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Justice Kagan watching you go all in with a 2-7 offsuit.

A couple days ago on Jeopardy, attorney Stephen Newman, who introduced himself as originally from New Hartford, New York, but currently serving in the Los Angeles office for Stroock, tried his hand at taking down reigning champ, Eimer Stahl attorney Brian Chang.

Chang prevailed over second-place Newman, but the L.A. lawyer left us with an anecdote about playing poker against Justice Elena Kagan while she was a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Jess Bravin cuts to the chase of Newmans story:

Unfortunately, that video appears to be gone, but you get the gist of the story.

Kagans poker acumen isnt news to me. A friend of mine who was very good at calculating odds himself told me years ago that while he went to Princeton, he played in a regular poker game with fellow students Elena Kagan and Eliot Spitzer. And while the latter preferred to take different gambles in his career, the players were apparently fairly accomplished back then so its unsurprising that Kagan is still whipping people today.

So remember, if youre ever arguing before the Supreme Court, dont read too much into one justices poker face.

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Justice Kagan: Poker Shark - Above the Law

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