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2018 June 8

Explanation: NASA’sFermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope was launched into orbit on June11th, 2008.Its instruments detect gamma-rays — light that is thousands tohundreds of billions of times more energetic than what we see with oureyes.In the last decadeFermi’s high-energy voyageof exploration has resulted in a cornucopia of astonishing discoveries,from extreme environments above our fair planetand across the distant Universe.Now you can vote for Fermi’s best result so far.To mark Fermi’s 10thanniversary, images representing 16 scientific results have beenselected and seeded to create brackets.Follow this linkto cast your first round vote for your favoriteout of each pair and then return every two weeks to vote in the next round.The winner of the Fermi Final will be announced on August 6,the 10th anniversary of the first science data from Fermi.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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