Sundar Pichai Applauds Astrophysicist who Once Scored a Zero in her Physics Exam – News18

Sundar Pichai is attracting attention on Twitter for all the right reasons. The Google CEO recently retweeted an inspiring post shared by an astrophysics student. Sarafina Nance tweeted about her experience four years ago when she scored a zero in her quantum physics exam which made her want to change her major and 'quit physics'. However, she persisted, instead of quitting physics, and her hard work certainly paid off because she is currently enrolled in a top-tier Astrophysics PhD program and has published two papers.

Her motivational anecdote created quite the stir online and earned her appreciation from not just Pichai, but several other Twitter users as well, who shared their own stories as well.

Although the tweet was shared just a day ago, it is apparent from over 57,000 likes and close to 10,000 retweets that it has garnered till now, that Sarafina's story struck a chord with many people. Here's what some Twitter users had to say:

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Sundar Pichai Applauds Astrophysicist who Once Scored a Zero in her Physics Exam - News18

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