badly burned in a parking lot at the corner of Maceday and Cross roads in White Lake Township the morning of July 13.

The 33-year-old was a professional poker player who most recently lived in Los Angeles but came home on June 9. Her mother and step-father live in northern Oakland County.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALLFBI or submit tips online to tips.fbi.gov.

Susie Zhao Poster - Hotline Number by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

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60-year-old man arrested in connection with Oakland Co. professional poker player's death - WXYZ

An Open Letter To The WSOP: Why Mixed Games Are Good For Poker Player Development – Poker News – CardPlayer.com

Dear Powers That Be,

When the World Series of Poker Online schedule was released this year, I couldnt help but notice that there was only one, single, mixed-game event. One solitary, lonely, Omaha eight-or-better event that was originally, incorrectly listed as its degenerate cousin with a gambling addiction, pot-limit Omaha.

The schedule didnt even have a stud eight-or-better event, and I know you have the software capacity to run it. I live in New Jersey and have seen your Stud tab. There have even been rumors of the occasional stud cash game running on the site. To say I was disappointed about the lack of mixed games is an understatement.

I implore you to reconsider your sentiments towards mix games. Now, I understand that mix games may not have the allure and big prizes as no-limit holdem. I even understand that the clientele may not be desirable. I know the mix game community has its fair share of complainers, but I promise you they mean well. Since you already muted the chat, you wont have to hear them complain anyway.

The whole point of this open letter is to lay out why I think it is a mistake not to give poker players the opportunity to compete in other disciplines outside of big bet games.

But seriously, are you f#%ing kidding me? Only one mix game? Surely you can do better than this, and heres why you should.

Learning More Games Opens Up More Opportunities

At the beginning of my career, my goal was to be able to play whatever the best game in the room was. That meant any game, whether it be $50-$100 no-limit holdem or $400-$800 stud. At the time, I only knew how to play limit holdem. Thats only 20 percent of H.O.R.S.E., let alone any game in the room. I knew I had a long way to go. but I was determined.

Fast forward five years. I learned eight more games and was on my way to being able to accomplish this goal. I was always playing in the best game on the right side of Borgatas poker room, but that side of the room was dedicated to the limit games. I still was unable to play any game.

I started coming in on my days off to play $2-$5 no-limit holdem. I needed experience to learn the game that would one day allow me to play with one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Fast forward another few years and now its 2018. I was playing on the right side of the room when I heard that Kevin Hart was on his way to play no-limit holdem. I quit my game of $80-$160 OE to secure a seat at $10-$25.

I had to wait. And wait some more. But sure enough, in walked Kevin Hart, along with four security guards. This was it, the moment I had been waiting for. I could without a doubt say that I was playing in the best game in the room.

The game escalated quickly. It started out with blinds of $10-$25, but it wasnt long before half the table had blinds out and we were playing $10-$25-$50-$100.

I wish I could tell you I crushed this session or even that I booked a win, sadly I cannot. While being able to play the best game in the room is making the most positive expected value decisions for your bankroll, it doesnt guarantee youll come out a winner

Mix Games Are Good For Development

I could very easily make the argument that mix games prepare players for the future of poker. Every year a new game comes out that threatens the stronghold no-limit holdem has on poker.

If there is even the slightest chance that players will like the new game, you learn it. I know its tough to remember because the internet wasnt really around back then, but there was a time when limit holdem was the most popular game in poker rooms. Before that, it was stud. You cannot stop poker evolution, you can only grow with it.

Right now, the game of choice is clearly no-limit holdem. Its been like that for nearly two decades. Thanks Moneymaker. Maybe try winning a limit tournament next time. However, there is no reason to believe no-limit holdem will reign supreme forever. At some point, you either learn the new game or watch the game pass you by. Youll still have solitaire though if nobody wants to play no-limit with you.

Each new game expands a players perspective on poker. Even after 15 years of playing professionally, I still find spots Ive never seen. I truly believe that learning these games has allowed me to develop my overall poker strategy into a profitable creative one.

Learning on the fly and being prepared to take on new challenges is a life skill that not many poker games offer.

Mix Games Develop Reliable Poker Instincts

Mix game players are forced to evolve with the game. We are constantly challenged to not only learn new games but learn them faster than everyone else. Kids these days are spoiled by solvers and charts. In some of the newer, more complex games, equities are almost impossible to calculate. I can find a basic no-limit holdem odds calculator with a simple google search. I dare you to find one for badeucy.

As games become more complex games as specialists evolve, players must trust their natural poker instincts. With no answer in the back of the book, poker becomes a battleground for heuristic math and poker intuition.

Playing one game becomes monotonous and players become complacent. No one wants to be that person who used to be good but got passed over by the game. If you play mixed games, fear not this fate.

Mix Games Develop Self Awareness

All players that excel in poker, will do so in at least one variant. The specialists, however, learn that one game and stick with it. They become the best player in the game and they grind out a solid win rate.

Few will ever know how it feels to be out-classed. They study all the different spots in one game and they make sure that their game is solid. They will be very hard to exploit in their game of choice.

Mixed games, on the other hand, can and will humble almost any player. No mix is created equally. If you get a seat at a table that is playing a mix of games, instead of just one, you will sometimes find yourself in a mix that is not your best but is still favorable.

Three other players will have more experience and more volume in 70 percent of the games. The two fun players bring the game to an acceptable level of profitability to play, but still, you will find yourself in gross spots versus the professionals. It is a feeling of humility that is arguably necessary for a player to truly reach their potential.

Mix Games Build Character

Live mix games players are forced to overcome obstacles other players will never face. There is no ladder to move up and hone your skills while building a bankroll. If you want to play bigger, you must either take shots at bigger games or build a bridge between stakes.

To build a bridge between stakes means you must bring players together and form a new limit. Building a bridge between stakes requires networking and hard work. It requires focus and determination. Mix games teach you at an early age that a good personality and some polite manners will get you into the games you want to be in.

There are no micro-stakes for mix games. To be perfectly honest there arent even mid-stakes for mix games. It takes a certain amount of fortitude, character, and just enough gamble to get to the top with that landscape. The players that are able to get to the top had to take huge risks along the way and certainly deserve to be there.

Promoting mix games online can provide another avenue to players who are interested in learning mix games. Online poker allows players to play more hands per hour, thus allowing them to gain experience faster than in a live environment. No-limit holdem has already shown that this path of volume leads to the breeding of new legends every day.

WSOP, please. I fear for the future of poker players. Please consider shifting a minimum amount of focus to mix games. I promise it will be good for both your bottom line and the poker world.

Every renowned poker room has a big limit mixed game. If you are trying to become the premier online poker site that boasts WSOP bracelets and prestige, wouldnt you want to follow the same business model?

Lastly and certainly not least, mix game players have a vicious reputation for being degenerates. No one peels cards harder than a 2-7 triple draw player holding 2-3-4-5 and peeling a three spotter (6-7-8) on the third draw. If you run more online events, we might go off in your casino. Think about it.


Melissa Burrrrrberry Burr

Melissa Burr is a seasoned high-stakes mix game professional. In her spare time she enjoys the occasional 30-minute craps roll, sports betting, and short reasonable walks on the beach. Find more adventures on her twitter @burrrrrberry.

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Hugh Freyer, Poker Player With Discretion of a Banker, Dies at 86 – The New York Times

This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Read about others here.

Hugh P. Freyer played seven-card stud in the Bronx with a core group of fellow recovering alcoholics for more than 30 years. The discretion demanded by his day job as a private banker, combined with the self-discipline required by Alcoholics Anonymous, made him more prudent than most of those at the table.

He always had a budget when he played, and he did not play beyond his means, ever, his daughter, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, said.

His prudence, she recalled, extended beyond poker: He had no debt, he paid off any credit cards he used every month, and all of his end-of-life details were paid in advance, by him.

Mr. Freyer was admitted to a Bronx hospital on June 20 for blood pressure problems. He tested negative for the novel coronavirus, as he had a week earlier when he was examined by his own doctor.

But the day before he was scheduled to be released for rehabilitation, Ms. Freyer-Jones said, he tested positive. Nine days later, on July 14, he died at the hospital. It was his 86th birthday. She said the cause was complications of Covid-19.

Hugh Philip Freyer was born on July 14, 1934, in Manhattan, the son of Josephine (Shannon) Freyer, an Irish immigrant who worked as a cleaning person at New York Hospital (now NewYork-Presbyterian), and Hugh Freyer, a window washer who was born in South Africa.

Hugh was raised in the Washington Heights neighborhood and, after graduating from George Washington High School, served in the Army in Korea from 1957 to 1959 as a radio operator. He started working at what is now Citibank in 1959 and attended night classes at New York University, earning a bachelors degree in business in 1967.

He rose from branch manager to corporate vice president, then moved to the New York office of the London-based bank Standard Chartered, where he was a senior vice president until he retired in 2001 at 67.

As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for more than 50 years, he counseled patients at Roosevelt Hospital (now Mount Sinai West) who had been admitted for drug and alcohol overdoses. He also served on A.A.s board.

He married Gertrude Flexer in 1956. They lived in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. She survives him. In addition to their daughter, he is also survived by their sons, Philip and Paul Freyer; seven grandchildren; and his sister, Kathleen Harmon.

The prudence Mr. Freyer showed at the poker table paid off, his daughter said.

My dad bought every grandchild their first car, she said. Nothing fancy, just good used cars. He made sure in his will that theres money set aside for my daughters first car as well.

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Hugh Freyer, Poker Player With Discretion of a Banker, Dies at 86 - The New York Times