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St. Marys College of Maryland, The National Public Honors College, has been engaged in efforts the last several years to ensure its viability and relevancy as the premier public liberal arts honors college.

The critical and analytical thinking skills and the ability to effectively express oneself the hallmarks of our teaching take on greater meaning in an era in which the world has expanded and become more integrated, diverse and competitive, said Tuajuanda C. Jordan, president of St. Marys College of Maryland. With that in mind, the Board of Trustees asked for a program prioritization review of current offerings with an eye towards ensuring that the College offeredrelevant programs that will attract and prepare students for the opportunities and challenges presented in the 21stcentury.This student-centric approachsecures the Colleges future.

The College has already completed several initiatives. Among them, the College has:

The program prioritization review, just completed, evolved over the past 18 months with task force work involving input from faculty, Trustees, Provost Michael Wick and President Jordan. Among the criteria, academic programs were measured for effectiveness, efficiency and equity.

The Board of Trustees asked that the emphasis throughout this review be on ensuring the St. Marys College of Maryland curriculum is relevant to the needs of global citizens, attracts and retains students, and prepares them for long-term success as engaged and productive citizens of the world, said Arthur Lex Birney Jr., chair of the Colleges Board of Trustees.

During its February 6, 2021 Board meeting, the Trustees carefully considered the recommendations designed to reflect how best to prepare students for satisfying careers with a rigorous liberal arts education that captures the relevant issues of today and the projected needs of tomorrows students.

It unanimously adopted the following program changes:

In addition:

These actions will impact 11 faculty positions, inclusive of retirements and contract expirations, and the College is closely working with faculty members affected.

Current St. Marys College of Maryland students in any of the majors or minors noted will not be affected and will be able to graduate in their chosen programs.

The following link provides the list of program changes as well as the majors and minors students can choose from who enroll in the College this fall.

I am confident that the outcomes from the program review, combined with gains in enrollment, student engagement, the LEAD initiative, among other areas, will ensure that our students will be in an even stronger position to compete in the ever-changing and competitive world in which we live, said President Jordan. St. Marys College will be the college of choice for tomorrows students.

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St. Mary's College Board of Trustees Approves Academic Program Changes for Fall 2021 - The Southern Maryland Chronicle

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