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Paul Pierce recently announced how hes foraying into crypto-based trading on Ethereum. Hell be taking part in a promo event with Phil Ivey.

Pierce has made headlines for mostly the wrong reasons over the past 4 years since his retirement. The former Celtic was on an ESPN gig previously and got a ton of flak for some of his playful takes.

Chief among those was the time when he suggested that hes had a career than Dwyane Wade. Given his penchant for saying this outrageous stuff, Pierce was viewed as a hot take artist.

This image worsened by quite a bit when Pierce livestreamed himself playing poker at a house party. The video contained some less-than-palatable footage of him in the presence of strippers. Given the nature of his role with ESPN as a national TV presence, Pierce was let go.

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While these developments have certainly caused some loss of face, Pierce doesnt seem to be fazed at the moment. He recently let us know about his foray into crypto investments, remarking that hes making bank on Ethereum Max.

Virtue Poker will be hosting a celebrity poker tournament on its platform on June 22nd. This 12-player tournament pits the likes of Pierce, Phil Ivey, Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin and Nick Rose against each other.

The Celtics legend seems quite pumped by the opportunity to face off against a legend like Phil Ivey. The 43-year-old Ivey has a long track record of poker success and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Ivey certainly seems up for the task of grabbing the Celtics legends lunch money. Given his 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, youd be hard-pressed to find 10 better players than him today.

Irrespective of the rest of the field, if youre going to be placing bets on this celebrity tournament, the odds on Ivey are going to be quite short. Pierce will need more than a fair bit of luck to beat a master at his own game.

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"Paul Pierce and Phil Ivey to participate in crypto-based poker tournament for charity": Celtics legend to... - The Sportsrush

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