I’ve won more than $4 million playing pokerhere’s my No. 1 secret to successful decision-making – CNBC

There's a famous line from legendary football coach Vince Lombardithat goes, "Winners never quit, and quitters never win."

But as a former professional poker player who has won more than $4 million in poker tournaments, I've found that during times of high uncertainty, the opposite may be closer to the truth. Quitters often win, and winners often quit.

In poker, players are constantly dealing with uncertainty, because they rarely have all the facts they need to make a perfect choice. As they learn more, however, new information may make them want to change their minds.

And a good way to change their minds is to quit. That brings us to the two rules of being a good quitter.

With a raging pandemic, there has never been a more uncertain time in recent history than right now.

If your child's school offers an in-person option, should you take it? Business owners must decide whether to reduce salaries or lay employees off. Investors are faced with decisions about how to manage their portfolios.

Because of the rapidly changing information landscape, no matter what choice you make, it is more likely that, after you decide, you'll learn something new that will make you wish you had chosen differently.

As a result, you may get sucked into an endless loop of analysis paralysis, taking extra time deciding or feeling unable to make any significant decisions at all.

The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as not deciding. A decision to "wait and see" while you gather more information is an active decision to stick with the status quo. And a decision to defer any changes to the status quo is a decision to stay the strategic course you were already on.

You can't not decide. But you can quit.

1. Take into account the cost of quitting any options that you are considering in advance of choosing among them.

This way, you can prioritize options that make it easier to change your mind later.

A business owner exploring options to preserve cash, for example, would prefer reducing salaries or furloughing employees, which would incur a smaller cost to quit than laying them off.

If you reduce the salary of a valued employee, then when you business starts to have a rosier outlook, you can easily reinstate their pre-pandemic compensation.

If you lay that same employee off, however, they may not be available if and when you'd like to rehire them. That means you'll have to bear the attendant recruitment costs and the uncertainty that comes with a new hire.

2. Make sure you actually quit when you should.

Cognitive science shows that we are surprisingly bad at quitting when the time is right. But establishing the ways the future might unfold that would make you want to change your mind increases the chances you'll pay attention to those signals and quit.

If your school district is choosing an in-person learning option for your child and infections are low in your area, for example, you might choose to take that option.

When you make that decision, clarify in advance the circumstances under which you would pivot back to distance learning. How much would infections have to rise for you to change your mind? What new information about the longer term effects of Covid-19 on children would make in-person learning no longer worth the risk?

When it comes to quitting, clear signposts will help you actually follow through.

The most obvious way to quit is to just reverse your decision, abandoning the course you're on (e.g., quitting a job, breaking off a relationship). This is what Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson mean by "two-way door decisions," where you can walk back through the door you came through.

But you can also quit by offsetting your decision. You can still undo decisions that aren't "quittable" if there will be some option available in the future that will offset the downside effects of your initial choice.

Imagine you bought a stock that you were not allowed to sell. If you later decided you didn't like your position, you could find another stock that was negatively correlated with the first to neutralize your position.

Choosing an option in parallel that will mitigate your losses if things don't work out as you had hoped. Options that have offsets available offer a way to change your mind in the future, even if you can't quit them in the more traditional sense.

Of course, you're going to want to stick to some things. It's hard to succeed at anything if you don't have grit and "stick-to-itiveness." But being "quitty" allows you to make better choices about when to be gritty.

Annie Duke is a decision strategist and bestselling author of "How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices" and "Thinking in Bets." As a former professional poker player, Annie won more than $4 million in tournament poker before retiring from the game in 2012. Follow her on Twitter @AnnieDuke.

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I've won more than $4 million playing pokerhere's my No. 1 secret to successful decision-making - CNBC

Sudden rush in the Poker Industry in India European Gaming Industry News – European Gaming Industry News

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Suncity Group Holdings Limited has announced that its majority-owned subsidiary Summit Ascent Holdings will increase its stake in Tigre de Cristal from 60% to 67.5%, after acquiring shares from two minority shareholders of Oriental Regent Limited (ORL), the sole owner of Tigre de Cristal; and, may further increase to approximately 89.29% if Summit Ascent is the only subscriber of the proposed new issue of ORL.

The planning and design of Tigre de Cristal Phase II is well under way, as such, each shareholder of ORL should pay for its respective share of capital expenditure to build Phase II. The share acquisitions, through convertible bonds (5-year zero-coupon at a conversion price of HK$3.50 per conversion share) and cash, by Summit Ascent, as well as the proposed new issue of ORL, can be interpreted as a strong support from the major shareholder Suncity.

The potential to acquire further stakes in Tigre de Cristal is a strong injection in confidence that both Suncity and Summit Ascent are fully motivated to drive up business volumes in Tigre de Cristal. Besides, the outstanding recovery post-closure was as astounding as it seems during one of the worst business challenges in this pandemic a solid proof that we could sustain in hard times with local businesses only. Going forward, both Suncity and Summit Ascent will continue to tap into the under-served Korean and Japanese markets in the future, Mr. Chau Cheok Wa, Chairman of Suncity and Summit Ascent, said.


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Sudden rush in the Poker Industry in India European Gaming Industry News - European Gaming Industry News

MGM Grand To Host Freeroll Tournaments Funded By Unused Jackpot Money From Closed Strip Poker Rooms – CardPlayer.com

The poker room at the MGM Grand is redistributing unused jackpot money from three unopened Las Vegas Strip through three separate freeroll tournaments.

All MGM Resorts properties on the Las Vegas Strip are now open, but three of those properties, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur and Mirage, have yet to reopen its poker rooms. Since the jackpot money is taken from the players as extra rake and used to fund the rooms promotions, the casinos cant take that money and must find a way to give it back to the players.

Each closed room will have its own freeroll with the jackpot money funding the prize pool. The first freeroll will use Mandalay Bays $24,022 unused jackpot money and will take place today at 5 p.m. Mirages $69,804 will be up for grabs on Nov. 17 and Excaliburs $27,837 will fund a tournament prize pool on Dec. 1.

While there hasnt been an official announcement yet by any of the three properties, the fact that the unused jackpot money is being redistributed makes it much more likely than not that these rooms will be closed for good.

While Excalibur was never much of a poker destination, Mandalay Bay hosted several World Poker Tour main events during the peak of the poker boom. Before the boom, Mirage was home to the biggest poker games in Las Vegas.

During one of the most famous poker scenes in movie history in the 1998 classic Rounders, main character Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, uttered the line I want him to think Im pondering a call, but all Im really thinking about is Vegas and the f***ing Mirage right before he lost his entire bankroll.

Registration for todays freeroll is already closed, but you can sign up for the second tournament starting on Nov. 11 and the final tournament will open registration on Nov. 25.

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MGM Grand To Host Freeroll Tournaments Funded By Unused Jackpot Money From Closed Strip Poker Rooms - CardPlayer.com

How to Avoid the Most Common Forms of Cheating in Poker – TimesOfCasino

ome people consider cheating as a part of poker. That shouldnt be the case. As a player, you dont have to struggle with cheating in the game every day. Most players wont even feel comfortable with situations that will cheat them of their hard-earned money, poker inclusive.

Cheating in poker doesnt happen as much as you might think, especially when gambling online. Casino comparison sites like Casimple help players find the top casinos online, all of which have all been tested and audited to ensure the games and casino bonuses are fair and safe to use.

This article provides a list of some of the cheating techniques in poker and how you can identify and avoid them.

This occurs in tournaments. In colluding, some players may form a team to beat other players. It is a common issue in final tables and tournaments where everyone benefits from a players elimination.

To achieve their objective, colluding players use different cheating techniques, including refusing to call a short stack while having the cards and odds to call it. They may also concede a big pot to any of their partners in crime. Other players on the table are usually hurt by this dishonesty.

This cheating technique is usually very difficult to prove. You may find yourself helpless when playing against colluding partners.

When playing against colluding partners, prevent them from playing pots with each other. This helps you to break their connection. If possible, dont allow anyone of them to squeeze you. Sometimes, you may be helpless if one of them is a big stack. If you find yourself in that situation, wait for the right opportunity to break their connection.

This is probably the oldest trick in the gaming world and some players still use it to gain an undue advantage over their competitors. If you are playing some games with strangers cum hosts, watch out for this trick. Some could have marked the cards before the game.

If you suspect a foul play, complain to the house and request to change your deck. Casinos are renowned for taking such statements seriously. Some countries take legal action against players who are guilty of this.

This may be a bit difficult and trickier if you are playing home games. While playing with unfamiliar opponents, pay attention to your environment. If you notice anything that doesnt add up, you may take your leave. You may take up the case with the host. However, if you notice you are a lone ranger, take your leave. The host may be on it too. If you notice any suspicious movement you are not comfortable with, the bottom line is that walk away. You are better off not playing a game than play one where you are already at a disadvantage before the game starts.

Sometimes, colluding players may try to signal their exact cards or strength of their hand to their partners. This is a cheating technique because each individual is supposed to have no other information except their two hole cards. Players who have other pieces of information are always at an advantage over other players.

Experienced cheaters have devised different ways to convey such information to their partners. Chip signaling is one of their useful signals. If the players involved have practiced together beforehand or are experienced using this technique, the cheating may be difficult to notice. Even if you see the cheating and call the cheaters out, you may not get the houses desired support. The cheaters may stop the trick once they realize you are aware of their antics.

Bottom deck dealing is a cheating technique that is common in private games. One of the players and the dealer usually work together on this. Only experienced players can notice this problem because the dealer or card mechanic will do the dealing so fast that you may be unable to catch up with the trick with your untrained eye.

It is advisable to steer clear of private games. Avoid them if you can. Devote your time and attention to participating in official games only, especially with players you know while playing home games. That is an effective mechanism against cheating.

While playing online poker games, you are protected against the cheating techniques mentioned above to a great extent. However, you must deal with some other dangers such as:

Players on a live table must devise strategies and plans for card information sharing as partners. This is a lot easier when playing online. Leveraging communication tools such as Viber or Skype, gamers may connect before a game to discuss a cheating technique that will enable them to take advantage of other players.

This is difficult to prove, although players in most poker rooms have had this experience at one time or the other. However, look out for these red flags: if the same set of players are fond of playing together always and winning beyond what is considered normal in the gambling world. If you see this, play with caution.

When playing for a massive prize, say $1 million or any huge prize, some players may hire a more competent player as a replacement to increase their odds of winning the prize. This is common in online casinos where players have no means of knowing what goes behind the scene.

This is cheating. Someone who hires others to impersonate them has the edge over others who are playing without any assistance. This may turn the game in favor of the impersonator at the expense of an innocent player.

Imagine having to play against, not a human opponent, but a machine, a bot. That is the fate of many unsuspecting players. A poker bot is the future of online gambling and can play some games based on the bots advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The machine has the edge over you. Apart from its advanced mechanism, it isnt human and is prone to make fewer mistakes than you. The bot will never play a bad game out of exhaustion but you can. Hence, many players consider bot ring as another cheating technique players have to contend with.

If you suspect you are set up against a machine, you have the right to walk away.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Forms of Cheating in Poker - TimesOfCasino

The Pros And Cons Of Playing Poker In An Online Casino – Poker News – CardPlayer.com

Brick and Mortar casinos are great for poker. You get a chance to practice reading your opponents hand. You may even learn to tell when your opponents are bluffing and when they mean what they say: This in my view, is an invaluable life skill thats practical even outside the poker room. Online poker rooms on the other hand are limitless. They have no business hours. Games run 24/7 and you can try out new strategies as much (or as little) as you would like. Each side has its advantages and disadvantages as you shall come to see. Well cover both sides and youll be the judge. Youll understand why some players prefer going to land-based (real) casinos while others play at online casinos like onlinecasinohex.nl.

Playing At A Casino

This may be in form of a quick trip to the closest downtown casino or a well-planned trip to the world-famous Las Vegas. Vegas is filled with gambling parlors and entertainment joints. Theres even an Eiffel Tower Replica. While all the big boys play at the high-stakes table, its never that serious at a casino. Theres ambient music, large TVs, food, drinks and the casino staff are always passing by. Its an immersive experience altogether.

While each casino has games suited for every gambler, their selection is no match for online poker rooms. Youll certainly find a Holdem game mid-play at any time of the day. You may have to wait before playing poker variants like the Seven Card Stud or Razz as there are no dedicated tables for such.

All decent casinos have a high stake or VIP room. This is a lounge where you may see a local celebrity gathering chips. There are regular tournaments (mostly for the bragging rights) held in these rooms on the regular. The biggest advantage of playing at a casino is that you get the real experience in handling chips and cards. Your opponent is across the table and you can gauge their reactions. You look them in the eye and can feel the fear in them. While this social atmosphere is advantageous to players that love reading social cues; a few poker players lose focus in the numerous distractions.

Pros Of Playing At A Casino

1. Its a social place and were all excited in such settings2. Handling real cards and chips3. Food and drinks available4. You can read your opponents hand


1. Expensive travel costs, drinks, parking etc2. The atmosphere may be distracting3. Players have to keep an eye on their chips, cards and pot size4. Opponents may read your hand too5. Limited poker variants

Playing At An Online Casino

Theyre convenient. You can play from anywhere; as long as theres internet access. You dont have to dress to impress, there are no logistical challenges involved and you can play at any time. Online casinos run 24/7. They attract huge crowds; you will always find opponents even in non-mainstream poker variants. You dont have to get off the bed/couch either. All the decent casinos have responsive mobile apps that let you do everything on mobile.

At an online poker room, you know EXACTLY how much luckyclover777 has in their stack and how much there is in the pot. There arent many things youre keeping tabs on; because they are all on the screen. You would waste time at a land-based casino guess-estimating how much all your opponents chips are worth. Luckyclover777 wont know that youre anxious because youre about to make a risky move.

Pros Of Playing At An Online Casino

1. Convenient2. Ideal for new players that havent yet practiced on hiding hands3. Minimal expenses4. A great place to gain experience5. No distractions6. Players can play for as much (or as little) as they would like7. All stats are accessible8. Many poker variants9. Your hand cannot be read


1. You lack the real casino experience2. Unable to tell when opponents are bluffing


Online casinos take the trophy at convenience, ease of playing and costs. Players can win big without leaving their couches.

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The Pros And Cons Of Playing Poker In An Online Casino - Poker News - CardPlayer.com

We Take a Look at the Polk vs. Negreanu Betting Odds – PokerNews.com

November 02, 2020Will Shillibier

With Daniel Negreanu confirming that his heads-up match against Doug Polk will commence this week on November 4th, we take a look at the betting markets available on PokerShares to see if any would be worth wagering on.

The site currently has 14 separate markets relating to the match, and here PokerNews runs through some of the more interesting ones.

First set up in 2017, PokerShares has given players the opportunity to bet on all manner of markets, both inside the world of poker and out.

From the Aussie Millions and the Galfond Challenge to the US Election and how many cases of coronavirus there will be in the US (although the latter was ultimately pulled after ten hours due to "negative feedback on social media and reconsideration".)

PokerShares founder Mike "Timex" McDonald said that they wanted to make the challenge as engaging as possible for viewers, therefore offering more than just the normal bets on how the market plays out.

Therefore players are able to place bets on anything from "Will Doug return to professional poker?" to "Will there be any slowrolling?"

McDonald says that PokerShares opened the markets "very early" within only a few minutes of the pair challenging each other to the match.

"The odds started out as even," said McDonald. "I believe 1.93 on each player as we were only going by details on Twitter and didn't even know the format of the match."

However, at time of publication (November 2nd), Doug Polk has moved ahead as a strong favorite to win the match according to the odds:

There are several markets relating to the first session, scheduled to take place live on PokerGO on November 4th. These include whether a player will slowroll during Session 1 (No +105, Yes -128), the size of the biggest pot (Over $100k +105, Under $100k -128) and who will get stacked first (Polk +100, Negreanu -116).

Other markets relate to the potential fallout from the match including:

Odds correct at time of publication - 2nd November 2020

McDonald told PokerNews that he thinks the match has the potential to be "the most exciting grudge match poker has ever seen."

"What makes the challenge especially exciting, is that Daniel decided he wanted to beat Doug at his own game. Originally we expected them to each pick their best game and rotate what they play.

"...the most exciting grudge match poker has ever seen"

"On one hand, you've got Doug, once the clear number one Heads-Up No Limit (HUNL) player in the world, but he's four years removed from competitive play.

"On the other hand, you've got Daniel. Not a heads-up specialist but the most famous and among the most successful all-around poker players of all time."

McDonald says that there has been an interesting dynamic when it comes to those betting on either Negreanu or Polk.

"Generally the guys betting on Doug have never played live, and the guys betting on Daniel have never played online! It's an interesting dynamic where I think online players tend to estimate Daniel, and live players tend to underestimate Doug."

However, he went on to say that PokerShares has seen "shockingly little" volume from any of the players who have substantial experience playing with both.

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We Take a Look at the Polk vs. Negreanu Betting Odds - PokerNews.com

Intertops Poker is hosting a new slots tournament this week – World Casino Directory

Intertops Poker is celebrating popular Chinese slots created by Betsoft Gaming in a new slot tournament starting today. The $2,000 slots tournament will feature four favorite online slot titles Play Dim Sum Prize, Dragon and Phoenix, Bamboo Rush and Quest to the West starting today to take part in the special event. On Thursday, Betsofts new Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time will debut and offer players extra spins via an introductory offer. There is much to explore at the online gaming site this week!

Slots Tournament

From today until November 10, players at Intertops Poker can take part in the special slots tournament. Simply play the four Betsoft games listed and you will earn one point for every spin completed. A total of 16 players will win cash from the $2,000 prize pool. The first place earns a nice $400 prize.

The games highlighted in the tournament include special themes and are quite popular among regular players. Dim Sum Prize features yummy foods including rice noodle rolls and prawns. Wilds can be accessed to earn multiple wins as well as options for extra spins.

Quest to the West takes players on an interesting adventure with a Buddhist monk. Monkey King wilds in the game help you to earn a bonus round that features walking wilds. In Bamboo Rush, the game is set in a relaxing temple garden. Find wilds that multiply wins up to 27x plus an extra spins feature.

Dragon & Phoenix is the last game featured in the tournament. This game features a royal couple symbol that acts as an expanding wild and will trigger payouts up to a whopping 8000x. You can also earn instant prizes in this game via the money tree scatters.

New Game Launching Thursday

On November 5, Betsoft Gaming will debut the new Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time. In this game, players get to travel alongside Miles to the Past, the Present, and the Future. Each time period provides a unique aspect of the game. This is a cluster pay game, so you can trigger win after win as you spin. Larger clusters offer bigger payouts, with up to 10,000x up for grabs.

With the launch of the new game, Intertops Poker is offering an extra spins deal. From November 7-9, players who have made at least one deposit will be provided 10 extra spins. This deal allows players to try the game at no cost.

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Intertops Poker is hosting a new slots tournament this week - World Casino Directory

The Great Thing About Poker? "Anyone Can Learn To Win – PokerNews.com

October 28, 2020Matthew Pitt

David Arnold is a player you will have battled with if you ever play at Run It Once Poker. You wont know its him because Run It Once employs a Table Alias to keep players anonymous and to protect them from predatory behavior. Not that Arnold is bothered much about that because hes a regular winner on the site.

Arnold has excelled in the Run It Once leadeRboards over the past few months. Winning the PLO20 and PLO50 races a few times and regularly featuring in the top three places, padding his bankroll with free cash and even more Legends rewards.

The 31-year-old from the awesomely named Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Canada, which is, apparently, home to the worlds largest moose statue known as Mac the Moose, has played poker for more than 15 years. His Uncle Dave and father Kevin introduced him to poker during a home game.

A few years later, when he was old enough to play online poker, he did exactly that, joining Full Tilt Poker. Arnold started at NL50 and quickly progressed to NL400.

Multi-tabling for me was always easy for some reason. I started out playing four tables and quickly got to 15 tables at once. That was the most invaluable skill as it allowed me to make more money faster, especially back then when the games were very good.

Race To Your Share of 10,000 in the RIO leadeRboards

He switched to Pot-Limit Omaha in 2014 despite all of his success in the Holdem games. This is because he was aiming to hit the now-defunct Supernova Elite VIP level at PokerStars. PLO players earn more points than NLHE players per hand.

In 2015, I reached Supernova Elite playing mainly PLO200. After this, I rarely played no-limit holdem as I just fell in love with PLO. I mean, who doesnt love getting two more cards?

More recently, it is Run It Once Poker where Arnold has spent a large percentage of his time grinding. The relatively new addition to the poker world is continually growing and evolving, doing so with its customers at the forefront of their thoughts. Why did Arnold swap the worlds busiest online poker site for Run It Once Poker?

What first attracted me to Run It Once Poker was Phil Galfond. The guy was and still is one of my poker heroes. So when I heard he was creating a site, I knew it would be something special. The rake is structured in a way where you can win even at the lowest levels and build a bankroll, whereas on other sites this is almost completely impossible it seems. Especially with the leadeRboards, one is able to build a very nice bankroll on the site starting with almost nothing, which is great for poker.

Indeed it is good for the game and should be commended.

Winning any leaderboard is no mean feat due to the intense grinding required. Arnold has never had an issue with putting in long hours at the poker table.

When you are used to driving a tractor for 16 hours a day, sometimes playing a little poker isnt so tough!

A typical leaderboard grinding day for Arnold starts at 7:00 a.m., have a shower, get dressed and check out what games are running. Hell then commit to playing all day until the games completely break up. He then heads to the gym to blow off some steam, comes home, eats, and relaxes by watching some movies.

Sometimes, its 12-hours of straight poker. If its a weekly leaderboard I do this for the first few days and hopefully, gain a good lead. If its a daily leaderboard, then its over in a single day. I enjoy playing both formats, some players prefer the daily ones more.

Grinding for a prolonged period of time can be tough mentally and you can sometimes become your own worst enemy. Weve spoken to leaderboard winners in the past who say its difficult to play your best poker when you have other players breathing down your neck and racking up points. There are hurdles to overcome if you want to be a leaderboard winner.

As far as the biggest hurdles to get over when grinding leaderboards, I would say just try not to tilt as that can quickly ruin your sessions. Also, you may have to play heads-up or short-handed a lot, which can seem intimidating to some players, but it is so much more fun than playing at a full table.

Run It Once Poker Releases Sit-N-Gos Teaser Trailer

Arnold admits that hes not much of a student of the game in respect of reading books and analyzing hands, he prefers learning on the job, so to speak, gaining experience through playing the game. He has watched some PLO strategy videos by his hero Galfond on the Run It Once training site, which he highly recommends doing if you want to take your game to the next level. To succeed in poker, however, you need to be prepared to work hard.

I dont have an end goal in mind, maybe Las Vegas and the Mirage? The great thing about poker is that anyone can learn to win. Anyone can work hard, you just have to put in the work and it pays off in the long run.

For the time being, Arnold plans to continue grinding the PLO20 and PLO50 cash game leadeRboards, but he doesnt have any real poker-related goal in mind. If you want to be a leaderboard grinder, Arnold suggests you should also make sure youre having fun and love playing poker. You should also plan your sleep around the times where the games are busier and dont be afraid to play short-handed or even heads-up.

It shouldnt come as a surprise after reading this interview that Arnold is a big fan of Run It Once Poker.

If youre considering trying out Run It Once Poker, I highly recommend it. The software is amazing with the dynamic avatars and the games themselves are great. It almost feels like youre playing live poker. Ive seen some plays that I havent seen since 2008, which is great for poker! It has a very friendly community and you can build a bankroll from the smallest stakes.

So there you have it, Run It Once Poker should be the next online poker site that you give some business to. If you download Run It Once Poker via PokerNews, you are entitled to a 100% up to 600 welcome bonus.

All your deposits for the first 30-days after your first deposit are matched 100% up to a combined total of 600. You also have forever to release the bonus into your playable balance as long as you play at least one raked hand every 30-days.

The bonus released into your account as shown in the table below:

See the rest here:

The Great Thing About Poker? "Anyone Can Learn To Win - PokerNews.com

To Play Poker in a Pandemic, Americans Flee the U.S. – The New York Times

So, in August, when the world series moved from WSOP.com to a site called GGPoker, players who remained in the United States were out of luck, particularly because the most lucrative events were scheduled for then, including the Main Event, which, for a mere $5,000 entry fee, offered a chance at a $3.9 million first-place prize. (The in-person version of the tournament last year had more than double the prize pool and a top prize of $10 million, and the entry fee was $10,000.)

Given travel restrictions to and from the U.S.A., it would have been impossible to achieve international participation, even online through WSOP.com, without a licensed third-party to serve these customers in their home market, the W.S.O.P.s Stewart said.

It would also have been a far smaller event had it remained in the United States.

GGPoker, which launched in 2017, is based in Canada and Ireland with gambling licenses in the United Kingdom, Malta and Curacao. It paid W.S.O.P. a licensing fee to host the tournament. As of mid-August, over 170,000 people have played in the international events.

Konnikova is not one of them because she refused to get on a plane for fear of the coronavirus.

I wanted to drive to Canada, Konnikova said. If the border had been open, we would have gone.

Canada, along with many other countries, wasnt admitting Americans because of the U.S.s surging number of coronavirus cases. Some parts of Mexico were letting Americans in but only by plane, not by car. Many of the games most well-known players, such as Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Maria Ho, and poker vlogger Brad Owen, got on planes bound for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Negreanu, who is a Canadian citizen, could have gone to Canada, but he and his wife preferred to be on a beach so they chartered a private plane from Las Vegas to Cabo, because it seemed like the safest and nicest option in Mexico. We looked at the Covid numbers and Cabo was by far the least affected, he said.

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To Play Poker in a Pandemic, Americans Flee the U.S. - The New York Times

Partypoker is Also Returning To Live Poker Circuit With Stop in Russia this Month – Pokerfuse

Partypoker is returning to the live poker circuit in mid-September with the sponsorship of the Eurasian Poker Tour (EAPT) stop in Altai, western Siberia, Russia.

This will mark the return of partypoker to the live poker scene following the cancellation of events six months ago with the outbreak of coronavirus.

We are grateful to be supported by Poker Club Management who will enable this event to run at Casino Altai Palace this Autumn for the local poker players, partypoker told PRO.

Players attending the event can use partypoker and partypoker LIVE funds to enter the event ahead of time or can buy-in at the casino in local currency.

Due to the events out-of-the-way location in SiberiaAltai borders Mongolia to the east and Kazakhstan to the westit is safe to assume that the stop is designed to cater to primarily local players.

For context, Sochi, Russia, one of the most popular designated gambling zones in the country, is almost 5,000 kilometers away from Altai, which sits within the Siberian Coin gambling zone.

Here is the original post:

Partypoker is Also Returning To Live Poker Circuit With Stop in Russia this Month - Pokerfuse

Poker Operators Should Try Themed Poker Rooms | My Blog – Tight Poker

Friday, September 4th, 2020 | Written by Renee

Online poker reached its peak during a period known as the poker boom initiated by Chris Moneymakers revolutionizing victory at the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP). He was 28 years old and was working as an accountant in Tennessee when he won his way into the $10,000 buy-in Main Event via an $86 satellite tournament on PokerStars.

Moneymaker was only an amateur who caused a global transformation in the poker world after he defeated top poker pro Sam Farha to walk away with a massive $2.5 million in first-place prize.

Moneymakers epic win drove a massive influx of players into online poker sites, and a year later, Greg Raymer followed in his footsteps by taking down the 2004 WSOP Main Event after qualifying via another satellite tournament on PokerStars.

Online Poker Still Popular But With Limited Growth

While online poker has remained popular up to this day, there are questions as to whether it can actually return to its glory days. Currently, the industry lags behind other iGaming verticals as far as revenues are concerned. In the modern age, players no longer need to see another Moneymaker victory unfold before their eyes to convince them to play online poker; what players are looking at right now is the quality and diversity of the games being offered to them.

With online poker rooms offering the same thing over and over again, its not surprising why the industry has struggled to match the success of its online gaming counterparts, including bingo sites and online casinos. While some poker rooms managed to launch new poker games such as fast-fold poker, the players demands have continued to change and so poker operators must also adapt to that change. They can actually learn a thing or two from online casino and bingo sites.

Innovation Is The Way To Go

Through the years, online casinos have maintained an edge by offering a wide selection of games to their customers. Online casinos offer variety via slots, table games, virtual games, 3D games, progressive jackpot games and live dealer casino games. Bingo sites have also largely relied on variety and abundance, adding themed bingo rooms and slots and other special features to improve the overall bingo experience.

Poker operators may follow a similar path if they want to elevate online pokers revenue status. They can also come up with themed poker rooms or sprinkle in some exciting features that enforce a change in the rules. For example, if a particular room is based on the Grease musical, the site could randomly play the song Greased Lightning during which the speed changes. It would add another layer of thrill and fun to the game.

VR Fills The Gap

Apart from introducing themed poker rooms, adding a more modern feature such as enabling players to use virtual reality kits will also yield some great results.

The simulated experience will make players feel like participating in a live competition, and this will make the action more real, rather than just staring at the screen playing with anonymous opponents.

Virtual reality is set to reach peak levels and become a market worth $57.55 billion by 2027, according to forecasts. This technological advancement will open up endless possibilities for online poker, and could potentially complete the puzzle when it comes to combining live and online poker in one space.

At the moment, players can only experience pokers natural elements, such as deception and bluffing, when they are in a live environment. VR has the capability of taking these unique aspects into the online world. Apart from that, a simulated environment will also improve social interaction, and will help build strong relationships among players. Normally in the online setting, players would just communicate via a chat-based system.

For the online poker industry to survive, poker operators should do more and must be open to change. They must continue to look for ways to take online poker experience to a whole new level, and this requires out-of-the-box thinking, embracing innovation, and taking advantage of technological advancements. Only then can online poker be assured of consistent growth over the next decade.

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Poker Operators Should Try Themed Poker Rooms | My Blog - Tight Poker

How Poker Became the Casino Favorite It Is Today – Pokerfuse

Poker is one of the most popular games played in casinos today. There are huge international events like the European Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker that attract tens of thousands of entrants, and many more people who follow along or play at home.

In the first half of the 20th century, things were very different. Poker was seldom found in casinos, particularly those in Las Vegas. Instead, variations of blackjack were the most popular card games of choice, which is a variation of foundational games like twenty-one and pontoon.

So how did it become the hit that it is today? There are several factors.

Introduction of Poker to the United States

Poker is a game that has several possible origins, all of them located in Europe, and some with very similar names. These are: poque from France, poca from Ireland, brag from the UK, primero from either Spain or Italy, and brelan from France.

While poque and poca have names that are more closely related, brags rules resemble poker the most. They game has antes and lasts until only two players are left, and has a heavy focus on bluffing, a strategy widely used in games of poker.

One of these European games was exported to the United States in the first half of the 19th century. From here, it spread throughout the southern United States, leading to the development of new game variations, including stud poker, new hands, community cards and lowball.

Around the turn of the 20th century, the game of Texas holdem, the most popular variant of poker today, was first played.


From the early 20th century onward, Las Vegas became the global gaming capital, with casinos popping up right along the now-famous strip. As these developed into the integrated resorts that we know today, Texas holdem was introduced to the city.

The game was first played in the California Club in 1963, with other major casinos at the time, like the Golden Nugget, Dunes and Stardust, all offering the game a few years later.

The first World Series of Poker was held in 1970 at Binions Horseshoe, and quickly became one of the most important tournaments in the sport. It has been held every year since, with several other major tournaments replicating and adapting its format.

Poker Boom

These tournaments were one of the factors that fueled the poker boom in the 2000s. Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 Main Event of the World Series of Poker after qualifying online. This saw a huge surge in players enter the competition the following year, all hoping to replicate his success. This happened around the same time that TV stations began to televise the games with the cards face-up, which proved entertaining enough to pull in the viewers.

Online Casinos

The poker boom was also driven by the increased availability of poker and other casino games online. These websites, which began operating from the mid-1990s, allowed players access to these games from wherever they were in the world, reaching far more people than had previously been possible.

Despite pokers growth, variations of blackjack continue to be popular online casino games. Youll find that most operators have a variety of different online blackjack games available on their websites, with varying rules, limits, and quantity of decks. Some casinos will also offer pontoon, a British game that shares many similarities.

Poker is so popular, that online poker sites tend to run separately to casinos, specializing in just cash and tournament poker games.

TV and Streaming

There are TV shows dedicated to poker games and tournaments, while streaming services like Twitch show online games and live events. Many of the tournaments, like the European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker, are also broadcast on TV via services like PokerGO and traditional sports broadcasters like ESPN.

A Combination

Ultimately, it hasnt been one factor thats made poker the casino favorite that it is today. Tournaments and TV shows help to create more interest in the game, while online casinos facilitate more players. In turn, some of these customers enter major tournaments, creating role models that will help to attract more players again.

The poker boom was an accelerated version of this, created partly by the excitement of Chris Moneymakers win and the increased accessibility of online poker. And although the boom has fizzled out, poker remains a popular option among players in online and land-based casinos.

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How Poker Became the Casino Favorite It Is Today - Pokerfuse

The Cross-Platform And Cross-Gen Poker Club Brings Social Play To Switch Later This Year – Nintendo Life

Ripstone Games has just announced its brand new IP Poker Club, and it's coming to Switch.

Designed as a social experience, Poker Club will connect players around the world via tournaments for over 200 people. You'll be able to create your own poker club, complete via online leaderboards and work towards shared goals as a club that unlock cool rewards.

Poker Club will also boast cross-platform and cross-generation play as well as hitting Switch, the game is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Here's some more info:

Poker Club offers players more ways to play than ever before with a full house of Texas Holdem online tournament modes and ring-games. Players are invited to take on the challenge of the PCC Poker Tour, an immersive online career mode that takes players on a journey from back-room games to big-money main events. From Single-Table and Multi-Table tournaments, to Freezeouts, Shootouts, Turbos, Super Turbos, Bounties and more, Poker Club offers a variety of online multiplayer modes featuring customisable private games, open tables and full-scale tournaments. With an advanced Poker 101 tutorial system featuring advice for beginners and advanced players alike, Poker Club offers a jackpot of poker fun for all.

Built using Unreal Engine 4 which will offer ray tracing on next-gen systems Poker Club aims to be "the most immersive and social poker simulation ever on next-generation and current platforms" when it launches later this year.

Phil Gaskell of Ripstone Games had this to say:

Poker Club is going to be the ultimate poker experience when it launches this year. Not only will it fully leverage the power of next-gen PC and console technology, but more importantly it will offer players a highly immersive social experience. Weve included everything weve ever wanted to see in a poker game, so that players can enjoy the fantasy of living the life of a poker pro, touring the incredible locations you might see in TV and films. The in-game Clubs and huge range of events combine to create a refreshing new poker experience, bringing players from around the world together and offering more ways to play than ever before on PC and console.

Don't keep your cards close to your chest will you be picking this up?

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The Cross-Platform And Cross-Gen Poker Club Brings Social Play To Switch Later This Year - Nintendo Life

Poker run is this weekend in Brookings | Neighbors – Watertown Public Opinion

BROOKINGS The Disabled American Veterans Brookings Chapter No. 22 and the 727 th Transportation U.S. Army National Guard Unit will be hosting the 16th Annual DAV/727th Charity Poker Run on Saturday, Sept. 5 at the Swiftel Center in Brookings.

Registration for the Poker Run starts at 10 a.m. The Big Run departs with a parade at noon. There is a $20 registration fee. The event is open to all vehicles and will be held rain or shine with a $500 best hand and many other prizes. All proceeds go to the DAV Transportation Network.

The DAV/727th Charity Poker Run provided the DAV Hospital Transportation Network check for $43,000 in 2019, which brings the total to $268,000 over 15 years.

The DAV invites all members and friends. With questions, please contact CSM (Retired) Robert Foster at (605) 690-1961 or SFC Kinslow at (605) 415-1759. facebook.com/727DAVPOKERRUN/

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Poker run is this weekend in Brookings | Neighbors - Watertown Public Opinion

Why Investing in Tesla Is a Bit Like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker – RealMoney

One day's change in the action isn't a trend. There are no victory laps to take for bears one day from all-time highs. I suppose there are some small victories to be had, but the bulls still control the narrative.

The biggest change may be the fact we're finally seeing a little weakness in Apple (AAPL) , though not eye-popping. The eye-popping belongs to Tesla (TSLA) which printed an unbelievable $540 in the pre-market on Tuesday and a low of $405 today. That's a 25% reversal in a 30-hour time period. Of course, we can't forget Tesla posted a 12% gain on Monday, the first day shares traded post-split.

I tried to think about the best way to explain the recent Tesla move higher. It wasn't exactly a short-squeeze in the traditional sense, but the weekly options market definitely created a scenario in which out-of-the-money call buyers could have possibly forced market makers to continually buy the stock in order to maintain a delta neutral position. And when you think of the post-split price, suddenly those far out-of-the-money calls could be bought with a few hundred each rather than the thousands of dollars required pre-split. If operating against an already open long position, you can more than offset the time decay of the calls with gains in the underlying stock.

However, I think another scenario comes into play. We have a new, fearless breed of momentum investors in this market. This is the explanation I've struggled with explaining to other people, but I think I have it now. Although the Texas Hold 'Em poker fad has regressed, the game is still popular and I'm betting most people have at least played a few hands.

Now, any rational individual will learn the rules first, watch several hands being played, and generally be a bit more conservative at the beginning. Even pros will observe and attempt to push when they hold a strong advantage. And you can have tables running smoother with the most skilled players generally coming out ahead, but what happens when a wrench is thrown into the system? What happens when a player sits down and gets aggressive pre-flop hand after hand after hand? Those big bets will scare off timid players. Those big bets will scare off some speculative hands as well. Those big bets will eventually draw in big money.

And the big money can suddenly move to the hands with a bit more luck than skill, at least for a while. We all know luck eventually runs out. We know that the big pusher will overvalue hands. They may win some, but if you continually overvalue hands, eventually your luck will run out and you'll realize the true value of the hands.

I believe that is what happened with Tesla when it ran into the $500s. Some of the recent traders took a seat at the table and bet heavy pre-flop day in and day out. In the case of the market, we're talking pre-market and post-market. Now, combine this with some larger money focused on pushing action into weekly and short-term out-of-the-money calls, and you create a scenario where multiple players are forced to go all-in pre-flop along with the aggressive buying players.

At some point, luck and firepower, erode. Today, we saw some of that with Tesla as shares nearly touched $400. Since that time, they've bounced 8.5% from the lows as some players sitting short likely pulled their chips from the table. After being down some 15%, I'd admit I was happy to get back into the black and decided to walk away from my short. I threw on a butterfly iron-condor for entertainment purposes, but I'm essentially out of anything meaningful here. I'm not equipped for the players at the table now.

(Apple is a holding in Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS member club. Want to be alerted before Jim Cramer buys or sells AAPL? Learn more now.)

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Why Investing in Tesla Is a Bit Like Texas Hold 'Em Poker - RealMoney

Bayern and Inter involved in "Perisic Poker" – Bulinews.com

By Peter Vice

A reliable Italian footballing insider reports that Bayern Mnchen and Inter are currently locked in a standoff over Ivan Perisic's worth.

While FC Bayern Mnchen declined to exercise the buyout options on their three 2019/20 loanees, reports now surface that the FCB are in talks to re-acquire one of the trio sent back to their parent clubs on August 31st. In addition to allowing attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho and right fullback Alvaro Odriozola to return to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively, the FCB showed little interest in exercising a 20 million buyout clause for Inter Milans Ivan Perisic.

Italian football insider Fabrizio Romano, as reported on German site Transfermarkt.de, revealed that Bayern chair Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has led an effort to permanently acquire the 31-year-old Croatian winger. Concrete details regarding the current negotiations are available. Apparently, Bayern initiated proceedings with a 12 million offer. Inter seeks to counter with a 15 million asking price.

Bayerns interest in retaining Perisics services surely has much to do with his incredibly strong performances in the final stages of this years Champions League. His stellar play on the left flank played an enormous role in opening the floodgates during the historic 8-2 romp of Barcelona in the quarterfinals. A solid evening of work in the semis also proved immensely helpful.

In perhaps a deliberate prelude to the poker one now sees playing out, Perisic was the one player dropped by manager Hans Dieter Flick in the UCL final. Kingsley Coman replaced him on the left, eventually scoring the decisive goal that would lead Bayern to its first treble in seven years.

The ongoing back-and-forth should prove interesting. Bayern remain deep enough at Perisics position that they can resist attempts by Inter to bump the price up. It remains to be seen how high the German giants can be driven.

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Bayern and Inter involved in "Perisic Poker" - Bulinews.com

Ripstone Brings Poker Back to Video Game Consoles – Beat The Fish

Ripstone has announced the launch of its upcoming game, Poker Club, which will be available on current and next-gen consoles.

Its not often that you see poker made available on video game consoles. Tournaments and cash games are usually reserved for real-money poker sites and mobile apps, but indie developer Ripstone will be bringing poker back to the console gaming market with its upcoming release, Poker Club.

The studio, known for creating video games based on pool and chess, has announced its plans to launch the most immersive poker game ever made for the following consoles:

To create an authentic experience, the game will feature a first-person perspective but players will also be able to switch between camera modes including top-down viewing and cinematic angles.

While Poker Club will be made available on current consoles, it is on the next-gen machines where this game will really shine. The game will feature Ultra HD 4K visual and make use of Playstation 5s advance haptics to make for a more realistic feel.

Whereas before in game development you had to pick and choose your battles: are we going to target high frame rates / top-end visual features / high rendering resolution / etc. With the power of these new consoles, we can choose everything, its a no-compromise experience Phil Gaskell, Poker Clubs director.

Poker Club players will be table to take part in online Texas Holdem ring games and tournaments with plenty of variations available. Single table, multi-table, freezeouts, turbos and bounties are all available in the tournament selection, and private games are fully customizable.

In addition to playing in individual cash games and tournaments, you take on the challenge of building an entire career as a professional poker player. Similar to sports games like FIFA and NBA2K, you can enter Career Mode where you create your own character that makes their way from modest home games to worldwide tournaments.

There will be 7 different settings for the games in Poker Club, ranging from grungy basements to high-class venues. As players progress in their poker career, they will participate in games across these locations to signify their rise to fame.

Take a look at the teaser trailer below:

Since youre playing Poker Club on video game consoles, the money that youre playing with is no more valuable than Zeldas rupees or Animal Crossings bells. You wont be able to wager with real money on Poker Club, but the game still offers a fun and exciting experience.

No official release date has been announced for Ripstones Poker Club, but its expected to be available later this year. If youre really eager to play poker on your console in the meantime, Pure Holdem (2015) is highly recommended for PS4 and Xbox One players while PokerStars VR is a popular game among PC players (if you own an Oculus).

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Ripstone Brings Poker Back to Video Game Consoles - Beat The Fish


Are you planning on visiting the Isle of Wight? Are you a fan of playing poker or spending a night at the casino? There are lots of fun activities available for tourists venturing to the Isle of Wight. Indeed, it is a popular tourist destination. It offers everything from the famous Isle of Wight Festival to beautiful views from the coastal path around the island. But if you are more interested in winning some cash or just having fun with your friends, you will want to know if there is a casino on the Isle of Wight. In addition, you might be curious whether there are any tournaments you can join.

Clubs and Tournaments for Poker Players

For many years, people have believed that the Isle of Wight were going to get their own casino. Certainly, this island on the south coast of England offers many activities. But the area does not currently have a casino for residents and tourists to enjoy. Those who enjoy the casino experience often have to go to Portsmouth for the 24 hour casino there.

But all hope is not lost if you love card games and the casino experience. For example, there are local clubs you can join and meet new people. This includes the Wheatsheaf Hotel Poker Club. This a regular club that meets and allows you to make friends and enjoy a game of poker in a relaxed setting. There are also poker nights held at the community club. Again, this allows for a friendly game and the opportunity to enjoy a drink and make new friends.

Times are Changing

It is important to note that times are changing and casinos on land are not as popular as they once were. Instead, more people are going online to enjoy their favourite games. After all, a lot of websites offer a poker bonus for joining and this can be an incentive for someone on the fence. Indeed, the changing environment in the world and the need for social distancing means that less people are going to be attending clubs for the near future. Any tournaments that are being held in person are likely going to be cancelled or already have been due to government advice.

The advantage of online casinos is that you are able to play on the computer from the comfort of your own home. It is likely that tournaments will be held on the internet instead. This is an alternative way to enjoy playing poker and other popular casino games.

Due to current circumstances, it is unlikely that the Isle of Wight will see its first casino anytime soon. However, hopefully, the local clubs on the island will be able to restart sometime soon. This is likely to happen further down the line and with new rules regarding social distancing. In the meantime, online casinos can act as a way for gamblers to enjoy themselves and practice their skills.

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Benjamin Pollak Latest Player to Join Team partypoker – PokerNews.com

September 02, 2020Will Shillibier

partypoker have announced that yet another poker superstar will join their ranks, with Frenchman Benjamin Pollak the latest member of Team partypoker.

Pollak is the latest player to join Team partypoker after Kevin Hart in April, and will join a stellar line-up of Sponsored Pros including Roberto Romanello, Josip Simunic, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Ludovic Geilich and Day Kotoviezy

Stay up to date with everything going on in the World Poker Tour World Online Championships at the PokerNews Reporting Hub

The former WSOP Main Event final tablist will join the site in the middle not only the WPT World Online Championships, but the partypoker EU network POWERFEST which runs until Wednesday, September 23rd.

Im thrilled and very excited to join the partypoker team," said Pollak. "Theyve supported players from the beginning and see the game as I do. I couldnt be happier to support them and be part of this great adventure."

Pollak will play under the name 'Magicdeal88' on partypoker, and is looking forward to taking to the tables as soon as possible. The partypoker EU POWERFEST will pay out a minimum guarantee of 5 million in France and 4.5 million in Spain. Just like with the POWERFEST on .com, there will be High Roller, Medium and Low tiers for players to partake in.

Pollak burst onto the global poker scene with a third place finish at the 2017 WSOP Main Event, which landed him a $3.5 million score. Pollak began playing poker in 2006 and then confidently progressed through the stakes, stating: I immediately felt that I was able to go far. With hindsight, it may be because I had spent 10 years in magic and I was therefore used to cards and bluffing. Poker was a revelation. I felt it was made for me.

With almost $13m in life time earnings, Pollak sits second on the French all-time money list behind former partypoker Ambassador Betrand Grospellier. Pollak says he is keen to remind people that poker remains as fun as when he first started playing back in 2006, before swiftly progressing through the stakes.

I immediately felt that I was able to go far in poker. With hindsight, it may be because I had spent 10 years in magic and I was therefore used to cards and bluffing. Poker was a revelation. I felt it was made for me.

Find out more about the HUGE partypoker POWERFEST in Spain or France by heading to their website

In order to play in the WPT WOC you need to sign up for a partypoker account. Download partypoker via PokerNews and receive up to $30 worth of SPINS jackpot sit & go tickets when you make your first deposit.

Deposit $10 to receive $10 worth of free play, made up of:

Up your initial deposit to $20 and $30 worth of free play is yours, made up of:

Excerpt from:

Benjamin Pollak Latest Player to Join Team partypoker - PokerNews.com

Top Ranked Poker Sites to Play in 2020 – Programming Insider

Various poker goals have different principles with respect to whether players can join and play subject to the country they are arranged in. Considering this we have organized the best poker goals for each bit of the world! Notwithstanding where you live you will find an extent of the most perfect online poker areas who will allow you to play in your home cash and will even more essentially, have the choice to process your stores and pay you quickly at whatever point you request a cash out.

To promise you are being familiar with simply the most critical check of goals, we have our own stand-out enlistment which guarantees the areas we show to you hold a current worth gaming grant, and all poker recorded have been independently affirmed as offering absolutely subjective poker games. Try for awesome betting experience, exciting offers and variety of games to choose from.

The aggregate of the rooms will be given moreover offer you a different extent of different poker varieties, and as such whether or not you are planning to play the more celebrated poker varieties, for instance, Texas Holdem or Omaha Poker, or a bit of the more abnormal varieties, for instance, Seven Card Hi/Low Poker, by then you will find definitely the poker site at which to play.

Top 10 Poker Sites Players Checklist

Expedient, Safe and Secure Payouts Putting your prosperity and pleasure at first is the whole inspiration driving why we review these regions!

Fair-minded Expert Reviews Our pros have tried each major web based betting club worth your time and present the best right here boom pkv.

Approved Poker Rooms All our recorded poker goals are totally approved checked with their individual countries genuine regulating bodies. The mentioned site is one of them, you should definitely give it a try!

Poker Bonuses and Deposit Options You will doubtlessly be scanning for somewhere in the range of a motivating force for money poker rewards and uncommon world class constrained time offers, and in the event that in this way, at that point we invite you to have an OK look at our site, as the sum of the poker districts will offer you a whole host of remunerations when you join and become another player of that individual site.

Another compartment to be ticked as for where you are planning to play poker online will be the way you wish to make a store into that particular poker site page through, for instance, Paypal , bitcoin or other portion techniques.

With there being such a critical number of different ways to deal with help an online poker account, everyone will have their own supported methodologies, this could be by methods for a credit or charge card, a prepaid voucher or even one of the many web wallets which are available on the web.

Likewise as critical as having the alternative to store in an issue free-form is having the choice to cash out your prizes and get them sent back to your rapidly. The sum of the fundamental poker goals recorded all through our site will let you cash out your prizes quickly and by a method picked by you, and every one of them will pay you in a helpful way.

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Top Ranked Poker Sites to Play in 2020 - Programming Insider